Thursday, February 26, 2009

Food photo

Every children would love this dish: Crispy Noodle in tomato sauce. Not only children, but children-at-heart adults like me also love this dish! *wink*

If you are asking me, I am craving for this appetising dish everytime. I discovered this delicious noodle in The Food Gallery, Tun Jugah lately. The stall that sell this dish used to be very "stingy" in its portion, but glad that it has improvised and improved since then. RM5.00 special with prawns.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First letter of my name tag

Thanks Luthie for the following tag. It does take time and some thinking to do, but like you said, it is fun. I am lazy to tag anyone here, but who ever interested to play, you are welcome to tag along.

It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. Nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy or girl name question. Have fun!

1. What is your name: Rose

2. A four letter word: Rise

3. A boy's name: Raymond

4. A girl's name: Rita

5. An occupation: Referee

6. A colour: Red

7. Something you wear: Ring

8. A food: Ricotta

9. Something found in the bathroom: Robe

10. A place: Richmond

11. A reason for being late: Rain

12. Something you shout: Rest my case!

13. A movie title: Resident Evil

14. Something you drink: Raspberry yogurt drink

15. A musical group: Radiohead (not really a musical group, but I cannot think of anyone)

16. A street name: Rock Road in Kuching

17. A type of car: Rolls-Royce

18. A song title: Remember by John Lennon

19. A verb: Run

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mood swing and everything with it

I am experiencing mood swings now. Sometimes I am overjoyed of having a baby but other times, I feel helpless with my condition. They are part of the pregnancy, and I understand it is normal and happen to most pregnant ladies. Do you experience any of them and what do you do to overcome them? I cried over tiniest thing and it feels silly sometimes.

Hubby is not a domestic man, he doesnt help much with house chores and kid. In the past, I wouldn’t mind doing all the cooking and cleaning, I guess it is part of being a dutiful wife. Lol! But now that I am pregnant and getting tired easily, I would expect him to do more of those and tending to my and little gal’s need. Sigh! I am frustrating at his "do it later" attitude. It is hard to get him to help me around. Probably I need to talk and list down in details on what he could and can do around the house?

Although he doesn’t help around, but I am glad that he understands what I am going through, and does not complain about my mood swings. During my 1st pregnancy, hubby seldom at home at night (meaning he always came back late) so usually left me alone in the house.

All I did was think, think, think! Also at times I felt unattractive and insecure and even a little jealous, and I had no idea how insanely crazy it can make you feel!! My hubby really didnt understand any of this and that made it even harder. At times when all I need was that little extra attention, encouragement, or reassurance I didnt get it and it made me feel more alone and in need of what I'm lacking. I tried to tell him how I feel but it doesn't come out right so I ended up getting frustrated and he's even more confused. You can said that after giving birth, I have a bit of depression, but luckily everything goes well.

So this time round, we are ready for my mood swings. I told hubby how I feel and what he could do to help ease them. It helps when hubby is there to comfort and tell you how beautiful you are even when you are pregnant. *wink* I can feel highs and lows, sometimes from one minute to the next. Whenever I feel down, I will usually go for a nap, read book or blog hopping. Something to air away those funny moods.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting lazier

Sorry for lack of updating as I am getting lazier each day. Maybe partly due to my pregnancy (I know it is still at an early stage, Lol) or maybe I am really lazy!

Every evening after back from work, I would love to have a hot bath and rest in my bed, reading my novels. Bought some novels in December and have not yet finish them all. So there are some readings need to be done. And not to mention some Chinese drama that I have been addicted to and spend more time in front of the television than blogging.

Reading and watching movies keep me away from thinking too much and a way to distress after a hard day. Work is taking much toll on me, and it is getting tough as manager is pretty demanding. I dont think I can blame her, as she has management to report to. Sigh! I caught up with a cousin lately and she has been a full time homemaker since 2007. Being an accountant in profession, she quit her job for sake of children.

Now fully taking care of her 2 gals (one aged 4 and another is less than 1 year old) at home. I do admire her perseverance and decision of choosing family against career. Hmm, wonder when I would be able to be a full time homemaker? When ask whether she wants to go back to work, my cousin replying me by saying “Sometimes, when you work, you dream of being a home maker, but when you are a homemaker, you dream of working again. You cannot have both. You need to choose either one”

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A pregnant Rose

Finally I can tell the whole world that I am officially pregnant! 3 months, that is! *wink* You know, Chinese got those "pantang" (superstition) on announcing pregnancy etc, got to wait for full 3 months. Last Saturday morning, I went to my gynae for my 3rd check up, everything is well. Baby is developing well. Doctor scanned my tummy, and we saw the baby was busy playing and kicking around. What an active baby, I wonder. *wink*

