Thursday, February 24, 2011

Connected child

I gave my Baby Jay Anmum Essential since he was a baby. Now he is in Stage 3 (1 year old above). Never change his milk formula.

Since my boy is taking Anmum Essential, it is rational for me to check its website and I found this good website. On how to have a connected child. Every child is born with 100 billions brain cells, but not all are connected. So development of a child's brain actually start at very early stage, i.e. during pregnancy. Every parents would love to have a connected child. A child that show intelligence and maturity beyond their age and often caught you off guard with their antic and behaviour. Just like this little girl in this video.

Want to know more? Check out connected tots. I love its interative games and stories. My girl is more eager to play than her baby brother. Why not? She did not have such privilege when she was small. My boy may not appreciate them now, but no harm get connected with him on those stuff, right?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taxing time

It is that time again. Time to review and submit your taxes. I know everyone dread about doing their taxes but with good tools and guideline, it is actually simple. What is so great about taxing? You can save and pocket more money in your pocket that is. Like myself this year I would need to report my business tax as well since I started my business back in May last year, but with Turbotax, both my personal and business taxes are combined and hassle-free.

Nowadays, everyone is talking about tax maximisation. Why not? It is a great way to save as it gives more tax deduction and accurate information at the same time. And not forgetting those with properties, will have better investment return too.

Have you done your tax extension form 2010 yet? It is still not too late. Just simple click and fill here and there, and you can even have an accurate Turbotax comparison as well. Isn't filling your tax sounds fun and simple now?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hair treatment

I did not do anything to my hair since the last treatment last year. Even with the CNY that just concluded, I did not do anything. Probably because I am undecided on what to do. Colour, perm or new hair cut.

A bit bored with my current hair style. I have been browsing around for the latest trend and pixie is the in thing. Wonder it suits me or not?? Hmm. Deep in my heart, I worry it does not look right for me and I am not an extremist (you can say, not so adventureous when it comes to hair) too. Well, maybe I will get some trimming and treatment instead. Can feel my hair is not that silky and healthy anymore...Got to make appointment with my hair stylist one of these days.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wasting not

I try not to waste any food on the table. Even my daughter knows that I hate wasting food. I consider it as throwing my money into the garbage cans. So when ever I see my daugther did not finish her food or simply play with her food, she will know she will get a long-winded scolding from me. I would told her that she is one lucky girl to have food. Some children from other parts of the world sleeping with hungry stomachs at nights and it is a blessing for her to be well fed.

It is tricky to teach her not to waste food. At almost 5, she is at a rebellious stage now. Fighting back, arguing back and even with her antics, it is a task to educate her. She may not be a perfect child, but I feel that as a parent I should guide her to the right direction.

I will only allow her to take food when she wants to, not when she have to. It means to say that I want her to know that when she is hungry, she have to eat. It is hard to have her follow a specific time, i.e. 12 o'clock lunch time, so I will only feed her when she telling me she is hungry. Otherwise if I feed her before she is hungry, she will not finish her plate. I can easily store the food away for her, but the emphasis here is for her to ask for food when she wants to eat.

I also give her option to choose what food she wants to eat. When it comes to her favourite food, she seldom waste them. Slowly introduce new food to her. That way she will appreciate new food.

When ever we go for grocery shopping, we will hunt for "value for money" food. Nothing expensive. With rising prices in basic goods and commodities, it is a struggle to keep everything within our budgets.

My children may not know what is expensive and what is not; they only know what is stored in the fridge. They do not know what brand is that vegetables or cold storage now. However children learn fast by example, so they will learn what is in and what is not. So, as a parent, we should not waste food ourselves. Children learn what they see and if they live seeing mummy and daddy wasting food they learn that wasting food is really okay - no matter what mummy or daddy says. So, do as you want your kids to follow.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chap Goh Mei

Happy Chap Goh Mei. It marks the ending of celebration for the Year of Bunny. No more CNY songs, fireworks, firecrakers and lion dances. Another year, another challenge and more goals.

