Monday, September 30, 2013

Steamed Empurau

When I sent pictures of my meals to me friends, they said I am 'hor mia' (good life in Hakka). haha. Everyday I would have either red wine chicken soup and/or kacangma, a veggie dish and steamed fishes. White pomfrets or empurau. 

Do you eat your confinement food hot? I do. I learn this rule from my first CL who told me to switch off the air con, drink the kacangma/soup first then start eating rice and dishes. So my air con is not on 24hr a day.  But I am sure to sweat like a tap water after each meals because of the heat from consuming those soups. lol.

MIL brought few slices of the Empurau fishes from Kapit last Monday and CL has been cooking empurau for me since then. I did not know she was bringing some of this infamous fish slices in till my SIL told me so because FIL told her. And when I shown my hubby the picture of my steamed empurau, he was complaining he had to eat salted egg in economy rice in his company's hostel canteen last week. Well, I guess that I got to enjoy the good food as I were the one going through pregnancy, delivery and confinement. Lol. I like Empurau but you need to be patient when eating it because of its bones.

 CL just throw lots of gingers and garlic on top of the fish and add few tbsp of red wine and sesame oil. Sometimes she will add few pinch of salt.

Yummy, right? 

And I always finish my plate. Left those bones only. *wink*

Friday, September 27, 2013

Allergy and emotion

Don't know about other mommies but in all my 3 confinements I would develop small blisters on both hands. Itchy and annoying blisters. A glance, you would think they are rashes but close view, they are actually blisters. Now into my 3rd week the blisters are getting more. And not only that, I also noticed some rash spots on both hands. Like allergy spots. 

Too much protein in my body? 

Initially I thought it is hygiene problem so I wash my hands with warm water most of times. But they still appeared. Then I thought must be the food I ate. Too heaty and rich with wine and ginger. Normal time I do not eat them much.

Other than those itchy and annoying spots on my hands, feet and arms I also tend to be more emotional this time. Probably change of hormone after delivery? Or away from home and family? Because previously I did in my in-laws' house and hubby was around. This time I am doing in Sibu, my parents not around, hubby is also busy travelling and seldom at home. As matter of fact I missed my parents(so happy to see my dad early this week when he came), my hubby is now in KL for training and I am bored with only baby and CL at home. I get emotional over small things, easily cry and teary over silly matters. I was a teary pot on first week. Now I feel better. Maybe while I am in my confinement, I have been doing a lot of prayings. 

Any mommies have such experiences too?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Miscellaneous Picture #7: All on Jamie

Naughty or not the face? Making all the funny faces and sound when he is awake. He stole our hearts the moment he was born. Even the sister is doting on him and the brother starting to talk and play with him, showing him his favourite bear. *wink*

He is one hairy baby. Little fine hair all over his face and body. And do you see he also has sideburns? lol!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More from 2nd week

Old habit never dies. A blogger is always a blogger. And what does a blogger do best? Blog lah.....This blogger supposed to rest but oh boy! I am going to die of boredom if stay doing nothing in my 4-corners room. Sigh! But a little moderation is what I practised. Do not tired myself out. And I miss blog-hopping and reading you guys' posts. *wink*

Since moved to Sibu, yesterday I experienced an electricity shutdown in my housing area. Started before 9am when my dad came to visit us. He with few friends drove in on Sunday and will be back this evening. It was no-electricity the whole morning till about 1pm yesterday. Sigh! Bad timing! :( Other than a warm and almost unbearable Monday I have had a good 2nd week of my confinement.

More relaxed and painless 2nd week as the wound healed properly, less backaches and waist aches and I eat better. More variety when it comes to food. I can eat chickens, fishes, and rice wines from 2nd week onwards. And not to mention from the 10th day I can bathe the black herbs water but I did not really bathe. I just wash and wipe with towel soaked in the herbs water. Will properly bathe on 4th week.

My yummy confinement dishes included chicken kacangma, pork kacangma, chicken soup, pork soup with red wine and steamed white pomfret. And check out what gifts we got from hubby's staff. One Eu Yan Sang hamper for me and 2 pairs of hand-knitted baby shoes for baby from an ex-staff.
I could kiss my MIL's feet for buying this mushroom for me to consume. I think it is called Abelone mushroom. Pretty expensive. RM70+ per pack my mil bought and only few pieces.

My pork rib soup and below is the main ingredients.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Is running low

This milk cow is very low in milk production. Half way through 2nd week and I did not produce much milk. Need to supplement with milk formula. But I still continue to let baby to suck. Everyday I would pump 2 - 3 times. Not a lot but it is better than the previous two where my kids relied on milk formula.
One of the few pumps this week. *wink*

I heard about mothers taking young green papaya soup to boost milk production. But I thought papayas are 'cooling' and cannot be taken during confinement. After consulting my mum and mil, I am not allowed to take papaya soup. Papaya soups should be taken before delivery. 