Darling hubby is the happiest, why not? He is going to be a father soon. He has been hoping for so long for 2nd one, and I have been postponing the idea for almost a year. I guess finally I gave in to him, cannot stand his persuasion. Lol! Anyhow, it is about time as our little gal is almost 3 years old by April. As for the gender, we wouldn’t be able to know now till later month. Either boy or girl, I wish for a healthy baby and a playmate for my little gal. *wink*

As in the afternoon, I was busy digging my old maternity clothing, sorting and washing them. I know it is still pretty early to dress in one, but I thought of getting them clean up first. Most of my current office wear are tighter and I couldn’t get in them anymore. Not much problem fitting into blouse and shirt, but not pants or skirts. I always have a tummy (hardly can lose it), but now that I am pregnant, it is even showing. I still not gaining much weight, still around 51-52kg when I weighed myself last Saturday.

Like the first pregnancy, I do not have morning sickness, but I get hungry fast and need to eat. I remember when I have my little gal, I always need to have supper almost every night. Otherwise I cannot fall asleep. Not only that, I always get hungry around 9pm, although I have my dinner around 7pm. Hubby would be my servant, ready or buy supper for me. So I gained weight fast during my first pregnancy and tummy is pretty big by 3rd month! Lol!

I found out that a lot of people I knew are pregnant and going to give birth sometime this year. So, it would be lots of "Ox" babies coming in. Lol! I would be due early September. Like every mother said, every pregnancy is different, so symptom and experience are different. So, I am enjoying the every moment. More updates on my pregnancy in future posts. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This morning activities and lunch

Not working today. Yesterday was the longest day in office, we have presentation that stretch for 2 hours till 8pm. Blur! Some more I was not feeling well yesterday, having sore throat and dizzy, but no choice. Each of us need to make presentation to our visiting regional manager yesterday. At least we were treated to some pizza and chicken wings from Pizza Hut. *wink*

So, what I did this morning? Sent little gal to school, paying her next semester school fee, went to Telekom to settle my bill and lastly visiting my mum. While at my mum's place, I thought of searching through my old bedroom, looking at old clothes, photographs and also an unfinished cross sticth that I left many years ago. Planned to finish it up, but not now. For time being, I will keep in my house and see when I have times to continue.

As for my lunch, I guess mum probably know that I am coming. Lol! Cooked my favourite dishes, yummy. I finished 2 bowls of rice. You wouldnt be able to believe it, right? She cooked for 4 persons (include her) so that is why there are so many dishes on the table. At the back of the house, is the workshop so 3 workers have their lunch in the house daily.

My most favourite dishes are oven roasted pork (the meat is so succulent) and deep-fried curry coated fish. My throat still not recover fully, but who care! Food comes first! *wink*

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I feel like kid again, eating burgers and fries

Within 1 week, I have been having Mc Donald’s food for 3 days! We had curly fries last Sunday night. And also little gal's first taste on its curly fries. Supposed to visit a couple last Sunday evening (still CNY) but end up, three of us enjoyed ourselves in McD in Kuching International Airport. This couple operate a computer shop so they cannot close shop earlier last Sunday due to many customers that time. We suppose to meet up at 830pm but in the end, we didn’t make it. Little gal was tired. And they closed shop around 10pm that night. When was the time you go CNY visiting at people's house after 10pm???

We enjoyed our curly fries and sundae in McD while outside was full of colourful fireworks in the sky!! Little gal was excited and high watching the firework! Lol! I remember Jen's tip on eating fries and sundae, i.e. dipping fries into sundae. So I tried it with curly fries, it does taste nice. Warm fries and cold ice cream, a unique combination. :p

On Wednesday, I had lunch in McD, a treat by a colleague. Set meal consists of burger, fries and a soft drink. It is pretty cheap as it is on promotion now. I cannot remember when the last time I have McDonald's burger! And then yesterday, a colleague treated us to McD meal as she is leaving the company! Burger, fries and coke again! Oh dear! This afternoon, hubby told me that he was thinking of dinner at McD. Hmm, I think he is planning a Valentine's Day dinner at McD together with our little gal. After tonight, I would not want to step into McD outlet for a long time! I have enough of McD meal for time being. Lol!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Got to save more and spend less this year

Valentine’s Day is 2 days away. There are few stalls selling Valentine’s gifts and flowers along the major road side but it is definitely lesser this year compared to previous year.

We have our early Valentine’s Day dinner last night at our favourite spot, Sidewalk at Green Heights. We have ours too there last year. I think on most special occasions we have our dinner there that the owner mostly give us 10% discount on bill. *wink*

There were not many people last night at Sidewalk. Only 3 tables full including us. We sat there from 8 till 915pm. We have Cajun Chicken with spaghetti, Bolognese spaghetti and Grilled lamb. Guess what? Hubby have both spaghetti and lamb. No wonder he couldn’t sleep after that and play his online game till late at night.

