Monday, June 29, 2009

Back to letter writing

For fresh graduates, job application letter is definitely the first official letter you would draft after graduated from the university. There is no right or wrong way of drafting a letter, but simplified copy and get to the point faster. It is also important to remember to be courteous and keep to the point.

A couple of days ago, I saw a job advertisement in newspaper and I have decided to apply for one of the jobs stated in it. The job description is what I am familiar with and what I have done in my previous employment. So you can say that I am going back to where I belong to! *wink* When was the last time I ever write a job application letter?? Hmm, if my memory serves me right, it is about 1 year ago when I applied for the previous job before I decided to be a temporary SAHM.

As mentioned before, I lost my files in my previous computer, so I have to retype my resume and draft a new cover letter. Luckily I have most of my certificate and necessary documents photocopied, so I only need to concentrate on my cover letter and resume. If this application is successful (I hope), then the earliest I can start working would be in October. So, fingers cross!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New hobby

I have finished up my Sue Grafton’s novel. Supposed to finish it up sooner but I got hooked up with other interest.

Few days ago I have been introduced by my SIL on Barn Buddy on Facebook, and since then I have been stuck with the game. A game of buying seeds, stealing, harvesting and selling vegetables to earn coins. Currently at Rank 2; and what a way to pass my free time too. I also got hooked up with Farm Town.

So growing virtual vegetables and fruits is my new hobby now! And hubby has been complaining why not I try growing real vegetables and fruits instead in the garden? Lol! He has failed once in planting tomato seeds, so why would I bother to plant them myself. He knew I don't have green fingers. *wink*

Friday, June 26, 2009

Good date and time for delivery

I had appointment with my gynae yesterday morning and confirmed with her on my decision to go for Caesarian. i am in my 30th week now. Doctor commented that my baby is big and when touched my tummy, she can felt the baby is active and moving around. Lol! My due date is on 2 September and just coincidence the doctor would be away from 26 to 29 August. It is advisable to have Caesarian at least 1 week before the due date.

Either we have to wait for her to come back or I am to be referred to another doctor for my Caesarian. Gosh! My SIL is more excited than I am, she is getting my and hubby’s birth date and time for some fortune telling to get a better date and time for my delivery. Some more end of August is the beginning of Chinese 7th lunar month where most events are unfavourable to be done. I myself was born in the 7th lunar month. *wink* Hubby was telling me the other night that he is thinking of having the operation after 12 midnight as Chinese believe that an Ox baby will have better luck if born at night or early morning (the theory is that an ox works half death in the farm in the day time, but sleeps like a log at night time). Oh dear, wonder there is extra charges for getting doctor to operate me at such hour?? Lol!

I am not that superstitious type but if it is for the benefit of the baby and everyone is happy with the arrangement, I guess why not choose a date for the delivery since I am opting for Caesarian. Er, anyone go to such medium to get good date and time for delivery of their babies?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Too young for school

Am I been a “kiasu” mum or just thinking of the best for my little gal?

Last Friday I went to collect little gal’s report card and her previous semester books and works. Her teacher mentioned that there are some improvements in little gal’s social skill although she can be very shy when call upon and reluctant to play with other children. Overall she has great marks in the academic part. Teacher’s comment in the report card is that she is very hardworking and good reader. Am I proud of her!

Since she was a baby, I made it a point to read and play flash cards with her on every other night. Her nanny helped a lot, she taught little gal a lot. So learning and reading in pre-school are nothing unusual for little gal.

Just the other night I was discussing with hubby about little gal’s education and how much she has learnt in pre-school. Hubby said that I am pressuring my little gal to strive better at such tender age. Well, I thought education should start at tender age and what better age for them to learn new things than 3 years old, right? Probably my perception is wrong, but I am definitely thinking of giving a better headstart for my little gal in the future. There is a friend of mine that decided not to send her children to preschool. Her comment is that they will be in school for at least 15 years, so why start early???

Both hubby and myself only schooling at age of 6 and we did managed to finish our colleges and obtained the necessary degrees. Correct me if I am wrong. Pre-schools were not that well known back in 70s and 80s and we were not compulsorily required to attend pre-schools back then.

I did contemplating about sending my little gal to pre-school, but after much weighing the pros and cons, I decided to send her in. I did not have time to home-school her and her nanny can only teach her much. She needs more times with other children as most of the time she was alone with no other children to play and interact with. So it comes back to the decision of enrolling her in preschool early.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby's language

Been a fan of Oprah show, I have been trying to catch every of her shows on television every weekday. This morning was another interesting show, depicting amazing people with amazing gifts and talents. One of the amazing guests in Oprah show is Priscilla Dunstan from Australia.

She discovered the secret languages of babies irregardless of skin colour and cultures. There are five words commonly used by babies from 0 to 3 months. Those word and meaning are:

“Neh” - hungry/feeding time
“Eh” – Need Burping
“Owh” – Sleepy/tired
“Eair” – Wind
“Heh” – discomfort

When you know what your babies trying to tell you, you would know what to do with them, i.e. if he or she cries "neh", it means that he or she is hungry and need to be feed. For more information, visit

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Abbott Scoops unredeemed

We back from our Father's Day dinner an hour ago. Phew! So full. *wink* It is an usual Sunday. We went for our church mass this morning after a hearty breakfast at the Sin Choong Choon in Green Heights. After the church, we went home. Supposed to do our grocery shopping, but once we are indoor, we were lazy to go out as today is nothing unusual about the weather. Hot and sunny! Phew! Sweating like hell.

