Thursday, April 29, 2010

Deal with teething

I am down with cough and flu.....again!

I was knocked out yesterday, slept almost the whole day and found myself wide awake in the middle of the night. It did not help much with Baby Jay being a 8 months old baby just have his first 2 teeth coming out from his bottom gum.

Baby Jay has fever twice; once last week and once early this week. After few intake of panadol, he is getting well. However noticed that he loves to put everything into his mouth. Teething is not a small issue for young babies, it tends to give babies discomfort and grumpiness. And what can parents do to make their babies comfortable? Here are some tips I read and hope it could help other parents with teething babies. It helps mine; not totally but minimise the discomfort my baby has.

1. Boil and then freese a facecloth/napkin. These are easy for babies to handle and easy for mums to store. Let babies suck the facecloth/napkin.

2. I don't know about other babies, my Baby Jay loves hard stuff. He does not fancy the soft teether, so I gave him a silver spoon. Like the facecloth, I place a silver spoon into the freezer for a while before giving to Baby Jay. It soothes the gum. Just don't leave your baby alone with the spoon.

3. Is your baby not eating the way she used to? Teething may be the reason. Baby Jay started to drink less milk since he has his teething, however he takes small meals of white porridge. Sometimes he hardly eat or drink for a day, but the following day his appetite cames back. Try giving your baby a gum massage before mealtimes, nursing or the bottle. Missing a couple of meals is not a disaster, but if she continues to say no for a day or so, you must contact your doctor.

4. Gripewater is known for relieving colic as well as effective for teething. Although it may not eliminate the teething pains, it can help out with tummy upset that often accompanies it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Eu Yan Sang for the kids

Both kids have a continuous series of sickness and with H1N1 still on alert mode, we need to take the necessary prevention. And what ever other parents recommend, we would try it out.

A friend of my SIL recommended Eu Yan Sang's Bo Ying powder as the friend's daughter like my girl always have series of flu and cold since start schooling. After taking Bo Ying a year ago, her daughter never have any sickness.

Don't know it is true or what, my daughter's flu gone after taking the compound for 2days. She has running nose more than a week ago and after I gave her Bo Ying, the running nose has gone. I even let my Baby Jay take Bo Ying but a very small amount into his milk.

6 small bottles for RM33.00! Phew, expensive powder, so I give little gal's half bottle every alternate day.

Heard that snow jelly (Xue Ge Gau) also help in strenghten lung and body immune, so I bought a pack of uncooked snow jelly to try. Should have add some red dates, as the smell of the snow jelly is not that nice. My girl hardly take the snow jelly, so end up hubby and myself finished them up. I still have half pack left, so maybe I will try it with some red dates. Hmm, what else to add to make the taste better?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A second hand

We went to few used car dealer shops this week. Hubby is helping an uncle who is looking for a 4-wheel drive. And it tempted me to buy one myself. A second hand car (Mazda) for only RM20,000. Well, it looks good from what I can see but not so sure on the condition of the car parts. Maybe I have to get advice from my dad. He himself just bought a second hand Harrier, which still look brand new inside out.



I still have my old girl; she is still in good condition. And I do not have money allocated for a new car.

On another note, I was clearing some old baby clothing for a friend. A friend is going to deliver next month so she is asking for baby clothing. Since I am planning to "close factory", I might as well give the stuff away. The new baby needs them more. And how much storage container I have save from all those clearing......Yes, can store books and other stuff into them; to be moved to new house later.

Friday, April 23, 2010

All the way

Distance is not an issue when it comes to good food. And I really mean it. You can say we are "giving face" to a friend who just operate a Foochow specialty stall in Batu Kawa, but if you are looking for good Foochow food, the drive is worth it.

Chin Yuan Yuan coffee shop is just after the big bridge in Batu Kawa. Our friend just rented a stall for its kampua, mee sua and kong pia business. The kampua and mee sua are great but what I really like to recommend is its kong pia.

Minced meat filled kongpia, RM0.70 per piece. The kong pia size may not that desirable but it is sure crunchy and tasty. I don't remember tasting a great kong pia in Kuching. So you must give it a try.

