Thursday, December 31, 2015

Miscallaneous Picture #48: After Christmas

After Christmas, we had a relaxing and cooling weekend. 

We attended a private family reunion cum cousin's wedding dinner on Boxing Day.

Went to the newest mall around, VivaCity before the year ended. Lovely Christmas merry-go-round props there.

My boy joined his sister in wearing glasses starting last Sunday

Today is New Year Eve! And what a wet and cold day it is!

In just over a month, we would be ushering the Year of Monkey. Ooopps, time really flies fast. Time to shop for CNY decors, goodies and clothes. ^^

I used to collect these beautiful cards made by Mouth & Foot Painting Artists as a kid. Surprised that hubby got them this year so I am going to keep them well.

Wishing everyone A Happy New Year!

"For I knows the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
~ Jeremiah 29 : 11

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Coming together as family

Coming together to celebrate the family must be one of the best reasons to hold an event and that was what a few hundred people did recently in City One Megamall Kuching, Sarawak. 

Named ‘1Malaysia National Family Month’ (1MNFM), November is the month selected by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community to recognise the importance of the family unit in a society. The National Population and Family Development Board (NPFDB) which was the main organizer for the national launch of ‘1Malaysia National Family Month’ (1MNFM) 2015, hopes that it will be celebrated nationwide by both the private and public sector yearly.

The national celebration was held at a City One Megamall Kuching, Sarawak filled with educational and interesting family fun activities with a carnival-like atmosphere, from exhibitions, karaoke, demonstrations and interactive games. The Sarawak Chief Minister’s wife Datin Patinggi Datuk Jamilah Anu was the guest of honour and the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim was in attendance along with various government agencies and family related NGOs.

The emphasis during the celebration was on five family core values – love, moral, health, safety and harmony (KASIH) to augment happiness in the family.

In her speech, the Chief Minister’s wife stressed on the importance of ‘1Malaysia National Family Month’ (1MNFM) to strengthen family bonding as family dysfunction and divorce is on the rise. She also said that a strong, resilient family institution is critical for ensuring the development of a country and hence the launching of ‘1Malaysia National Family Month’ (1MNFM).

The Minister, Dato’ Sri Rohani also spoke on organizing activities that help to strengthen family bonding, especially for senior citizens as too often, they faced loneliness.

Many families were also seen at the event which included programs for children and parents. Among those who attended the event was Rubiah Epit, 54, a clerk and mother of five. “I really welcome such an event as it reminds us of the importance of the family,” she said. She added that as a mother of 5 adult sons, all unmarried, it would be good for them to learn about the five family core values to prepare themselves when they do get married.

 “I hope that LPPKN will continue to hold this event yearly as it is important, especially for young people. Society is changing, and as the Chief Minister’s wife said, divorce is rising. Hence, November being set aside as Family Month by the government will remind us how central the family is in our community,” she added.

Meanwhile, Sharon Chew, a 45 year old mother of 2 teenage girls and 2 young boys was also happy with the event. “My two boys had a great time and I learnt a lot on family harmony. The exhibitions were interesting and informative as I didn’t realise there are government agencies that can provide counselling, for the young and also for parents. I hope that LPPKN will receive more support from the private sector for ‘1Malaysia National Family Month’ (1MNFM) can be a month for Malaysian families to come together and celebrate with each other,” she added.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Brunch with them

It was Winter Solstice last Tuesday, so we made tang yuan at home. My girl helped me with some of them, so some were big and others were small. Not consistent but never mind. It tasted the same. ^^

We also sent some over to my FIL who are staying alone in Kuching. After that I brought the kids to Koufu Food Court for brunch.

My brunch companions

Initially planned to eat kolo mee but Ah Pi was not opened that day so we ended up having food from this fried stall.

The kids had this fried kolo noodle (RM4.00) and boy, it looked good and delicious. At least it was as the kids enjoyed it.

