Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where romance continues

I know, few weeks back I was posting about my 7 years anniversary.  In 2004 we signed our names on that piece of marriage certificate as our official wedding date.  But it was not a year later, we had our wedding reception and honeymoon.

We hold our reception in the grand ballroom in Crowne Plaza Riverside.  Hubby was slimmer that time where as I was slightly "chubbier" than now, how my hubby described me.  

2 days after our wedding reception, we were off to our honeymoon getaway, i.e. Redang.  It is a beautiful island  in Terengganu where hubby called it "The Island of Love".  Indeed to its name, Redang Island is a true romantic getaway.  I would love to go back there and reminiscing those magical and romantic moments. 

I was suggesting to hubby the other days on going back to Redang as there were many places we did not venture when we were there 7 years ago, like the glowing sand which I heard where certain part of the beach that its sand glowing during the full moon.  And this round, we can go for the island hopping which we missed out.

We spent 3 days 2 nights in Redang Island.  Most of the day we were on the sand or snorkelling in the sea.  It was my first snorkelling experience in the sea.  What a great experience.  Wonder when I would be able to do scuba diving??  *wink* The sea marine and corals are very beautiful.

We did have a look at the famous Redang Mo Mo Cha Inn which was built during the filming of the Mo Mo Cha  (Summer Holiday) starring Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng.  I think the Inn is still there.  They have a cafe and souvenir shop in the inn.

One day we will come back here, and this round, with my 2 kids, the products of our romance.  *wink*


Unknown said...
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Ezvina said...

Nice...very been there before :(

Yannie said...

After having 2 kids, you are still slimmer th an 8 years ago. Very good indeed.

Jas said...

:) very sweet~ hehe...