After our tasty Foochow breakfast yesterday morning, we went to our new house in MJC since it is on the way back. We got the keys from the developer the day before and gosh! There are some minor rectification need to be done from the developer's side, like the leaking ceiling in our car pouch, wet paint on the wall in our main bedroom and the hollow in one of the stairs. So they need to make good before final handover to us. The neighbour next door is also doing some renovation, so I guess they would be moving in soon. Hmm, before I am busy with my shop, I will do some hunting and planning for my house first! Oh dear! Busy me!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Into the MLM world

MLM is nothing new to most of you. Almost everyone is either directly or indirectly involved or link to any MLM corporation. MLM which is synonymous with direct selling is like a magic itself. MLM is nothing but copycat and duplication of networks.

In my previous company I have joined a famous MLM company. I like its products but never keen on expanding my network and thought of obtaining financial freedom from it. The plan is perfect but it needs hard work. I were not a sales person. My upline kept pushing me, and getting me to attend talks but that time I did not see the potential and urge to push forward. Talking about the marketing plan and doing network was way above my league. I still join this company and used some of its products.

Hubby is another person that I knew involved in few MLM companies. It is not like he wants to, but forced to. Just to "help" a friend, he said. Lol! How many of you telling me that you join direct selling willingly??? Elken, Melelia, are some of the direct selling companies he joined. And every months I could received up to 5 direct selling catalogues for him. Just 6 months ago, he was introduced to another direct selling company. Cosway!

Yes, and that how I am involved into the business. I am back into MLM. Recently Cosway started to spread its wing to opening more retail shops around Malaysia and we are one of the store operators that applying for the retail shop operation. So for the past 6 months I have been busy with the application, interview and training. Some blogger friends were wondering what I am doing currently, so that is what I have been busy about. Getting ready for the shop. It is a long procedure but hopefully everything will be finalised by next month.

So if you do not see me much around the blogging world, you know what I am busy about. Guys, wish me luck okay?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to normal

After good sleep last night, I feel very good today. No more headache, dizziness and hangover from lack of sleep the night before.

I got my trading license this morning. Yes. My very own company under my name. Happy. Now I can proceed with my next plan. I also make final payment to my developer and by this afternoon, I can collect my house key. So another house added to my name (more like joint name with hubby lah). *wink*

Everything supposed to be smooth but sometimes things turn unexpected on you. And that involve cost. Like my air-con for instance. We installed the new aircon about 8 months ago and few night ago I have some problem switching it on. So after calling our contractor to check on it yesterday, we found out about its faulty wiring. So need to re-do the wiring later. Same time get them to pull out additional point in our bedroom. We have been sharing one point for air-con, computers and fax, so it is overloaded. So need to pull additional cable and point for the electronic appliances.

So guys if your house like mine, with 4 air con unit and like old house, mostly not enough of powerpoints in bedroom, probably you can get your contractor to check on your wiring once in blue moon or upgrade to 3-phase. It may be costly but safety is the priority here. I am getting my new house electrical load to be upgraded.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I need to get a nap after this......I have been yawning the morning away. Did not do much, supposed to take nap after sending both kids away, but could not get an eye shut. So instead, I follow hubby out. First, went to view a second hand car for his uncle who is interested in 4-wheels vehicle. Then had breakfast with him at Hui Sing.

Now we are in hubby's office, he is talking to customers on some properties in Kuching while I am online. I wonder how long I could hold myself. We would definitely stayed in office till lunch time and then sending off the customers to bus station later. Sigh!

Friday, April 16, 2010

My kind of ABC

After almost 2 years, I finally go back to aerobic class this morning. I attended the morning session in Hui Sing this morning. A bit rusty after so many months of lay off, but I am glad to be able to sweat and do some work out again. I will definitely continue the class while I am free to do so in the morning. And not only I attended aerobic class, I also get sweaty in the kitchen.

I am getting better at cooking soups. My first time on ABC soup, and what I like about soups is they are simple to prepare. just throw everything into a pot of boiling water. And why they are called ABC, my daughter asked me. She did not see any alphabets in the soup. It is called ABC because it is supposed to be full of vitamins and nutrients. Correct me if I am wrong.

