Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend Menu #29: Potatoes & Eggs Salad

Jen Jen makes the best potatoes and eggs salad I ever tasted.  Creamy and delicious.  Since she moved to WM, we seldom meet and we do not have such privileges to taste her salad anymore.  *wink*  I think she is very busy and has her hands full with her lovely baby girl now too to go into the kitchen.

Anyway, I had a craving for salad few nights ago, so I thought why not I make my own salad.  So, I bought some lettuces and potatoes in the nearby supermarket and made it at home after closed shop.  Never knew a simple Potatoes & Eggs salad also take about an hour to prepare.  Or probably it is me that need an hour to prepare. Lol! So by the time I was done,  hubby was home in time around 1030pm. We had our supper of salad and steak in front of tv.

My simple Potatoes & Eggs Salad

Sliced lettuces and diced red onion

Cubed potatoes and hard-boiled eggs

Mixed everything slowly, add a bit of salt and some salad dressing (or mayo of your own choice)

Our supper!

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Coffee Girl said...

Looks yummy! that took an hour? i know the feeling... we probably misread the 'QUick Book Recipe'. Hahaha. Eh what's that brown dish near the salad at the last pic? yum!

Libby said...

Can I have some of the egg and potatoe salad, I am too easy to cook myself.

Libby said...

*Too lazy

Hayley said...

Whats more can i say? This is easy and healthy!

suituapui said...

Love potato and egg salad. Yummm!!!

wenn said...


lena said...

you must be taking your own sweet time to make these potatoes salad..hehe..nevertheless they look good!