Sunday, July 13, 2008

Those bags aren't just bags

A woman is never having enough of one thing. The thing I am talking about here is clothing. A woman’s wardrobe is always full of clothes. Clothes can be categorized into casual wear, office wear, dinner wear and those you wear at home. And they further categorized into blouses, spaghetti, long pants, short pants, skirts, dresses etc. With so many categories, I believe every woman have never have enough wardrobe to keep all those stuff and they can never have enough of clothes!! Am I right?

Besides clothes, we also love to buy accessories that go with them, such as costume accessories, bags, belts, footwear, hair accessories and shawls. I would not go into details of other accessories but I am keen to talk more about bags.

Just the other day, my hubby was commenting on my handbags. He has grown tired of complaining about my wardrobe. Yeah, it is overloaded with clothing. Some time when I open up my wardrobe, some clothing or bags will fall from the top compartment onto my head. *laugh* Yes, that is how cramp my wardrobe is. Some of my clothing I have kept in boxes since not enough space for all of them. Now hubby is targeting my handbags!!

I have thrown few out in the past since I don’t use them much and some are spoiled (after been kept too long in the closet). Hubby commented why I need to have so many bags. Why cannot use one bag and when spoil, go buy a new one? Want to know my answer? My answer (universal answer of every woman) is because I need this bag for this clothing and that bag for this clothing. Certain occasion requires certain bag!! A beach bag when you go to the beach. That bag when you going out with your children. Stylish clutch when you have a dinner. Executive bag when you go to a formal meeting. I think hubby almost chokes at my answer but I don’t care. For him, bags are just bags, but for me, they aren’t just bags. They are accessories, every woman’s companion. With matching bag and outfit, a woman is all set to go.

I don’t fancy any particular brands but I mostly collect F. Timber brand. Nothing fancy as I think practical is important. As long as the bag looks nice, why need to get an expensive and branded one. With so many imitations around, we cannot differentiate which is real or fake unless you look closely on the details to see the difference.

Now I only left with 8 bags in my closet. How many bags do you own??


Anupam said...

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cinnamon_apple said...

Oh yes, Rose, that is very true. I have so much clothes that I can wear a different outfit each day for an entire year without washing them. Speaking of purses, I just bought 2 new Coach purses and a matching Coach wallet to along with everything. Wow...women are crazy shoppers. HAHAHA.


Rose world said...

I totally agree with you Linda. We just cant have enough of one thing, right?

Dav DiDi said...

I have more than 10 ... the other day, I actually take some pictures of some of my bags .. the rest, already in another big bag as my door is too heavy carrying the 'burden' ..