Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Heavy weight

School year end exam for primary schools started today. No early dismiss so classes are conducted as usual. My girl is having her BM and Chinese composition exams this morning. Those two are her weaker subjects so I hope she will be able to do them well. *Fingers cross*

Exams will be on till next Monday. As usual it is the mummy that worried more than the girl herself. She just takes thing as easy as possible. Or maybe I worry too much. Can't blame me because yesterday she complained of stomachaches and headaches in morning and her school teacher even help to massage her forehead. And in the evening she complained she was tired and upon checking, she had a mild fever.  After taking panadol and pasting a Koolfever gel on her forehead, she gone to sleep. Sigh. Maybe I worry too much.

From today onwards she would not need to bring so many books and stuff to school. As you can see this is her school bag. Damn heavy even for me. If I bring her to school I would help her to carry her heavy bag to 1st floor as her class is on 1st floor. Luckily she is able to push her bag instead of carrying on her back. The bag itself is already pretty heavy. Pity the kids nowaday.  Too many books. 

Woke up early today because Baby Jamie did not want to sleep after his feeding around 5am. So after sent him to nanny, I went for my breakfast in one of the coffee shops in Rejang Park. I like the meat kompia served by one of the stall here. Super delicious. The kompia was a bit tough today but I still enjoyed it. After my breakfast I went home to take my cat nap.  ;)


suituapui said...

Kompia from this place?
Not my favourite - I prefer Noodle House's but they're expensive.

Ya, used to carry my girl's bagSSSSS!!! All so heavy and one was not enough. So terrible!

Sharon D. said...

Wishing your girl all the best in her exams. I can imagine the anxiety!

Meat kompia looks really yummy ^.^

Hayley said...

Yes, it's so stressed for the school kids these days!~ Have to carry such a heavy bag!

mun said...

Real heavy bag. Thank goodness the bag has wheels. So nice you can return to sleep after breakfast.

Ez Vina said...


Reanaclaire said...

Nice kompia but not nice heavy bag.. yeah, pity the young kids now.. they are becoming ninja turtles.. cos some really hunch while carrying their heavy school bags..

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