Instead I am eating white pomfrets and black beans soup which believe to help in milk production. So far, the result is the same. Low production milk cow. Lol.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

From my room.....

A short post here! 

I know that I am not suppose to blog, but don't worry.  I would not be long here.  I am still in my confinement room.  Just over a week.  I am doing fine and so is the Baby. I felt much better into 2nd week. No more backaches, waist pains and discomforts.

Able to taste some mooncakes before I delivered, and this year I tried something new.  Totally never tasted it before!  Shanghai mooncake.  Never knew it was so tasty till now.

A friend made it for us.  Very butter-y puff and delicious (and super low sugar) pure lotus filling!!

I have eaten 4 of this mooncake and I am still craving for it.

I also bought some mooncakes from Amway Sibu. RM56.50 per pack for 4 different flavour and got a free box of Arabian dates. Nowadays most mooncakes are made with reduced sugar. Everyone is health-conscious. I also do not buy mooncakes from other place other than Amway.

Wishing everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn and enjoy your mooncakes and lanterns, ya?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tick tock

Hi guys! How time flies. Feel like yesterday been admitted to hospital and now here I am.

First week has gone. And baby is 1 week old. Can view baby pictures here .

As I were C-section, I would not allowed to have any chicken meat for first week. My Foochow confinement lady cooked quite nice meals for me. About 4 meals a day. I don't think I can stand 5 meals. Lol.

Btw she learnt how to cook kacangma from my MIL when she was here last week. So I would be able to taste kacangma soon. Tomorrow to be exact.

My 1st week dishes....

 My breakfast and supper of pork mee sua.

My lunch and dinner. Cannot wait for her to cook vinegar pork trotter for me!!! 

I have been trying hard to breast-feed and pump my milk. Always have problem in the past.Hope my baby can get more milk from me.

Friday, September 13, 2013

My September boy

Hi guys!!  A little update before I disappear from the blogging world for the next few weeks.

Introducing my Baby No 3, Little Virgo Boy! Another Virgo boy.  And this little Virgo brought luck to us. Hubby won 2 numbers in Magnum on Wednesday. One is the birthdate and another is my car plate number. Our lucky baby. *wink*

Now I have 2 Virgo boys and plus me, 3 Virgos in the house.  *wink* Born on 11 September 2013 at 4.24pm, weighing 3.2kg. He looks exactly like the brother. I went for epidural (half body) this time. And daddy went into operation for first time to witness his baby been delivered. He was daring to go this time. And video the process too. Proud of you,hubby. 

Discharged this afternoon and now we are resting at home.

My 2 elder kids are staying with my SIL for a month while I am in my confinement, so I do not have to worry so much about their welfare.  Meantime, I am going to spend some bonding time with my new baby boy.  Oh boy, all the baby blues are coming back to me now. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Before admission

Today is my 38th week and 4th day of pregnancy and it is the DAY we have been waiting for! I am weighing 61.5kg, gained about 11.5kg.

I am allowed to have breakfast this morning. Fasting only begins at 12noon and I am only allowed to drink plain water then. My girl has no school for 3 days because of UPSR exam so she followed me and hubby around. Jay still going to kindergarden today.

I am going to salon later for a full hair wash and then go home and take a bath before admitting to the Sibu Specialist Medical Hospital in the afternoon. Everyone is excited! And I am nervous too. But cannot get over it soon. :)

See you guys around! Shall update when I am up to the task. Till then, happy blogging and thanks everyone for the well wishes. :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013


  1. I eat what I love to eat.  Nasi lemak, belacan midin, sambal, laksa, prawns etc.  All the food that I love and I know I would not be able to eat in the next 3 months.  "Dirty" and "cold" food because they are not good for the scar recovery after C-section delivery. 
  2. My younger kid giving me some hard times.  He loves to wail, angry and asking for more attention from me lately.  Hmm, maybe he knows that his little brother is arriving soon and he is showing some signs toward me.
  3. Having hard time getting up from the bed.  It is like carrying 10kg dumbell on your chest and trying to do sit up with the weight.  I need to get up side-way from the bed now.
    Eat less during meals but snack more in between. 
  4. Having some backache and mild leg cramp.  Need to sit or lie down more.
  5. Lazy to do much at home.  Luckily hubby's uncle is back and he has been doing the cooking and cleaning around the house.  He just came back to make sure everything is ready for my confinement before he is going back to Kapit tomorrow.  
  6. This time, after delivery I am getting a Malay lady to "urut" (massage) my abdomen and putting on the binding wrap to slim down my tummy.  Did not do so in the previous 2, and after my 2nd pregnancy, my skin along the abdomen did not stretch back to normal condition.  So ugly!  So this round I am going to take care of it properly.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Delicious stir-fried frogs

A different way of cooking frog meats, other than steaming them with ginger, garlic and wine.  This one tasted better and my kids enjoy the tender meats and gravy more than the steaming one.


