Sunday, May 24, 2009

My little chatterbox

It is amazing to find that my little gal’s command of English has improving since starting her pre-school back in January. She has learnt to speak in proper English and sentence by sentence. She can sing more songs and every day she will sing some songs to entertain and amaze you. Been a great entertainer, she loves attention and praises, so each time she finishes a song, she is expecting applauses and cheers. Otherwise she will ask you to clap for her. Lol!

My little gal loves to talk and sing. Been at age of 3, she is always curious with many things, so she asks a lot of questions, especially questions start with “what”, “where”, and “who”. She is able to ask simple questions like “What time is it now, Mummy?” or “Where are we going, Mummy?” Even if she knows the answers, she still expecting me to answer it and if I purposely answer her wrongly, I will get some scolding and correction from her. Sometimes she just does not care less about the answers, but want to keep the conversation going. Once a while, I feel that irritating especially when I am on the road. Her chattiness can be a distraction to me. Nothing can stop her from talking non-stop. *laugh*

Every night she must read her school books with me. I am glad that she shows some interests in reading. Hopefully this interest will continue till she going to schools and colleges. Lol!! She can recognize some words, and she tends to love to use the “s” for single nouns when she shouldn’t be. I have created a game for her, it is called "What letter for ....???". Example, what letter is apple? It means what letter does apple start with? We exchange questions so she gets to answer them. She loves to play this game, and I thought it is a nice way to introduce spelling and sounds of each alphabets from this game. *wink*


pearly said...

wat a clever girl huh xxxx
how u getting Now ?
keep chill and relax
have a nice day xxxxxxxxxxx

Ez Vina said...

Such a clever gal.
Non-stop talking in the car, just like my friend's daughter, she called her 'CD rosak' :)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hi Rose,

My son is 2 years, 7 months. He likes to sing too and will love it if people gave him a round of applause.

Though we are locals, we do not really teach our son to speak our mother tongue language. We teach him English and like your daughter, he speaks English quite well.

It is a joy to hear them speak well right?

Dav DiDi said...

She is smart oh ...

Merryn said...

ahh.. dat is so nice. at least u can rest assured she is on the right path b4 ur baby pops! :)