Monday, October 31, 2022

The noodles

It was the movie date on Deepavali. It wasn't a public holiday here so there wasn't a big crowd in Vivacity Megamall that Monday, which we liked. It was our first movie since MCO so it has been more than 2 years since our last outing, and our choice of movie was Black Adam. Actually it was more of Jamie's choice as he was the one who pestering us to go for the movie. 

I booked 1130am slot and it was over 2 hours show. By the time it ended, we were hungry so we went to this noodle eatery for our late lunch.

Go Noodle House which was opposite to Level Up Fitness on Level 3. Not so crowded then because my guess it was almost 2pm so can't expect many diners.

Hubby always wanted to try out this place but didn't get the chance. Seeing not many diners in the eatery, he guided us into this place.

This Qing dynasty inspired eatery, was clean and aptly decorated. Made me think of my time in China, dining in their restaurants. All ordering are online, so you need to scan their QR code to go to their online menu and do the ordering there. Of course, you make your payment after done at their cashier. 

Let check out on what we had.

Hubby's beef noodle came first. Beef slice and minced beef soup noodle with his noodle option of lamian while the girl went for the same set but with mihun in her noodle soup.

Jay went for this pork ball mi xian noodle set that included fried beancurd skin, fish nugget and a bottle of mineral water. 

Kid's meal for Jamie but the portion was pretty huge. It was called special dark sauce mi xian kid meal set. The boy was having hard time finishing his noodle but he ate 3/4 of it while the dad helped to clear the noodle off for him. Jan and I helped with some of his side dishes.

As for yours truly, this superior pan mee soup was just nice to satisfy the craving. How much I missed pan mee. 

When it came, I could immediately smell the wine in the soup. So fragrant!! I quite enjoyed it.

The portion was huge. Big bowls of noodle soup, no need to order any drink!! And I was still full when it was dinnertime that evening! 

Friday, October 28, 2022

Whatever you have

We were back at this food court for our breakfast as the girl wanted her Western breakfast. So the three of us went over to enjoy our breakfast while the boys were still in their slumberland. 

We seated in front of the Char Kueh stall and I have been wanting to taste its char kueh. Few flavours to choose from and my favourite has always been the salty one. So RM6 for this salty char kueh to share among the three of us.

It didn't take long for The Breakfast Factory to do our food as it came in a quick time. 

Jan's Champion breakfast (above) as it was called while I have whatever my man had.

A lovely breakfast as I enjoyed it although I seldom take this kind of breakfast. Once in a while, a change from usual kolo mee and Sarawak laksa is pretty enticing. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Long weekend

It was a long weekend last week with kids having a school break yesterday due to Deepavali. Hubby is staying in Kuching till tomorrow as he is having a meeting in Kuching today. 

Rainy and cloudy Saturday we had so we spent most of our time at home. Other than breakfast and grocery shopping with hubby, we had a relaxing Saturday by catching on dramas at home. 

Kolo mee RM5 in Megabite Batu Kawa

On Sunday, the weather took a good turn. Nice day but hubby and I spent time at the self-service laundry and car wash in the morning. He washed his bedding while I took time with spin drying the big piles of laundry. At the same time, hubby sent his car to wash at the next door shop.

On Monday, we went for a movie. It has been more than 2 years since our last movie and Jamie has been requesting for a movie date since last week. So I booked the ticket online the day earlier and had our movie at TGV in Vivacity Mall.  Other than movie, we went to try a new eatery in the mall. Blog post is coming up on our lunch soon. 

How about you?? What did you do on the Deepavali weekend??

Sunday, October 23, 2022

The bowl

My man shared his breakfast photo earlier this week. He was having dumplings (wanton) in an old coffee shop in Sri Aman. 

And wow, for RM5 per bowl, it sure was a big portion. Meaty dumplings. My man liked it but for me, I prefer the thinner skin more. 

Dumplings RM5

On another note, I like the bowl that they used to serve their customers. Nice and presentable.

Sarawak laksa RM6

Thursday, October 20, 2022


I bought my current car back in 2019. Got it in January 2019, in time for the Chinese New Year. 

