Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hunting for bento

I have been extremely lazy to go out nowaday unless I have to. Weather plus my heavy body I don't like to move much. Except sending and picking my daughter from pre-school, I only drive to nearby neighbourhood mall to get groceries and necessity.

There is a 100 Yen shop that opened few months ago in RH Plaza. I visited the shop thrice and found that there is not much varieties in there. Probably the enterprenuer is still stocking up stocks as there is a notice that saying so.

Actually when they opened, I was pretty excited because finally I would be able to find a good place to buy bento stuff. But turned out, they don't have anything of that sort. Mostly are kitchen helpers, cutleries, cookery and Japanese noodles. I am looking for some cute bento equipment like those rice cutters and snack boxes, but they don't have them. Yeah, they have lunch boxes, but they are too shallow for my little gal to bring to school.

Hmm, probably I will make a visit soon and see whether they have stock up more products, and hopefully some bento stuff.

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Merryn said...

These places right, you have to visit them frequently. If they have nice things, they really have it, if they dont, they really dont. I visit 100 yen and Daiso regularly just to see what's new. Sometimes it can be pretty boring as nothing interesting there.. But sometimes... deng deng deng.. soooo many interesting stuffs around!