I used carrots, potatoes, big onions,and chicken meat for my ABC soup. You can add tomatoes and salted mustard for savoury and salty tastes but I like my ABC soup to be sweeter. You can thaw the chicken first so your soup wouldn't be that oily. Simmer for an hour and then add a teaspoon of salt to taste. Voila! Ready to serve.

On another note, check out my new hair cut. Nice or not? If you are wondering why I took a snap in front of staircase, it is because while waiting for hubby to collect some documents in a lawyer firm upstairs, I was loitering around the staircase and decided to snap a shot of myself out of boredom. *wink*

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My tree will be planted

Yes! I checked my e-mail this morning and got the following reply to my previous post :

thank you so much for participating in our initiative and making your blog carbon neutral! Your tree will be planted this month by the Arbor Day Foundation. The scheduled start plant date is Monday, April 19 and the trees will be planted by a contracted crew. The roads are being plowed, all contracts solidified, and twelve shipments of 150,000 seedling each are being assembled. We thank you for the support!

There are still some trees looking for a sponsor. So if you know some people who have a blog or website, pass it on and we'll make their blogs carbon neutral too!

So friends, please give your support to this meaningful programme. Thanks.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


If anyone could tell me the name of this plant with some funny red buds (or should I say flower?) on it, please do so. I am curious to know. Aren't it funny with tiny thing protruding from the bud?? What is it for? Weird plant but it worths a picture.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Blog Is Carbon Neutral

Have you ever wonder how much you can do for the Mother Nature by saving power and recycling items? And have you ever thought that computer also create havoc to Mother Nature by emitting harmful electromagnet waves. Not only to Mother Nature, but to our body. So imagine the hours we sitting in front of computer doing nothing but blogging, facebooking etc. Oh dear! Imagine the uncountable numbers of free radical that attacking my body now!

It does not help either with the humid weather we are having now. Air-condition will be switched on, probably 24 hours a day, but think again of the cost (you would not want to know your next month's electricity bill)and how much harmful emission it causes to earth. Fumes from cars also emit harmful carbon dioxide to the air, causing more health and environment problems.

So what we can do is to turn off your power when you are not using your computer, switch off that television and light and save power. If possible, car pooling to work or plan your trip to save petrol, times spending on driving. And guess what? Planting trees do help in keeping the environment green and cooling besides neutralising the carbon dioxide.

Join me in this project by supporting Plumas National Forest where nearly 23000 acres of land were destroyed in 2007. It is very simple. Just post about this project "My Blog Is Carbon Neutral" and link your blog to And not only that, you will get a tree to be planted for you by Arbor Day Foundation in the spring of 2010. Interesting right? I could not wait to have a tree planted under my blog name in California. *wink*

carbon neutral coupons and shopping with

Anyone want to join? Just follow these few easy steps to make it green:
1. Write a blog post about the initiative + insert your favourite button
2. E-mail the link to your post to
3. We plant a tree for your blog in Plumas’!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Into the sauna

In this hot weather, all I could think of is cold drink. Who not? Too hot to do much, too hot to go outdoor. But nothing could stop me from tasting this Sarawak Special Three-layers Tea in Sin Chong Choon cafe, Green Heights this morning. It is one of the famous cafe around, every day never empty. This place is always full with patrons, ordering toasts, laksa, kolo mee, kampua and other local delicacies. I enjoy my kolo mee and toasts here. As for the laksa I still prefer the original one in the old Chong Choon cafe in Jalan Abell.

For the whole week I have been following hubby (more or less like hubby drove me around to do my stuff) for breakfast before we did our stuff. Yes, I follow hubby meeting his customers and associates. More like his personal secretary. Lol! But it great to learn something from him in regards to his project. Since I am "unemployed" for time being, I decided to learn more about properties investment from him.

Back to my breakfast, since I am back from KL, this is my first time having breakfast in Green Heights. Before I went to KL, there is no need for any parking coupons, but since constructing one parking coupons booth there, we have to put on the 20cents coupon. Geez, not many free parking places around Kuching anymore. In Sin Chong Choon, I am craving for its 3-layers tea. A great drink for a hot day. It is simply tasty and quenching my thirst, and usually I would order 2 glasses, but it is rather fattening and sweet. So 1 glass was enough for me this morning.