After watching my CSI: Miami and CSI: NY series on AXN in the afternoon, I decided to do some hunting. Bottles hunting, that is! While I still have the energy to move around, I get hubby to help me re-arrange some boxes on our storage racks and get out some boxes to search for some baby products. We have lots of baby products from our little gal when she was a baby, so I planned to check on what is left and what is not, before deciding on shopping list. Got to get ready the stuff before my baby is due. Time flying fast, before I realised it, I am going to due in about 2 months time.....

Thank god we managed to find the container that kept the bottles. Not only bottles, also some pacifiers and Abbott scoops. I totally forgotten about the Abbott scoops till I visited this evening where she posted that she is in need of 3 more Abbott scoops for redemption. Hahaha! I meant to redeem mine 3 years ago, but somehow the first order that I placed never reached me. So I relunctant to redeem the remaining scoops and they have been left in the container since then. I think I have about 30 - 40 scoops in the container. Don't know what happen to the first order, but after checking with the company, they said they have sent, but I never received it. Sigh!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Peace and quiet

Nothing much has happened since we are back from Kapit. Since nothing interesting happening in my life, there is nothing much to blog about. But I am around, blog hopping at other blogs. You can still catch some updates on us here!

I am catching up on my reading. Currently I am hooked with Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone series. I love detective, mystery solving and thriller books, so Sue Grafton is definitely my choice of reading. I am now at her “P is for Peril” book. Just finished up to Chapter 4, so there is a long way to go.

Father’s Day is around the corner. Nothing fancy, but just a dinner with my parents this coming Sunday. Whose treat? Me, who else. Hubby said he “belanja” (treat) me on Mother’s Day so it is my turn to “belanja” him. Since I “belanja”, might as well I “belanja” my parents too. Lol!

Wishing all fathers “Happy Father’s Day”!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Berry Delicious Pictures

Little berries from my parents' garden. Love the size and sweetness of those little berries.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Everything is back to normal

School has started today. My gal is excited to be sent off to school this morning. I guess she missed her school, friends, teachers and activities after been laid off for 2 weeks. And, am I glad that finally I am getting some peace and quiet for some personal time too! *wink*

We came back last Saturday afternoon. We took a 6.40am express from Kapit to Sibu and then 11.50am flight back to Kuching. Once we reached Kuching, it was raining pretty heavy. After some cleaning and clearing the bedroom and unpacked some stuff, all three of us took a much-needed afternoon nap that afternoon. We slept from 2pm to 5pm!

In the evening we went to The Spring for dinner and shopping. We tried the Terriyaki stall, and it happened to be pretty nice. I had Terriyaki Chicken Chop while hubby having its Teriyaki beef. Yummy! Hubby has some Parkson vouchers so we spent our evening shopping afterward in the departmental store. Our little gal was very happy to go shopping that she turned quite wild, walking and making lots of noise. Oh dear! I was having hard time controlling her. We spent almost 3 hours there, and only left when the shopping complex closed at 10pm.

It was an eventful evening in the sense that my little gal for the first time had a bad fall (nothing serious but for her, it is considered the worst!) at The Spring. The story goes like this: Just before we were off, hubby went to 1901 to buy its hotdog burger. It is the stall in front of Tai Khiong. The stall has few high stools for people to sit while waiting for their order, so little gal been naughty and curious, wanted to sit on one too. So we let her sit. She did not want us to hold her, and the next minute we know, she fell from her seat flat on the floor. And she has cut in her mouth which caused her bleeding. Of course she cried aloud. Luckily our hot dog came so we rushed home with a crying and bleeding girl in tow.

All little gal said was her mouth is in pain. Must be too much crying that she fell asleep when we reached home without her bedtime feeding. Lol! Well, it would be a lesson for her for been naughty and disobedient. Luckily she didn’t hurt herself badly.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Night craving

I am back to the time when I had my first pregnancy!! Hungry faster at night even I had a late dinner. Or should I say, I just couldn’t stop thinking about food and my stomach growling faster at nights?? Almost every night, I have supper, either my PIL brought us for late supper of fried noodles and salad squid, or homemade sandwiches of mayo eggs and chicken floss. Now I am getting too used to supper in Kapit that I must have something in my stomach before heading for bed. lol!

I am reaching the 60kg mark and can feel that I am heavier. Some more I hardly do much exercises, so I can feel that I get tired pretty fast. Just hope that I am not turning into a big balloon and having difficulty slimming back after delivery. I think I will go back to my aerobic classes as I find it is rather a fast exercise to lose weight. Alright, don’t want to think about my weight too much. I should enjoy and eat as much as I can now; pregnancy is a great time to indulge in food! Eat first, exercise later….. *wink*

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Into 3rd trimester

Hi guys! I am still in Kapit. Some changes of plan, extending our stay till next Saturday. So far the holiday has been nothing but light and easy. Lol! I am feeling very refreshed. Why not?? Everyday got chicken soup and steamed fishes to digest, making me like a pampered pregnant lady here! *wink*

We did not go to sight seeing much over the week as hubby was suddenly called back to Kuching to attend meeting with HR on Thursday and Friday. He was back to Kapit on yesterday evening, and since he has cancelled his 3 days leave last week due to the emergency meeting, he is taking the 3 days this week. So overall we are staying in Kapit for 2 weeks. *wink*

I am now into my third trimester. It means to say that I would be due in 3 months time. I can’t really wait to see my baby!

Baby loves to kick and move around in my tummy. Sometimes I feel that he kicked so hard that I don’t feel comfortable in any position. I am hitting the 60kg mark! Now that I am bigger, I don’t feel like doing much, except eat and sleep. Hibernating is the likely word to describe me now. Lol!