Then 2020 hit us hard with Covid-19 and I hardly drive for most of it and the trend continued to 2021 since kids were stuck at home with online classes. Till we slowly moved to endemic stage this year that I rely on my car heavily. Spend quite substantial amount of time on the road. 

So when it comes to car servicing, I tried not to miss it. The only time I delayed it was back in 2020 due to MCO. Since then, I tried to follow the schedule.  The next servicing was supposed to be last Saturday but I was busy as Jan had curriculum day in school. So I thought of sending my car this Saturday instead. But my car broke down on me on Tuesday!! Yes, right in front of tuition teacher's house when I went to pick Jamie up. 

Called it an intuition, felt my car wasn't in right condition lately. Maybe because mostly I am driving it so I will kind of knowing whether it is alright or not. Anyway, back to my story, I was unable to ignite the engine so first thought was the battery. It is time to change the battery. Thanks to the teacher who helped to send us home that evening and look after my car till I got the mechanic to change on Wednesday morning. I had my neighbour dropped me off at the teacher's house so I could wait for the mechanic. It took few minutes to change and my car was back!! And RM350 was the damage!!

Monday, October 17, 2022

One by one

It was a Monday, a public holiday last week. Followed my man to meet a customer in Jalan Chawan that morning and then we decided to buy lunch at Taiwan Siao Jou in Jalan Wan Alwi.

We were debating either to buy 5 packs with rice or just dishes and in the end, I won. We bought dishes and cooked own rice at home. 

It was almost lunch time, so the staff was rather busy preparing packed lunch, bento lunch set while serving walk-in customers. We waited patiently for our turn while 2 ladies in front of us ordering their food. When reached our turn, we took a good look and ordered our preferred dishes. A staff served and packed our dishes, one by one. Here was what we had. RM37 for all.

Our lunch

Ginger sliced pork, RM8

Soy sauce chicken, RM8

Creamy butter chicken, RM5

Chai poh omelette, RM4.50

Stir fried cangkuk Manis, RM5

Stir fried pak chai or bok choy, RM5

Hubby's sweet potato porridge, RM1.50


Friday, October 14, 2022


It has been ages since we been to this coffee shop although we stay not far away. We quite like the Penang char kway teow there.

On our recent visit, Penang char kway teow was not on our mind. Instead it was the grilled fish stall that opened by a son of hubby's friend from Sri Aman. We went there to support this friend's son and try out his grilled fish. 

Hubby's friend in Sri Aman also doing grilled fishes business and hubby said their homemade sambal was good. The son is staying in Kuching so he learns the skill and opens one stall in MJC.

The fishes were bought fresh daily, mostly from Telaga Air. Few fishes to choose from and hubby opted for sting ray. We bought 2 packs, one small (RM16) and one large (RM30). 

This was the large size that we took for supper that evening. Fit for 3-4 person, but mostly went into me and hubby's tummies as the kids don't fancy spicy food. Jay took few bites of it though he commented it was spicy. The other pack, we kept, re-heated and delivered to my parents the next morning. 

The sting ray was super fresh, so nice and the sambal was indeed good; spicy and salty. Very flavourful dish. I squeezed in the lime juice to balance up the flavour. 

And he even gave us not one, but four extra free packs of sambal, which we kept and used for cooking. Thanks for that. 

Grilled fish stall at Full House Cafe in BKNT (MJC) opens from 5pm onwards in evening, close on Sunday. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Extra piece

It was report card day for the secondary school kids last Thursday. So I hardly had time to cook other than breakfast. 

For lunch, I brought Jan and Jay to nearby coffee shop after met up with Jan's teacher in the morning. After done with lunch, I dropped both to school as Jay had his afternoon session and Jan had her Chinese extra class. 

Then in the afternoon, it was Jay's turn, so after met up with his teacher and collected his report card, we headed home. It wasn't 5pm then. When asked what the kids wanted for dinner, they agreed in unity that they wanted Sugarbun!!

So, our Thursday dinner was ordered and had it been delivered to us. It came before 6pm. I went for its fish burger. I missed it so decided that I was going to have it for dinner. 

Jay wanted chicken burger other than the rice set. He ate his burger first. I can't remember whether I had its chicken burger before. Maybe when I was little. I usually went for its savoury rice and broasted chicken.

