Thursday, April 27, 2023

To Bako for lunch

It was 2nd day of Hari Raya last Sunday. Weather was nicer as we had rain the night prior. So the morning was breezy and cloudy. 

So hubby suggested for a special drive to the beach or countryside for lunch. We initially wanted to go to Buntal but luckily I made a call first. The restaurant was closed so we diverted to Bako after confirming that the one in Bako was opened for lunch. 

Matang hill

We navigated from Matang to Demak Laut and then to Bako. It was a nice drive as lesser cars on the road. Soon, we reached Bako village and found a good parking spot before walked over to Bako Seafood Restaurant.

We didn't managed to book a table over the phone but we got a table as walk-in. Anyway, we placed our order without delay and soon, the food was served. 

We used to enjoy its deep fried oyster balls in the past so this time, no exception as we had that as well. 

The Pacific white clam and fish balls soup was next. It was good and tasty!! Big, springy fish balls with the taste of the sea from the clams. 

The curry bamboo clams were nice and meaty as well. The thick curry gravy went so well with white rice. 

We also had their signature deep fried seafood beancurds but beware, it was hot!! Nice to take with or without its spicy dipping. 

Steamed prawns with egg were great but by now, we were already pretty stuffed and can't finish this dish.  So, we had a takeaway for the remaining prawns. 

And also this fried 'ngor hu' (thread fin fish), we had to bring home for our dinner that evening. 

Overall, our delightful seafood lunch was RM212 plus drinks. By then the place was packed with patrons. We quickly made our move and drove back to Kuching.

Monday, April 24, 2023

My French milk toast

One morning I made French toast at home. It has been quite sometime I made it and my girl was craving for it, so I made for her and myself last week. The boys had different breakfast, I made luncheon meat sandwich and fried few jumbo chicken sausages for them. 

As for my French toast, I think this time I nail it well. Like how I like it. I watched a YouTube on milk toast not long ago and I thought I added egg to it, to make it French milk toast. I used thick white bread to make this toast. And the verdict!! I love it!! Sweet, slightly buttery, moist and tasty French milk toast!! I could have a lot of it in one go!!


4 thick white bread slices


4 small sized egg, beaten well

Fresh milk

Fine sugar


1. Beat the eggs well in a bowl. Transfer some into a flatter plate. Soak one bread well on both sides.

2. Heat up some butter in a pan. Spread the butter evenly on the pan, then slowly add in the soaked bread. 

3. Under low heat, let the toast cooked well on the bottom while add about 2-3 tbsp milk on top of the bread. Sprinkle sugar over the milk and spread evenly on the bread. 

4. Turn the bread and let it cook on the other side. Do the same with milk and sugar on the other side of the bread. Once bottom is done, flip the bread and let it cook well before serve onto a plate. Continue with the remaining bread slices.

Friday, April 21, 2023

Seng Kwong Coffee Shop

It was on Monday that we went to this coffee shop in Gold Jade road. Jay has tuition at Pisang road on every Monday and Friday so whenever my man is around on Monday morning, we will make it a 'threesome' breakfast!! Lol.

And we usually either end up in Sin Lian Shin kolo mee in Green road or at Seng Kwong Coffee Shop. That morning, we opted for the latter one as the other coffee shop was pretty packed!

My teh c fix!! I can't do without my tea!! 

The kolo mee (RM5.50) here has an unique taste and texture. Firmer and tougher and a taste of its own. I understand that the food operator is a Chinese Indonesian. He used to operate at a makeshift roadside stall in Green road and my dad is one of his regular customers. Now that my dad no longer operate in Green road, he hardly patronise his kolo mee stall. 

The food operator recognised me, and I ordered and talked to him in Hakka dialect.  That morning, each of us was having his kolo mee and hubby also wanted a bowl of cheng kway chap to go with the noodle. 

Next to the kolo mee stall was the kway chap stall. Small portion of kway chap without kueh for RM7. 

Before we left, we bought this chwee kueh for RM6. RM1.20 each. Yummy and nice steamed rice pudding with chai poh (preserved radish) topping. 

In case you are not familiar with this shop, here is the location. Turn left on 2nd lane after Sin Lian Shin kolo mee row of shop. Just drive straight on, till you see a Sport Toto shop on your right. You will spot this coffee shop after Sport Toto as it is on the next row of shop in Gold Jade road.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Yummy Xpress

I have a couple of 20% discount vouchers from Yummy Xpress (SCR and Chi.cago7), so before they are expiring middle of the year, I used up one not long ago. 

I was unable to cook that day, so together with Jay, we dropped by the MJC outlet to settle our lunch. 

Jay requested a burger for him to bring to school. He was having beef and cheese burger for his recess time. 

As for his lunch, he wanted fish n chip. Surprised with his choice since he rarely goes for such. Anyway, he finished most of his lunch except few fries. 

As for the other boy, he was having the roasted chicken rice, which he enjoyed in the past. 

I ordered fried rice for myself as well as for Jan. As usual, the portion was huge and both of us were having hard time finishing it off. Lol.  

The kids will be having a long Raya and school holiday starting tomorrow. Any plans?? Not going anywhere special.  However there are things for me to do, so I guess I will be busy. And the weather has been so hot that I don't feel like stepping out of the house if possible....Now I am wishing for a colder climate for the coming weeks. 

