Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Have not been shopping

It is ironic but I have not been shopping around in the shopping mall where my shop is. Most of the outlets are open now, but I do not shop around. Not at all.

I used to love window shopping and whether I buy or not buy, window shopping makes me feel great. I don't know about you, but I like the feeling of browsing from one outlet to another. Now I know how it feels to be on the other side of the shoes as I am a shop operator! Lol! Customers are always right and nothing changes that fact. *wink*

Back to shopping, I used to love shopping for jewellery and fashion accessories, but now if I ever do any shopping, it would be for the children. Even the last time I went shopping (early August in KL) most of my stuff is for my children. The last purchase I ever made (also in KL) is a belt and a top. So you can say that I do not shop much nowadays like I used to be.

Since I started my business, I think I have lost some weights. Even my friends commented that I have slimmed down. *happy* I am thinking of buying new clothing especially dresses. Lately I have been browsing online shopping websites from my shop and love to check out on dresses. I have few dresses for special occasion but sorry to say, I do not have a black dress. I think black dress never gone out of fashion and fit for any occasion. So maybe I will treat myself to a nice black dress when I get my next cheque.

By the way, I have just make a new purchase (not clothing or anything alike) this morning. It was initially planned to be a trip to lawyer firm for some signing with hubby but after that, we dropped by Tun Jugah shopping mall to check out on something. It just felt weird to go back to the building where you have been for almost 9 years, but a lot of shops closed and new shops moved in. Everything looks different to me. Not much look familiar for me in there. I have mixed feeling of going back there; hard to explain to you. Anyway, both of us ended up with something. It is actually not a purchase, more of a subscription comes with a gift.....I am still waiting for the "gift" to come.....shall let you know what it is once I receive it. Lol!


NomadicMom said...

Hi. Congratulations on your new venture!!
Hope u will find some reelable and loyal staff soon!

smallkucing said...

hmm...gym? Spa? lol..

Unknown said...

Don't worry all good things shall come to those who wait ya.

hey take care now

Libby said...

Same here, i also don't shop as much as I do like in the past nowadays, sign of old age???