Different story for my tamato kway tiaw. Not what I expected. RM4.00 was cheap but other than green vegetables, cabbages and sliced hot dog, it was tasty. However I expected more ingredients in it. Seafood like fish balls, sliced fish and eggs than sliced hot dog. 

Anyway, it filled up my tummy and weather has been so warm that day that after our brunch, we stayed indoor. But good for my laundry as it has been raining for the past few days. ^^

Saturday, December 26, 2015

To Buntal for seafood

I remember it was 6 months ago when we dined in Buntal. Buntal is famed for its fresh seafood. So it is no surprise that locals and tourists-alike would drive all the way to Buntal for a scrumptious meal.

Last Saturday, we decided to drive for about an hour using Batu Kawa-Matang-Samariang road to Buntal. Sight-seeing in the country-side and maybe a swim in the beach later but luck was not on our side as it rained after we finished our lunch.

Back to our lunch, we had ours in Teo Seafood in Buntal. It was slightly before 12 so we were the 2nd table there.

A must order dish in Buntal would be this sweet and sour jelly fish (RM11). It was exquisitely crunchy and chewy, coupled with pounded nuts for added texture.

Hubby loved this starter so much because they added pounded peanuts on top and the jelly fish was fresh.

Then we had this stir fried midin with garlic (RM13) which was good and crunchy.

The star of our lunch has got to be this fried salted egg crabs. So so appetizing with that saltiness of salted egg and sweet flesh of the crabs. Very meaty crabs; 2 of them for RM35.80.

On our table, we also have this sweet and sour black pomfret (RM32.20). Must eat it while it is warm. ^^

Needless to say, our meal costs RM113 plus drinks, so it was not so pricey at all to dine here.

By the time we stepped into our car, it started to rain cats and dogs. So we just went for a car ride in Damai and then headed back home.

And these were the shots I took while on the way to Buntal when the sky was gloomy and drizzled a little.
Matang hill

Matang hill

Muddy Samariang

A barge

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas eve today.

A Merry Christmas greeting from me!

Hope we bring some cheers to the less fortunate children of the BB Love Box with our little presents.

This secret santa and santarina were not good at present wrapping but we hope the children would love the presents we got for them.

This year, I only managed to do my favourite thing-to-do at least once, i.e. Christmas decoration hunting and photo-taking. One of the famous shopping malls to see Christmas decors have got to be The Spring.

The Spring has never failed to impress you with their splendid and magical Christmas props.

This year, The Spring brings the shoppers into an enchanted realm as gigantic nutcracker, toy soldiers, gingerbread man and mouse king are around to usher the festive season.

Merry Christmas to all my blogger friends and readers.

A toast of happiness and good health to you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

That green frog

It was one of the weekday when hubby took a day leave last week to spend time with us in a shopping mall. Other than window shopping, catching on the Christmas decoration and lunch, we went for a movie too. We watched the latest Star Wars movie.

After we were done with the morning show, we went to this Japanese food franchise for lunch. By looking at that green frog logo, I bet no need further introduction to the food franchise.

Albeit it was weekday, the place was quite packed. Nevertheless we got a table and without delay, we ordered our food through their computerised menu.

First to come was my princess' favourite, Unagi Kabayaki with rice and miso soup.

I must have the soft shell crab as I could not resist this deep-fried tasty crustacean. Crispy outside yet moist inside. I prefer to eat it as it is than dipping in the spicy mayo.

The grilled squid looked good too. However I thought it was a bit dry. Needless to say, I would attack the tentacles first! ^^

Fuyu Teishuku was what hubby had, with raw fish slices, vegetable tempura, chawanmushi, miso soup and rice.

For Jay, he had this bowl of chicken teriyaki ramen. Quite a portion for him so I helped to some of it.

And to complete our lunch, we had the blackcurrant juice. ^^

It has been a while since we dined Japanese cuusine as a family, so I were happy to see that everyone was enjoying their food.