Jan always enjoyed this 1piece chicken, 1piece fish fillet with savoury rice so no surprise that she had that for her dinner. 

I ordered 1 piece chicken with rice set; 2 sets for the boys but somehow, when we opened up the packet, there was an extra piece of chicken in each packet. I thought I placed wrong order so I double checked my online order.

Nope, I didn't ordered 2 pieces of chicken with rice set. Oh well, extra means good for sure. What a good bargain we got. 2 extra broasted chicken, which I took one with my fish burger. By then, I was full!!


As for the other extra chicken, Jay finished it up for his supper that evening. 😊

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Going up

My usual morning routine this year has been like this.  Wake up around 530am, get ready breakfast and snacks for school lunch box for Jan and Jamie, who are in morning session. 

By 615am, Jan and I are out while Jamie is waking up and having his breakfast at home. It takes around 25-30 minutes back and forth so by 645am, I would be at home and make sure Jamie is ready for his school which starts at 730am. Thank God that his school maintaining the 730am time since MCO, so it is convenient for me to drive him.  Being a solo parent with hubby not around on most weekdays, I think I adjust and compromise well.

When hubby is around on weekdays, he would follow me out, dropping Jamie at school and we go to have our breakfast, and sometimes to nearby butcher shop to buy meat and vegetables. 

Newest price list

On Tuesday, Jamie needed to be at school before 7am for assembly, so my morning routine started earlier. Managed to drop him in school before 655am.  Together with hubby, I drove to the butcher shop to fill up my vegetable and meat list. While I was at the butcher shop, the taukeynio was ranting on the price hike for pork. All I was able to catch from her morning ranting was the price of pork is going up again this year. 

RM6 kolo mee with wanton 

After done my purchases, hubby and I went to Y. Y. Cafe for breakfast. Again, while ordering our food, the kolo mee taukey told me that the price of meat is going up, so naturally char siew price will go up and subsequently, kolo mee as well. Geez, his noodle just went up by 50cents to RM4.50 few months ago!!  Now it is RM5.

Kueh chap cheng

Then the dishes that are pork based like kueh chap would definitely feel the pinch and need to hike up their price too. So I wonder how much a bowl of kueh chap cheng (without Kueh) would cost?? The last time I had one in Xing Xing Wang was RM12 per bowl. 

Another pork by product, luncheon meat is a must have in my pantry. My usual brand, Porkies keeps increasing in price and now it is one of the expensive luncheon meats on the shelves. So I switched to other slightly cheaper brands, such as the above. Somehow I prefer the texture and flavour of Porkies but both Pana and Herdsman (also from Denmark) are alright. But if there is any offer on Porkies, I will surely pile up some for my pantry.  That what I did earlier this week when I went to H&L Supermarket. That was the cheapest I can find for Porkies in Kuching!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022


It was a very warm morning last Friday. I was craving for something sweet and chilled that day so I thought of checking out this Lejoy Ice Tea shop which was about 2 minutes drive from my house only. 

Noticed that they were having drink promotion on weekdays so together with my partners-in-crime (Jan and Jay), we went over on Friday morning. Jan and Jay didn't go to school as the school was having its sports day for few days. 

Friday drink promotion are these 2 drinks. Original soya milk tea and white jelly milk tea. So we opted for one each!

While waiting, we took time to look around. Only us were there before few ladies came in to order their drink. 

Clean and decent place to enjoy chilled drinks and some snacks. But we didn't take any snacks. Just ordered our drink and took a seat while waiting.

We reached there before 11am as waited for Jay to finish his tuition at 1030am. 

First to come was white jelly milk tea (RM8.80). It was mild and refreshing. Jay loved it so much that he drank most of it.

Jan and I were more interested in the original soya milk tea (RM9.60). It took a while for our drink to be ready as they said earlier that it would take 15 minutes to cook the bubbles. We didn't mind the waiting since we were free that morning. 

It was nice, not too sweet and the bubbles were well cooked. Chewy and not tough. Soya powder on top of the milk tea. Stirred and mixed it before we took a sip. I enjoyed it especially on a warm Friday morning. 

Definitely will come back for its milk tea and other drinks when we feel like it.