It is hot day but sometimes this crazy weather can make people go crazy. And for me, it is food! I could think of nothing but food. Must be too much times to spare, so all I could think of is food. What to cook, dinner's menu etc. Yes, I am back into housewife position once more. Lol! So today, I made some stuffed meat toufu. I still think minced pork, dried prawns and mushrooms are the great combination for a stuffed toufu. So if you fancy some simple yet delicious appetizer, you can just deep-fried some stuffed toufu. Everyone in the family love it!

Happy weekend everyone! Cheers!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A fruitful day

I thought KL is hot, but it is the same weather in Kuching. Every day sunny and hot. Just that we have a shower in the afternoon to cool down the temperature a bit but it did not help much. My 2 kids were complaining of the weather. Little gal demanded to be bathed in the evening, while my Baby Jay was perspiring and wet with sweat. Some more both kids are not feeling well. My daughter is recovering from her cough since last Friday while baby is down with flu yesterday. Again the bad bugs are spreading from one to another. Sigh!

This morning, I went to register my company at the Registration Office. Luckily not many people, so it just took less than 5 minutes to have everything checked and paid. However it will take 2 weeks to have the trade license ready, so I guess for the next 2 weeks I will have nothing much to do. I wonder why it takes so long to get the license? Since I cannot have the license, I would not be able to register for phone lines, and open bank accounts. Sigh!

At the same time, I submitted my and hubby's income tax forms. Have you done so? Deadline is coming soon. I only work about 3 months last year so I am exempted from paying income tax, while hubby paying around RM180. The Income Tax Office is also not packed so the queues are very smooth and fast. Last year I did my submission nearing to deadline so it was an hour waiting for my turn in the payment counter. I did enrol the online registration but I forgot the password. S**t! I did jot it down somewhere but I do not know where I jot it. So this year, I submitted manually to the office. Meantime I will have to search through my book shelf for online password.

Would you believe it? After many months of not cooking, finally this afternoon I took the time to cook for the family. Well, at least I felt my cooking did not deserted me. Lol! Nothing fancy, just a salted vegetable soup, steamed egg custard, and a vegetable dish. So more homecook for me and family. I putting on weight and bulges in KL, so need to take care of my food intake. I am currently having supplement for detoxification. So far I see some result, especially my bowel movement. *wink* Another friend recommended me and hubby to try a 40-days healthy meal, i.e. taking 2 meals a day which are breakfast and dinner. However more fruits and vegetables and cut down on carbohydrate. I wonder we have that determination or not. *wink*

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am doing it for nobody but you

When I reached home last week, my going-to-be-4 daughter gave me a big kiss and sang and danced a song in front of me. I missed a lot during the 2 weeks. She learnt to sing "Nobody But You"! That was touching, if you watch how she dances. She only knows the chorus part. Her aunt taught her the song. I should have recorded it. See if she would like to do it again and I shall record it for you. Lol!

Been away from my children, I have grown to appreciate them more. Missed their laughters, cries, kisses, chattiness, naughtiness and gestures. Sometimes at night, I thought of them and I cried myself to sleep. *wink* I guess that is the sacrifice I have to make in order to achieve my dream.

A tough decision I am making now but I know I am doing it for the sake of my family especially my 2 children. I prayed that I will go through this stage smoothly and nothing will stop me from achieve what I have been dreaming off.

People asked me "Do you think it is worth doing it?", "Don't you think you will spend less time with your family?". Yes, I know it is tough and what I am going through would be tough but one thing I am pretty sure. My family will support me. What ever I do, I know my hubby will support me. It may be tough especially this year but once I have settle down I will be able to divert my priority back to my family again. *wink*

Friday, April 2, 2010

I am doing fine

Today would be my last day in KL, tomorrow afternoon I would be flying back. Have been here for 2 weeks. How I miss home.....

For the past 2 weeks it was nothing but training from 930am to 600pm. At night I stayed in my hotel indulged in Astro. I never have time to watch my favourite channel, AXN, so I took the opportunity to watch it every evening. I did manage to shop on Saturday, so at least I bought something home. Lol!

A lot of things to do once I am in Kuching. So more busy time for me soon.

Will visit you guys soon.