Friday, April 14, 2023

Noodles by same family

When she used to operate nearby, we spent almost every weekend having breakfast at her kolo mee stall. However, since she moved to Megabite Cafe near Emart Batu Kawa, we only made a trip once a month when we went for our grocery shopping. 

Megabite Cafe Batu Kawa

She was the daughter-in-law of the Green Road's Sin Lian Shin where most Kuching Lang (Kuching residents) would know. Hubby liked the daughter-in-law's kolo mee better but I thought hers could be drier sometimes. I must prefer the old man's kolo mee at Sin Lian Shin. And I enjoyed his kiaw th'ng (dumpling soup) more. 

Sin Lian Shin

Those noodles may be from the same family but different hands cook differently. Somehow there is slight difference in taste and texture. Don't you agree?? 

Monday, April 10, 2023

Walk and eat in Padungan

It was a very warm Saturday last week. Hubby and I went to Padungan to do some furniture survey. Maybe it is a long weekend with 4 days holiday (Good Friday and no school on Easter Monday today) so Kuching is pretty jammed over the weekend. 

We parked our car just next to the famous white cat statue and walked to this corner coffee shop for lunch. 

Yes, we were at hubby's favourite pork leg rice at Padungan for lunch. RM35 for a mixed platter with 2 plates of rice now. But full tummy is a happy tummy!! Lol.

As for the kids, we decided to buy the fried noodle from a stall next to the coffee shop. While waiting for the lady to cook the noodle, I took a shot of the Padungan arch. 

Only left kway teow and noodle, so I ordered one pack of fried noodle without egg for Jamie and 2 packs of fried kway teow for the two older kids.  

I only managed to take photo of the fried noodle. No comment on the food from the kids, so I guess they were alright. 

After we were done with our lunch, hubby and I walked all the way to the furniture shop. Never had much opportunity to walk in Jalan Padungan and really look at the shops, so it is amazing to discover what they sell!!

After done with the furniture shop, we had to walked all the way back to our car. Along the way, hubby suggested to go to this cafe and take a rest. It was very warm day, and both of us were rather tired from the walking and heat, so we hang out at this Rice King for a while, while enjoying the cozy, cold ambiance. 

Hubby also ordered a basket of char siew bao (RM8) to enjoy. Not bad but we only managed to finish 2 of them. One, we packed home for Jay. 

From the furniture shop to our car, it was about 15 minutes walk. Tiring and sweaty from the heat but we get to find what we wanted. And we spotted the new wall mural of the ang ku kueh in Padungan as well!! Felt like tourists enjoying the tour in our own hometown!!!

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Zu Sakuraitei

We went to my father-in-law's grave at the 18th Mile Methodist Cemetery last Saturday. The Ching Ming or Tomb Sweeping Day fell on Wednesday, 5 April so we did our part in this tradition few days early, when hubby was around on the weekends. 

After we done cleaning and praying, we went to Brighton Square for lunch. And oh boy, it should took us a long time to reach our destination as everywhere was jammed!! Guess everyone was back for the Ching Ming and the road was packed with vehicles!!

But luckily we were able to find a vacant table in Zu Sakuraitei that day as the place was packed with lunch goers. The last time we were here was on Jan's birthday which is coming up this month!!!

Hubby ordered this sashimi and ebiko sushi platter, which everyone enjoyed very much. Fresh and tasty!!

Jay went for this tempura with cha soba. Green noodle, look just like the green tea (cha), and a raw quail egg in the centre. He just pour the egg on top and mixed the soba with the egg and seaweed strips. 

And enjoyed with the deep fried tempura. 

My girl stayed loyal to her unagi don. But she said praises of this unagi don. Thick fish fillet and well marinated, she loved it very much!!

My Saba Shioyaki Bento was my choice for lunch. I love Bento, everything in one tray!!

The man opted for Sanma Shioyaki Bento (Grilled Pacific Saury. Same as mine except different fishes. 

I chosen Kid Bento for Jamie, which looked a lot but we helped him with the sushi. 

Everyone enjoyed their lunch that day. We usually do Japanese for special occasion so it is a treat for the kids who adore the cuisine. Maybe another round of Japanese cuisine this month end when Jan's 17th birthday is. 

This place so far has never failed to impress us. One of our favourite Japanese outlets in Kuching!!

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Second brother pork leg rice

It was in Bing Ping Cafe (same row with Green Outlet and, next to Sports Toto shop) that we found this Second Brother pork leg rice stall. 

Actually we saw a forwarded TikTok of this claimed authentic pork leg rice that we went to this coffee shop. I had been there few times in the past but only for takeaway economy rice. That was long time ago and somehow I think it used to be another coffee shop with different name. 

Anyway, back to the current coffee shop, this pork leg rice stall can be seen from the road. Since we spotted that it was opened on one Saturday morning, we decided to check it out. 

Display of meat and innards for customers to choose from. Price ranging at RM12 (normal), RM17 (special) and RM30 (royale). Royale is fit for sharing among 3-4 persons. Hubby and I decided to get the normal portion for ourselves. We didn't choose what we wanted so it was up to the guy to prepare.  

And that was how the normal portion looked like. Fit for me to share with another person!! So much meats and rice!!

A set of RM12 pork leg rice from Second Brother stall. It was nice, the soup was not overly strong. The chilli dipping was good.