Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Books for new mummies

When there is a book fair around the city, hubby and myself would definitely make it a point to make a visit there. We simply love books. Hubby in particular is a book collector. He loves Chinese history, motivational books and business books, while I myself am into non-fiction, mystery and romance novels. And since I have a child, my hunting also covers children section. So when we visited a book fair or bookstore, we usually went our separate ways!

I read a lot when I was pregnant with my little gal. Been the first-time mummy, I bought a lot of books and magazines concerning pregnancy, parenting and baby. During my 1st pregnancy I don’t have any pregnant friends, so no one to ask or share experiences. I turned to my mum instead. This time round, I have few friends that are first time mummies, so we share our experiences. Websites become my reading material as they are free and can be downloaded. Still, nothing beats a good book!

Thanks to my MIL who works in a library, she borrowed me few books on pregnancy and baby during my 1st pregnancy. I found them informative and it helps a lot in my understanding of my pregnancy and preparation for delivery. However, I returned the books to her after I delivered.

There are many good books around, so I couldn’t recommend which one is the best. But I like this easy-to-read book by Michelle Kennedy. It provides good tips for new mothers and helps to understand why babies and toddlers behave in certain ways. Her books come with tips and suggestions when you are at the end of your wits and patiences. Her books are categorised into 8 series that cover Crying, Jealousy, Letting Go, Manners, Sleeping, Staying Dry, Tantrums and Eating. I shall share some tips from her books, so watch out for them! :)


Ez Vina said...

can't wait ;)

Merryn said...

glad that you'll share, coz I have no time for reading books! :)

janice said...

another months to go huh ?? hehehehe.. hope you will have a smooth delivery ... sorry for not dropping by for so long !!>. hehehe.. in case i missed out ?? baby gal or boy ??

Rose world said...

Janice, it is baby boy! :) How are you with your new baby??