Friday, August 31, 2018

Special for me

One of the best Sarawak laksa is from Golden Arch Cafe. It has been a while since I had its laksa there. Reason being it is hard to find a decent parking and another is the food choice. Other than laksa, there isn't any special about this place and food. We seldom go there for breakfast.

However lady luck was with us one Saturday. We managed to find good parking and table for our breakfast. Jan and Jay had school that Saturday so there was only three of us. This was what we had for breakfast.

Hubby ordered this fried snack and lek tau suan from the Garden Cafe, which was behind the Golden Arch Cafe while waiting for our order.

Hubby shared this mixed pork soup and noodle with Jamie.

The soup looked good, right? I didn't tasted it because I had this special Sarawak laksa to deal with. RM6.50 for this special bowl with two big prawns. Packed with flavours but slightly oily so I didn't dare to finish the broth.

Personally I prefer the smaller and de-shelled prawns but since hubby ordered this special for me, I didn't mind at all.  Thanks for being thoughtful, hubby. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Craving for it

It has been ages since we dined in Pandan Thai Delight at RH Plaza. I used to love its pandan wrapped chicken; moist and flavorful.

Hubby asked what's for lunch one Sunday and I told him that I was craving for tom yum. So to cut the story short, that was how we ended up here.

We were the only customers then but while we were dining, the place started to fill up with lunch goers.

The place was much the same, it was how I remember it to be. But now they have expanded to the next shop. Business must be good as they have the been there for years and from one shop to two shops.

It was a very hot afternoon so I had this sago honey dew in coconut milk. So good yet not too sweet.

We had 2 rice dishes, one was pineapple fried rice and another plate of crab meats fried rice. Both were nice but I preferred the former one as more interesting, fragrant and flavorful.

Stir-fried water spinach with garlic accompanied our fried rice. Simple but tasty and crunchy.

And of course I got my dose of tom yum goong. So satisfying. I nearly finished the whole serving by myself. Bet I wouldn't be craving for it anytime soon. ^^

We also had another soup; namely beef green curry. It was fine with me but I didn't really fancy the creamy Thai green curry. However my man loved it so much. Full of sliced beef and eggplants in the curry.

Our bill came out slightly over RM110 plus drinks. Thought it was reasonable as the food was good. No complaint from me. Next time when we feel like getting our fix of Thai cuisine.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Birthday weekend

It was a birthday weekend, as Jay and I celebrated our birthdays.  We spent mostly at home last week and we took a rain check for our birthday lunch on Sunday.

On Friday, we treated ourselves to not one but two nice mille crepe for tea. 

Then came Saturday, after their swimming lesson, we had a birthday song, candles blowing and cake cutting  & eating at home for the birthday boy. 

On Sunday, we were eating out all day.  For breakfast, we went to McDonald's for its breakfast set. In the afternoon, we went to Aeon Mall for food and shopping.

We had our lunch in Sushi King. New on the menu, their super size noodle and we had this Udon to share around.

Close shot of the udon. I liked it because of the seaweed.

We also had this salmon sashimi as side dish.

And 10 plates of sushi on the conveyor. We tried this Deep fried fish which we enjoyed very much that we had 2 plates of it!

After that, we spent on shopping in Aeon and caught a 6D cinema experience where we screamed our lungs out! It was a fun yet tiring afternoon. 

After few hours of resting at home, we went out again for grocery shopping in nearby supermarket and had our late dinner at the same time. Then everyone knocked out slightly before 10pm in anticipation for the school. 

That was how we spent our Sunday before the school reopens today.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Look at those layers!

No, no. Not that Rich Club, but the one next to it. 16th St. Cafe, fit for me and my children. ^^

This afternoon together with my children, we had a special date in 16th St. Cafe.

We got to do some brunch dates especially during the school holidays. Other days, everyone is busy with school and other commitments. However this school holiday, we didn't go anywhere as Jan has her tuition in school and also due to the warm weather. And little one is still recovering from his flu and cough.

But today is a nice day as we had rain yesterday and the weather has cooled off slightly in the morning. So we decided to venture out and check this 16th Street Cafe in Trinity Hub. It was actually out of the way but there was a reason to go. I have been wanting to taste its cakes and another good excuse is a little treat for myself and Jay.

My birthday falls today while Jay's is tomorrow, so Happy Birthday to me and Jay. Heard and read so much of 16th Street Cafe's exquisite selection of mille crepes so I must have some! What is better than to pamper ourselves on something that we like as a birthday treat??

So, here was our lovely choice for our afternoon tea. I loved looking at those glorious layers! Smooth and mild taste, not too rich. Just nice to my liking.

Cheese and Chocolate 

Should I count the layers? Mille crepe should has 20 or over layers. I wish I could count and slowly indulge in them but my kids can't. They can't wait for me to count. I was having a bit of hard time holding off the hands while taking shots of the cakes. Lol.

Putting that aside, I was surprised that I actually had a delightful afternoon with my children. The kids just keep digging into the cakes. We were enjoying ourselves in the quiet and pleasingly decorated cafe. Another day, another flavour (I hope).

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Lunch before heading home

We went to Imperial Duck, Stutong branch for lunch after visited my father-in-law. It was around 11am so we decided to settle our lunch before heading home.

We had an early breakfast in 38 Food Street that morning, so the kids started to complain. We thought of Imperial Duck and its delicacies and since we were somewhere there, we drove over to the restaurant.

