Sunday, April 3, 2011

When to move?

We have bought our house for 4 years now. Every month we have to serve the interest. If I am to accummulate the amount of bank interests, it would be enough to pay a portion of our house extension work.

Even without staying in the house, we already pay for it. We are thinking of refinancing as alternative for lower interest and more flexible loan package. Some more we have a management corporation managing the housing area, so every month we are to pay for the RM100 service charges. So unfair!! Wonder when it would be ready and we can move into it. Hmmmmm....


wenn said...

should move in..

Small Kucing said...

Refinancing you will need to incurr more cost. Though some banks say zero koving cost and etc, but there are still hidden cost.

Try discuss with your existing Bank. Ask them to lower their interest to follow their current promotions.

In most time, existing Bank will accomodate your reqst coz they also would not want to loose a good paying customer

Ez Vina said...

Not ready on you side or the
developer side?
wow..RM100 per month, I hope it would increase as the year gone by.