5 farm frogs; cut into half
Small knob of Ginger, sliced
1 garlic cloves, smashed and minced
Pinch of salt
Pinch pepper
Cornflour mixed with water for thickening

1 tbsp cornflour
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp Shao Xing wine

1 tsp light soy sauce
1/2 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp dark soy sauce
1/2 tbsp Shao Xing wine
200ml water


1. Marinate the frog parts with marinade for few hours before cooking.
2. Heat up about 3 tbsp cooking oil in wok.  Once heated up, throw in the ginger and garlic.  Stir fry till fragrant.
3. Add in the marinated frog parts.  Stir fry for 1 minute before add in the seasoning.  Simmer for 5 minutes or longer.
4. Add thickening to your preference.  Dish out.

p/s you can add scallions into this recipe for more flavour.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Love being pregnant

Every pregnancy has different impact on me, physically, mentally and emotionally.  The most visible change being pregnant is my body and preception on being pregnant.  And I love it.

Before my 1st pregnancy, I was pretty slim, weighing around 52kg.  I love my body, so I went to gym, aerobic and jogging every week with my "health-conscious" ex-colleagues.  Then, I got married and and 2 months later, I was pregnant with my 1st baby.  Of course, I started to chalk up on the hormonal change and body turned from "slim" to being "pregnant".  I never associate "pregnant" with "fat" because naturally you are allow to devour as much food as you like during your pregnancy.  So I really bulk up on a lot of fat and weight during my 1st pregnancy.  But honestly I enjoyed my 1st pregnancy!!!  I felt energetic, beautiful and everyday was a learning day for me.  I read a lot of babies and pregnancies.

After my confinement, I underwent exercises and strict diet to get back to my pre-pregnancy body.  I succeed but after 3 years, I was pregnant with my 2nd child.  The emotional of being pregnant was overwhelming.  It was the right time to get pregnant as my eldest was 3 that year and it was time for her to have a sibling.  How estatic we all were when we learnt that it was a baby boy.
In my 2nd pregnancy, I quitted my work and become a lazy bum at home.  I was more of a zombie in my 2nd pregnancy; in the sense that I slept and rested a lot at home.  Did not do much.  Did not put on much weight.  But I realised that I develop more craving for spicy and sour food this round.  Almost every day I ate laksa, curry mee or nasi lemak.  I had food craving and I would not mind driving long distance to get that food.  Just to satisfy my craving.  So I wonder was that the reason why my boy can take some spicy and sour food now???  *wink*

Thought we stopped at 2; but God has his plan for us and I am pregnant with my 3rd one early this year.  I almost forgotten about how it was to be a pregnant woman again after the last one.  And in my 3rd pregnancy, I developed some nausea, and more energy sapping.  Easily tired.  Having sleeping problem at certain times and was sick most of the times.  I think I am getting the hang of a real pregnancy dilemma this round.  I enjoyed too much in my previous 2.  Now I am into the last week of pregnancy and in a week time, we will be welcoming our new member to the family.  Ooh, I could not wait for that to happen!!!!

But for the time being, I have to say that I do love being pregnant.  Because being a preggie, you have certain advantages.  For instance, the petrol station staff will assist you in pumping petrol.  And people tend to allow you to cut queues.  And yesterday while I was queuing to pay utility bills in POS Malaysia, a kind lady gave me her queue ticket so I could go first.  I am touched!  (and mind you, I never abuse my current condition to that extent).

And in almost every places especially wet market, people will ask and advise me (when am I due, what to eat and not to eat, pregnancy myth etc).  Well, I do enjoy the attention given.  *wink*  I know I would not have that experiences again.  Like other 2, I am opting for Caesarian, so 3 is enough. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Feeling cold

It is rainy season in Sibu, I think!  Because it has been raining almost every days (or nights).  In my housing area, I could see the water flooded and over-flowed in the drains and some even flow to the roads, causing some floods in certain roads.  Luckily I am driving 4W so it would not cause much problem to commute around.

Yesterday morning, we woke up late.  I don't usually cook breakfast on Sunday so we decided to go to Farley Food Court for Dim Sum.  And it was a gloomy day in the morning and feeling blue, I was craving for porridge.  Hubby ordered pork porridge with century egg.  It was a big bowl (RM5.00) so I shared some with him.  Great for a cold soul! I enjoyed it with some assortment of Dim Sum and they lasted me till late afternoon. 

As for this morning, it rained pretty heavy when we were about to send Jay to his kindergarden around 8.00am.  Now the rain has stopped but it would be another gloomy morning.  I had a banana, a glass of warm Milo and half plate of instant Mee Sedap (that my girl cannot finish for her breakfast).  Should last me till this afternoon.  *wink*