There wouldn’t be any gifts exchange this year. We have present exchange during last Christmas, so nothing much for the Valentine's Day. Well, let’s say it is to cut down expenses. Expenses are mounting and we have to save more money. Our new house probably ready by next year and we would need money for furnishing and furniture.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some works need to be done

There are so many things need to be fixed around the house that I need to list down before forget all about them.

1. Fix my spoiled bedroom door. We locked ourselves out so no choice, hubby need to bang the door open. We got the new knob, but will get it fixed soon
2. Living room fan either need to be oiled or something wrong with the motor, very noisy when we switched it on and we can hardly hear anything at all other than the noise
3. Change some blown bulbs around the house.
4. Get repairmen to check on roof as my room’s ceiling is leaking during heavy rain

It is an old house, so lot of maintenance and repair need to be done. Have been planning to get the above done but hubby said to wait till end of this month for my own sake.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Passion fruit on a Sunday morning

Hardly can sleep after woke up to feed little gal around 6am this morning. Tossing and turning in the bed, and finally giving up on sleep. Today is Sunday, so I would be able to enjoy my Sunday afternoon nap later. *wink*

Been having constipation lately. Maybe lack of vegetables in my diet. As part of my healthy programme, I have decided to cook and bring food from home for my lunch in office, at least thrice a week. So later I will get hubby to drive me to market to get some vegetables and meats for the lunches. I remember that I have some passion fruits left in the fridge. The fruits are given by my mum. According to her, it is rich in vitamins and should be good and able to ease my constipation problem. So, since cannot get back to sleep, I decided to make myself some passion fruit drink.

Simply cut the passion fruit into half. Then scoop the yellow portion in the fruit into a glass. 1 fruit make 1 glass. Just add sugar to your taste and pour in water to make a glass. Stir well and it is ready to drink.

I like my drink cold so I refrigerate it for a while and drink later. *wink* Happy Sunday everyone.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Age is never a limit

This is not a Valentine Day story but sometimes it is great to find love when you least expect or giving up hope of.

There was a friend of mine in her 40s, never dated before. She is a nice lady, well educated, soft spoken and have a good humour. She was a workaholic. Dedicated most of her time to work. So that contributes to lack of time for social and love.

We have tried to match making her with many guys but not a single one was successful. She eventually giving up on finding a good man and getting married.

Just come this week, suddenly I received a nice present in gold wrapping from her sister. Her sister said it is from my friend, she is getting married and away for honeymoon with her husband. There would not be any wedding reception, just a small family dinner. It came as a surprise to me and other friends, as we have never knew this new guy of her life before. None of my friends met this guy.

After much digging done, we learnt that she was introduced to her husband by her relative sometime back last year. So love bloom between them and they keep in touch although the guy was working in West Malaysia. After proposing to her on Christmas Day, arrangement was done and they officially register this week. Now both are honeymooning in Korea.

Now who say a lady in her 40s would not be able to get married and left in the shelf huh??

Monday, February 2, 2009

Quitting and move forward??

Here I am in front of pc after shutting down my office pc less than 1 hour ago. Munching on some prawn crackers while trying to type this post with few “available” fingers, I just came back from Jen’s place. She complaining about the current economy situation especially affecting job market, where most big companies are cutting cost and retrenching their workers.

I am not one of those in the list, although I am still in the “danger” zone due to the fact that I am still under probation. This month would be my 6th month and I would need to perform exceptionally well if I am to extend or confirm myself with the company. Manager also briefed us over the morning session meeting that she is expecting everyone to flair this month due to poor performance last month.

February is such a short month although there would not be any public holiday in Sarawak unlike some states in WM. Nevertheless it is a short month to do that much. The current crisis really hit hard on us. Some colleagues that attended the training with me last September already contemplating resignation and moving forward. But some are afraid of finding suitable job due to current crisis.

As for myself, I also thinking of the same if I did not do well this month. See how it goes. Back in mind, I have ever consider quit and become full time home maker, but I cannot imagine myself being full time cleaning, cooking and looking after the children for now. *wink* Heard it is much hectic being a full time homemaker than a career women. True?

Alright, time to sign out. Will do blog hopping later. Hubby is honking outside, waiting for me and little to come down and go out for a nice dinner. Thinking of something soupy since it is very cold here. I think it is going to rain soon. After dinner, plan to go for grocery shopping, stocking up some ingredients and stocks. Been telling hubby that we should start bringing food from home for lunch in office, I am sick of eating outside and tired of thinking where to eat during lunch break. Since there are microwave oven and fridge in my office, might utilise it and bring food from home. Save time and more economical, I guess. :)