Hope this year will be a great year for me and family. Abundance of opportunities, happiness, lucks and health, just like this basket of fruits.

(picture courtesy of my mum)

Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone! For those singles, enjoy your orange throwing into the river tonight. For married ones, enjoy your 2nd Valentine celebration. *wink*

Monday, February 14, 2011

Company detail

Got this letter last week. Did not bother about it till yesterday. Yeap, need to fill in particulars for my company and submit to the Statistic Department (if my BM translation of "Perangkaan" is correct)

So as a good citizen, I posted it this morning......

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Food I missed

Usually hubby would go visiting or meeting his friends when in hometown during CNY. This year been exceptionally "kuai" (as my MIL described), he stayed at home and accompanied me and the kids. All we did was gambling, eating, watching movie, playing fireworks and firecrakers; and so forth. So a very relaxing festival for all of us, although Baby Jay was homesick on the first few days.

I do not know I put on any weights or not from all those feasting. As usual, MIL will cook and make sure we filled our tummies. There would not be any hungry horses with her around. So I am stuffed with her cookings. Maybe it was shorter holiday thia year, so we did not get to enjoy her cooking more. But we have tasted MIL's Mee Brunei (Brunei noodle). It is hubby's favourite. We even tasted steamed empurau (which cost around RM250 after discount from the fish supplier) on New Year eve. We left the fish head for 1st day of CNY. Supertition of feasting on fish head. "Nian nian you yee" for the new year. I miss that tasty, sweet flesh! Slurp!

While in Kapit, I must make it a must to have its famous fried roti canai as well. Yes! Totally deep-fried roti canai.

So on the last day in Kapit before we departed in the afternoon, I nagged hubby to bring me to its hawker market for roti telur. As usual it was packed with people. Some are from abroad come back for CNY celebration. We brought Baby Jay to the market since little gal has been there a day before with her aunt, also for roti canai.

There were many Malay stalls selling the same food, i.e. fried noodles, roti canai and teh tarik, but we still like one of the stall the best. Hubby's friend but unfortunately on that day it was packed so we tried another Malay stall.

Turned out not bad. The roti telur was tasty but a bit oily. Baby Jay even had few chunks. I guess that was why he fall sick after back from Kapit. Too much heaty food, drank less water (now he is into 100plus drink) and played too much. *wink*

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A fall

I had a fall in the house 2 days ago. Blame myself for being so clumsy. Or should I blame the kids for been noisy in the living room. My two kids lately fight a lot. Over toys, soft dolls, tv remote and many many things. One is stubborn and does not want to share, and another one is very impatient and could not accept "NO" for an answer.

I am still educating my daughter to share her stuff with her brother. But what belongs to her is her. Pretty hard. However she is getting better by playing with her brother and share some of the toys lately. Not all the toys, mind you.

So back to my fall. With two noisy kids fighting over toys in living room, I slipped in front of the bathroom and hit my bottom after I came out from the bathroom. Could not stand up after long kneeling or squatting after the fall. Funny thing was that I did not feel much pain when I had the fall but as the day prolong, I can felt the pain. Luckily after a rubbing that night, I feel much better today. No more sore or pain.

I guess the lesson I learnt is "Just let the kids fight". As long as they did not end up with hands and legs fight, they would be alright. *wink*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reliable car repair

With all those drivings during festive season, we glad that we sent our cars to services prior to CNY. San Diego Auto Repair is great with its efficient services and repair facilities that we have no worries about our cars maintenance.

Even hubby's Ford F-150 is in good condition although he has it for more than 10 years. Without fail, we send our cars to the auto shop for yearly check-up. How do we know when we need to service our cars? Simple! Your check engine light will tell you when your car has problems.

So if you need to send your car for servicing or just want to enquire on costs of repair, just hop over to San Diego Auto Repair. There is no other auto shop that I would trust my cars with!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Happy to have a break from everything. Yes! Could not wait to sleep, rest, watch tv, have more times with family, feast and everything that goes with them. Lol!

So, not want to rant too much, I would like to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Chai!