Soon after placed our order, our first dish came. Braised mushroom and ear wood. our first time ordering such dish. I actually enjoyed this dish. Crunchy ear wood fungus and the enoki mushroom, snap peas and carrots brought some texture and colours to the whole dish.

Hubby ordered this nourishing soup for everyone. Herbal black chicken soup.

And of course, one must not miss having its famous roasted pork belly. Fat and thick slab of sinful goodness!

I had my usual order whenever I dined in Imperial Duck. Their Imperial Duck rice.  The duck was as good as always. Just that maybe next time I would ask them to give me the braised sauce separately in a bowl instead of them pouring all over my rice. ^^

Nevertheless, it was a delightful lunch. Felt satisfying to come back for its roasted meat and duck.

Monday, August 20, 2018

38 again!

We were at this 38 Food Street again, but with my father-in-law and brother-in-law on Saturday morning.

School holiday just started but we were early so no huge crowd then.

I saw the pan mee stall next to the ayam penyet stall, so I decided to have pan mee soup.

RM5 for my super comforting pan mee soup. Nothing to shout about, but it felt good to have. Something light and not too oily to digest.

I was been greedy, also ordered these from the Nyonya kuih stall. One sio pau (meat bun) and steamed pumpkin kuih. I couldn't finish them all so I tapau-ed them home.

We also shared this cha kueh. But it was sweet, I expected salty type.

In my every visit here, I tasted different food from different stalls. More stalls to try if I ever drop by here again.

Saturday, August 18, 2018


I have 2 younger half-sisters and a younger half-brother. I never told any one over here but we only started to get connected recently. I am happy to meet up with them whenever they came back. I get to see my brother whenever I go to my dad's shop as he helped at the shop.

My sisters came back to Kuching for holiday 1 week ago. One from KL with her hubby and another from Singapore with her boyfriend. Their plan was to visit Kuching Fest, which they did.

The next day after they flew home, we went here for brunch.   My brother-in-law wanted to eat lui cha so we were obliged to bring him here to try the dish. He is a self-proclaimed lover of lui cha. It is hard to find good lui cha in KL, he claimed.

Hakka lui cha is a great detox and rich in fiber. Big Mouth's lui cha was one of the best in Kuching. My dad suggested this place as the stall operator freshly cook the ingredients and much cleaner. Tastes nice too.

I had a bowl that morning. It has been long since I had one. They used brown rice in the lui cha. 

How to eat? You could either add the green soup a little by little or add the whole soup and mix the ingredients well.

I am in between. Not too much soup but I must have that green, bitter soup with my rice. 

My bil loved it so much that he finished 2 bowls of the soup. On the other hand, my sis's boyfriend couldn't acquired the taste as first time having it.

While we were eating, we were busy watching the stall operator chopping, mixing and cooking her ingredients.

Of course we also ordered chicken rice to share around other than the lui cha. In case the men weren't full from eating all those green vegetables. ^^

It was nice catching up with them when they were back.  We also had a quick fried fritters lunch in Old Rex on the day they landed in Kuching. The famous kolo mee from Sin Lian Shin in Green Road before they flew off to KL on Monday. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Full house

Back in 2015, this well-known Penang fried kway teow guy mentioned of moving out from this Full House Food Court, MJC.  I tried his cooking once back then and never go hunt for him even though he moved away.

However, not so long ago, someone posted on this place's Penang fried kway teow and it made me wonder whether it was the same operator. I don't really remember how he looks like since it was back in 2015 but somehow I knew he wasn't that tall; rather small-built. And not many on his menu then.

Anyway, whether the same guy or not, many good reviews on his stall and food. And since I stay in this area, no harm going over and check it out.

So happened, my sister went over few weeks ago to try its fresh duck egg fried kway teow and she sang praises of the noodle. That stirred my craving for fried kway teow! Lol.

Fresh duck egg fried kway teow

So one evening, we went there for dinner. We didn't expect a full house, but we were able to find a decent table.

Hubby and I went to order from the Penang fried kway teow stall which was next to the char zhu stall.

We had this mixed pork soup, which was flavorful. Nice to have on a lovely, cold evening.
Mixed pork soup

Hubby also ordered the radish omelette from the char zhu stall as side dish.

Everyone had the fried kway teow that evening. Extra pork lard, no chilli. Really, really good with enough wok hei. It was nice and everyone enjoyed the dinner that evening. We wouldn't mind coming back for it or when I don't feel like cooking on a Sunday night. ^^

Hubby's special - with fresh cockles, extra lard

Normal fried kway teow

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Quick breakfast

We woke up late on one Sunday. Late than our usual time. Blamed on the drama chasing marathon the night before. Lol.

Since we had little time to spare before the church service, we went to Curry House, MJC for a quick breakfast.

I never miss a glass of teh tarik when I dine in a mamak shop so I was not going to this round.  And soon enough, the curry, dhal and sambal dipping came to our table.

The kids had their usual, roti telur while I ordered roti canai kosong for Jamie. He didn't eat much so mostly went into my tummy but I only managed to ate half of the bread.

Roti canai

Hubby had his usual that morning. Maggi mee goreng with a fried egg on top. Reminded him of his college days, he said.

Maggi mee goreng with fried egg

As for me, I had mihun goreng. I always enjoyed its mihun goreng. Not overly spicy and tasted so well with that lime juice all over it.

Fried mihun

We finished our breakfast under 30 minutes. And we reached the church few minutes before it started. Just in time.