Monday, November 27, 2023

Tom yum coconut

One Sunday evening, hubby, mil and I went to this coffee shop in Rubber Road for dinner. It was raining and dark although it was around 630pm. Nevertheless the bad weather did not stop us from going all the way there for our unique meal. 

Unique? Does having the food served in the coconut unique for you?? Oh yes, we were having tom yum served in coconut. Not one but three!!!

The operator is from Sibu, a Foochow Chinese Muslim. While we were there, he was busy doing his tik tok show where as his staff did the cooking. 

My mil had the seafood tom yum, while hubby opted from the big prawn tom yum. 

The lamb tom yum was my choice but we shared the tom yum coconuts among us. The gravy was fantastic. Very thick and flavourful. Really appetizing that we brought the leftover home to cook the next day. 

Besides the tom yum coconuts, we also ordered some side dishes from the coffee shop.  We had stir fried mixed vegetables, stir fried cangkuk manis with egg and stir fried omelette. Loved that they served brown rice over here. 

Our drinks and side dishes plus rice cost around RM35. The 3 coconuts was RM90 in total. We were happy and full from all the eating. The rain still came down heavily when we left the shop. 

De Laila Cafe is located in Rubber Road, opens from 8 am till 12 midnight. 

Thursday, November 23, 2023

That Sunday

It was hubby's birthday, so we didn't cook at home. After a good nap, we went to this food court for early dinner.

My man didn't want anything extravagant so a simple dinner with family in the food court was his wish. 

In the morning, my mil cooked chicken mee suah soup for lunch, so he got his birthday mee suah as well. We plan to have this in our coffee shop next month. What do you think?? Can pass?

Back to our Sunday evening. We had almost the same thing that we had on our previous visit in this food court, so I am not posting on the same food again. But this round, we ordered some satay home from this stall. We used to order through FoodPanda in the past since the stall only opens in the evening.  

We ordered 30 sticks of pork satay and 10 sticks of pork belly from Marin's Satay stall. RM50 in total. 

My mil wanted to taste the pork belly satay as we only tasted the pork satay only in the past. For those who love the fatty part, I bet they will like this.

The satay sauce was nice so we enjoyed it a lot. 

A friend gave hubby a birthday cake, that had the delivery guy sent over to our house. So thoughtful of him!!

Peppermint ice cream cake from our local bakery. That was nice; not so sweet. 

Vertical slice on the cake. The kids enjoyed and finished it the next day, which happened to be school holiday over here. Deepavali. Not a public holiday though. 

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Luncheon sandwich

I used to make luncheon sandwich for kids and hubby in the past; they seemed to enjoy it very much. 

This month, I added luncheon sandwich in my breakfast menu in my coffee shop; more option for customers. Normal sandwich is RM5, while with cheese is RM6. 


This is the sandwich we serve at the shop. Hope customers will like it. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

He wanted rice

Jay wanted to have rice for lunch on my off day. Since I was still full from my breakfast, I brought him to 38 Food Street for roasted chicken rice. 

This franchise I.P.H. Roasted was our choice for a nice plate of roasted chicken rice. The first outlet is here but way out of the way for us. Since there is a stall nearer, we will settle for this one when we feel like having roasted meat. 

Jay had his roasted chicken rice while I bought takeaway for myself and the other 2 kids. 

I went for roasted duck rice instead. How I missed roasted duck! RM7.50 for roasted chicken rice while roasted duck rice costs RM9.50. 

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Tasty breakfast

It was my off day on Tuesday, and hubby was on leave. So together with my mil, we went to Tasty Delight food court which was opposite to Emart Batu Kawa for breakfast. 

On my last visit, I had the Penang Char kway teow, so I had that again. RM9 for this tasty dish, so good, so satisfying. Prawns, Chinese sausages and cockles accompanied this wok hei fried kway teow topped with fried egg made a tasty breakfast for me. 

Mil and hubby ordered these 3 dim sum. Mil wanted to try the xiao long bao so one basket of that. 

Not that good. Rather dry and no oozing soup from the dim sum. The har Kaw (prawn dim sum) wasn't that nice as well. Skin was thick and dry. 

For consolation, the steamed pork rib was better although looked rather pale. RM21 for these 3 baskets.

The best of all was the mini oyster pancake from the o'chien stall. We tasted its oyster omelette back in June before opening of my shop. Everyone enjoyed it very much. 

This round, instead of Kuching styled omelette, we tried its pancake version instead. Crispier and irresistible. RM15 for 10 pieces. Simply good.

We bought 2 sets of these home and you bet who took them the most!! Will come back for more of these, you bet. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

On board

Are you a fan of Heng Hua noodle?? If yes, then hop on over. Introducing new menu on board in my coffee shop

Newest addition by Ben's Kitchen, Heng Hua mee or Pa mee is a common noodle found in Fujian, China. It is clean eating yet delicious dish. I tasted Heng Hua mee once in Kuching, and mind you, it was not a common dish around here as only very few shops do this, so it is quite refreshing to have this on board. 

Eggless wheat noodle with flavourful, peppery and sourish (vinegar) broth.  3 options to choose from. I went for the normal one, RM10 as the portion was enough for me. Filling and satisfying dish. 

Saturday, November 4, 2023


One weekend, hubby and I went to this Biugo Tau Fu fah shop for dessert. It was a warm day so it was nice to enjoy some chilled soya pudding. 

The shop was in MJC, in same shop with Go Fun Kee Bat Kit Teh. Not many customers when we were there. 

Our dessert came in this disposable cup. 

Super silky, super nice to take. RM3.90 per cup.