Monday, August 29, 2011

End of the month....already?

Good things always ended fast. I always love the month of August, because my birthday and Baby Jay's birthday fall this month, and not forgetting the school holidays too. No rushing in the morning to send my girl to school and I could bring both kids to breakfast before sending them off to baby sitter. It is kind of great feeling to get up late. *wink*

I do not know about you all, but I am thinking that weekends are no longer that long and Saturdays and Sundays passed so fast before we really can enjoy every seconds of them. Sigh! Wish we have more times to spend, right?

So when there are school holidays or Public Holidays, I am looking forward to them. It means more times with family. I am starting to cook again during the weekend since hubby has been complaining of our "malnourished" kids. Lol! Don't expect me to cook every day but one or two days a week sound good. I also bored of eating outside.

Okay, I am looking forward to indulge in my appetite tomorrow with rendang, ayam masak merah, lemang, satays, curries and Malay delicacies. Will be visiting our good friends' house tomorrow afternoon since I missed out on visiting them last year. I do not really fancy visiting during festive; partly because of kids. Hard to enjoy yourself when you have to run after naughty kids! Lol! So usually one house visiting is good enough for me.

I would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya, Happy Holiday & Happy National Day!! Yahoo!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lost and Found

have you ever thought that we lost something and thought it really gone forever and when you least expected it, it was found right in front of you??

I swear that I searching high and low for it everywhere especially my car where I thought I lost it yesterday and I could not find it till this morning!! And the way how I find it was rather ironic too.

It began yesterday morning. You know women, we have so many things in our bag, so mine is not an exception. I have my handphone, my makeup kit, name card holder, papers, tissue, purse and a pouch where I put my sunglasses and some redemption coupons and vouchers. And as usually when I drive, I will put on my sunglasses in the morning. I had breakfast with hubby and then sent my car to car wash and walk to my shop. As I were walking to my shop, I scrambled my bag for my pouch to keep my sunglasses and suddenly right there I could not find it! Sh*t! I thought I must drop it in the car while taking it out earlier. So never mind, after I got my car I look in the car but could not find it. Never mind again. I will search for it again in the afternoon when I go home.

Again, I could not find it. I even look underneath the car seat; knowing how "efficient" are those people washing and vacuuming my car, but my pouch was no where to be found. Sh*t! I lost those coupons that I keep for many months. Funny thing was I just keep all those coupons in the pouch a few day ago. I usually do not keep my coupons in one bag, but do not know what got into me, I kept them all in that pouch with my sunglasses.

So forgetting the whole thing I had my usual chore in the morning and as I was about to open my shop, I could not find my shop keys in my bag. And I swear to you again, that my handbag (the same handbag) does not have any hole in it! I could felt my keys but I could not found the hole where it dropped into. Sh*t (Please excuse me as I really was sh*ted that time and wonder what was wrong???)

So no choice, I have to sacrifice my handbag (a last year Christmas gift from my cousin from Singapore) by cutting it with my keys. I did it in my car as I do not want to embarrass myself doing it in front of my shop. Lol!

So, I throw all my stuff from my bag in my car and cut loose my bag to retrive the keys. After done a minor damage to my bag I started keeping all the stuff back and I saw some papers on the floor of my seat so I ducked down to retrieve them and suddenly I saw my pouch. Right there!!

Gosh! Wonder it is because I am getting older, I am also getting absent-minded and clumsy or it is something else?? And my poor bag!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My big number!

Yes. That is how old I am today. I cannot believe that I am that old.

When I was in my teen, I dreamt of being in 20s and have a career. I can do a lot once I reached 21. But now I am in my 30s, I wish to remain 20s all the time. Lol.

Never mind what is my age, the most important thing is what I have achieved so far. Family and career. I have a great life with my loving hubby, 2 beautiful children, a promising career and business opportunity. So, no big regrets there. *wink* Hope more to come.....I am not greedy but no harm asking more right? Lol!

Happy birthday to me! :) Age is nothing but a number

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our weekend chore

Yesterday we have a cleaning and clearing in our room. Since we are going to move to new house in couple of months, we have to start packing some stuff over.

I had gone through the children old stuff and clothing, since my SIL is expecting. I giving away my maternity clothing too since I would not be wearing them anymore. Never knew I have so much baby clothing to give away. Two big boxes to the new baby. After all my Baby Jay is overgrown and hardly can fit into them. *wink*

Two big boxes of books, old magazines and little girl's school books and arts. 2 big boxes of toys. I guess we will need some more big boxes to pack our clothings and some more books and stuff. Really, I have moved to few houses when I was young. I remember I move to 5 houses before I got married, but that time, everything were done by parents. Now it is my turn, I really do not know where to start. Because it looks like you want to take everything over. Lol! But we shall leave the furniture since we are going to get new one in our new home.

We spent our afternoon at home and after a great nap, hubby made dinner for us. Just simple dinner; roasted chicken with lettuce mayo salad; roasted spring chicken; and tuna and cheese sandwiches. The kids did not like any of those, so I have to cook a pack of Maggi instant noodles with chicken favour for them. At least they finished it up! And we having the dinner watching "Final Destination 5". That was how I spent my Sunday!

Friday, August 19, 2011

House WIP

The extension work up to date on the back portion of the house. It will be my wet kitchen and laundry area.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dreaming Costa Rica

When my sister told me that she is planning to expand her career in Costa Rica, I was more than happy to support her decision. She has been in her travel agency for 5 years and very familiar with ticketing and tour works. It is time for her to move on with her career.

I have heard so much about the Costa Rica rainforest and its natural beauty. My sister said that Costa Rica is one of the famous countries in Central America for honeymooners and those into natures as it has vast forests, valcanos and caves to explore in. As for me, I think I would opt for a city tour like a visit to San Jose and its historical buildings. I would love to go to Mercado Central and spend my shopping there.

My sister being an adventurer herself has started to learn more about this beautiful country of Costa Rica. So if everything goes well, she will be going end of the year. Good luck to her!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Music in her

I find it amusing and surprising at the same time when my 5 yo girl suddenly popped out a few lines of lyric when we least expect it. Like Christina Perri's Jar of Heart. It is rather a sad song and definitely not a good song to start off a day.

Little girl sang:

You're gonna catch a cold,
From the ice inside your soul,
So don't come back for me,
Who do you think you are?

I don't know why she sang the song last Friday while sending her to school, but she always a quick learner when it comes to songs and musics.

Maybe it is time to enrol her in a music class. I have been procastinating for quite some times. Whose know, she may have some hidden talents inside her.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My breakfast

Once a while I would treat myself to a heavy breakfast. Like this morning, after a cold raining night, I craving for something different, other than the usual Sarawak kolok mee or laksa.

Since I woke up pretty early today at 6am as need to wake up hubby for his Sibu trip, I have a very early morning after sending off the kids. So I invited my mum for breakfast in King's Centre for curry chicken rice. Love this curry chicken rice especially the curry gravy and its char siew.

You may wonder why my rice is dry. It is because I requested for seperate bowl of curry gravy, did not want it to be overflowing on my plate. Lol! RM4.00 per plate.

Now I am a bit sleepy after the early morning and heavy breakfast. Wish can take a little nap in the shop.... zzzzzzzz

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to work force

What would you do when your ex-boss called you up and ask you to work for him again? That was the case when I got a call from my previous boss. Funny of him to think of me although I just work for him for about 3 months. I guess my experiences and work quality impressed him as he thinks high of me. Lol!

I told him that I would think about it because I definitely would not leave my business to staff to handle without my supervision. And if I do join him, it would be next year story. See what he has to offer first, but I see how thing goes by end of the year.......

Monday, August 8, 2011


Life goes on........

Little girl is heard coughing since yesterday and it gets worse this morning when she woke up, so quickly give her cough syrup. Hope she will recover soon.

Baby Jay is very clingy to me lately. When in the shop, he will hold on to me and when ever he wants to wander around he will find and hold to my hand, pulling me to follow him. Still not much words coming out from him, but he is learning to count with his fingers now. He can recognise and say "two" and "three" now.

House's renovation is starting this week. Finally!! They will do the extension to our wet kitchen.

Hubby has a bout of bad luck lately. First his aching tooth, then follow by his Blackberry (which died off after accidentally in contact with water), then his aching foot, dead computer desktop and lastly this morning, his reliable wrist watch! I wonder he is going to get any 4D soon because when he checked yesterday's result, his car numbers are jumbled up but he did not "pau" them! Sigh!

If you have not yet realised, today is 08/08/11. So if you thinking of buying any 4D or 6D, do let me know if you win it! *wink*

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's August already

When my mum told me this morning that today is my Baby Jay's Chinese birthday, I went blur. Alamak! Forget about it. Or you can said, I do not remember my kids or my own birthday based on Chinese calendar. So my mum asked me whether I boiled any eggs for him to eat in the morning, I said "No. He will have it end of the month, as I only can remember the English birthdate". Lol!

So, in 3 weeks time, it will be my birthday as well as Baby Jay's, so I guess we will have a simple dinner to celebrate our big days.

Happy Friday and weekend, everyone!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tale of my fried noodle

Feeling warm right now. Still not fully recovered from tiredness and stresses, but I am alright now! Both kids and myself just recovered from sore throat and cough. Yeap, the weather sure play culprit here. It has been a very hot week. Nothing prepared me to this torturing weather, so wonder when the hot spell is over? The heat feels like piercing through my skin.

So hot at night that even the full blast of air condition does not help to cool down my two kids. For instance my boy woke up in middle of the night on Monday crying and throwing tantrum. It lasted for almost an hour after we wiped his body and changed his pyjamas.

Have you ever crave for something that you are not supposed to eat when you were sick but you desperately wanted to? *wink* Well, it was just another day when I "ingin" something and I got my wish granted. I was thinking of having fried mee hoon for breakfast in Blossom Cafe as I picked up hubby for breakfast on Monday. And when he finally turned up after 10 minutes waiting, he directed me to Blossom Cafe which is less than a minute walk from his office. So I jokingly told him I was thinking about the cafe and its food and we are heading to it now.

So when we reached the cafe, I saw a plate of fried noodle on the display panel and guess what? That plate of noodle look so yummy that I order a plate for myself! Talking about marketing to me! And thank god my judgement was correct. Look at my plate of fried noodle. So appetizing. What a satisfying breakfast I have, although I did not come for its noodle in first place, but it sure satisfy my tastebud for fried food that day. I will definitely go back for it again. As for my sore throat, it gone after few days of drinking herbal tea. Quick, someone hand me a bag of ice please!