Thursday, July 30, 2020

Nostalgic taste

A place where I would not go by myself. The area of Jalan Pisang. It happened that hubby and I sent some fishes that hubby caught to my dad at his shop in Green road. After that, we used the Pisang road to go back but my hubby told me to have breakfast at his friend's shop in Jalan Jambu. 

A row of old shop in Lorong Jambu 2. His Kapit friend had a shop here next to a sundry shop, operating a coffee shop selling kampua. No name or sign board, but not hard to spot. 

My first visit here. My man had been here few times. He told me, the shop and kampua reminded him very much of his hometown and that nostalgic taste as he grew up. 

So he had his kampua in soy sauce while I settled for the plain kampua. 
Which one you prefer?? I don't fancy the soy sauce taste so I usually go for white kampua if I have a choice. 

We also had pian sip soup. It was good!! Really tasted like those sold in Sibu. I rarely had kampua in Kapit so I can't compare to this. 

Not much meat filling in the wrappers but the dumplings were nice. That taste of the filling was different. 

As for the kampua, I rather enjoyed it. Not so oily like some Kampua. It was more in between Sibu Kampua and Kuching Kolo Mee. 

The kampua takeaway for the kids at home. 

Monday, July 27, 2020

Miscellaneous Picture# 99 : from the sea

Sharing with you few photos taken during hubby's recent overnight fishing trip. Hope you guys like them. As for me, I am not so into such activity. Prefer to stay on land and wait for him to bring home the catches. 😁 

How about you?? Do you like such activity? 

Good day to go out

In Kampung Santubong

Passing the Mount Santubong

Far at the sea

Morning sun

Sea mirage

His catches after 3 days 2 nights outing

Friday, July 24, 2020

Not too long ago

Used to be one of the well known food centre in the past where you could enjoy good and reasonable seafood. Very popular 15-20 years ago. Pending seafood centre. 

It has been ages since I stepped foot in here. Used to have many family gathering and dinner here. Our other usual place was Batu Lintang food centre. 

Not too long ago, we went for a countryside  drive to Bako and on the way back, we decided to stop here for lunch.  The place was deserted, nearly no one was there. 

We saw this shop was the only one that opened. Kak Kak Seafood Cafe. 

Being the only customers that day, we waited pretty long for our food. Maybe because it has only opened and was getting ready for business that afternoon. Anyhow, we were happy when the food finally arrived to our table! 

First was the o'chien. Kuching-styled oyster pancake. The kids must be starving as they couldn't get their hands off the dish and it was gone in a quick time! 

We ordered 2 plates of greens. Both stir fried with garlic. 

Seafood tofu wasn't something to shout about. Tasted like those frozen seafood tofu where I bought and cooked at home. 

The kung pao stir fried squid ring was next. Tasted alright but the squid was tough. Overcooked, I thought. 

I enjoyed the fish the most. Steamed sea bass was fresh and tasty. 

Our lunch was around RM115 plus drinks.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Stopped by the road

After our alluring shellout lunch in D'White Station, we went to the fisherman centre to check on their daily catches. We bought 2 white pomfrets, half kg of tiger prawns and 2 mangoes home. 

On the way home, we stopped by this roadside stall centre for its Serapi virgin coconut shake. We saw many people queued up on our previous visit so we were also curious to check the stall out. 

Well maintained and clean row of stalls. Not all stalls were opened during the mid-day. 

A little corner with simple decoration and set up. Anyone is welcome to take photos or selfies there. 

Back to my drink, I ordered 1 original coconut shake and one with gula apong from a young Malay girl from this stall. They also sell other drink shake, packed food and snacks. 

My verdict on the coconut shake?? I could tasted the blended coconut flesh in the shake. The original flavour was refreshing. Not too sweet. The one with gula apong was sweet to my liking. Guess what?? I mixed with some water and turn the drink into popsicles when got home!! Lol. 

White coconut shake (left) and Coconut shake with gula apong, RM5 each

A photo with the coconut shakes in front of the stall before we headed home. Our short trip to Telaga Air was fun. Mostly because of discovering new place, food and drink. There are still many places in Kuching or Sarawak in general that I have yet been to. 

Happy Sarawak's Day!! 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Defy Ageing. Embrace Youth with NUViT Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex

As I am now in my early 40s, I am becoming more aware of my skin and complexion. I can't escape ageing. No one can. 


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Over the years, sheep placenta therapy holds the promise to revive and regain the fountain of youth. While most pharmaceutical drugs work by suppressing certain symptoms over a short period of time, sheep placenta therapy stimulates the body's natural healing and revitalising power. 


  • Premium Sheep Placenta - from New Zealand, which contains high quality stem cells and growth factors
  • Shark Liver Squalene - defend the body with its strong antioxidant properties
  • Olive Oil Essence - improves digestion and helps to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Aloe Vera Essence - promotes wound healing and helps to strengthen the immune system


  • Youth and Beauty - improving physical vitality and energy; reduces sign of ageing, and improves skin appearance and complexion
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Friday, July 17, 2020

Lunch with a view

After our futile Sunday attempt, we were back to Telaga Air for lunch few days later.

Hubby was on leave last Friday and since the weather was so good (cloudy with drizzle), we decided to drive to Telaga Air. Less than an hour, we reached the small village. It was weekday so the village wasn't as packed as on Sunday.

Ample parkings in front of D'white Station Telaga Air. At the entrance of the shop, we recorded our details and temperature. 

Only one table was taken when we reached there slightly after 1130am. We took a table overlooking the river.

Hubby ordered the set for 4 persons. While waiting for our food, we enjoyed the river view and nice cooling weather.

Next door was a homestay with their private boat. RM200 per night stay, according to the waiter.

I loved the river view with its light breeze.
Can you see the opening to the sea (above photo)? 

Soon, our food came. A young waiter spread a plastic sheet on our table before pouring our food on it. 

D'White Station's signature dish!! Sweet and spicy seafood spread. Consist of flower crabs, bamboo clams, prawns and squids with sliced cabbage and carrots.

RM48 set for 4 persons with rice. The kids experienced the chance of eating with hands.

Extra order of 1 extra rice for Jamie and 3 fried omelette. The table was cleaned (literally)! Thumbs up from us!

Our lunch plus drinks was only RM59. We were satisfied and enjoyed our tasty lunch with a river view very much. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Stop for a moment

Together with Jan, we went to Aeon Mall last Monday. I had RM50 Aeon cash vouchers so before they expired, I better remember to utilise them.

We reached around 11am and a group of people was standing at the basement entrance busy scanning the QR code before going up to Ground Floor. They are using CovidTrace and MySejahtera codes. 

It was our first visit to the mall since MCO and everything was new. I had problem accessing my QR from my Huawei phone. Luckily Jan's Samsung phone able to access My Sejahtera. So after the scanning and temperature checking at Ground Floor, we were allowed to roam around the mall.

We used up the vouchers in the supermarket, bought lunch, some fresh products. And Ice-cream!!

Rm10 each. Few choices but we stayed safe, choose the regular flavours. One for her and one for me.  Guess which flavour I chose!? Hehe.

We spent a short time in Aeon supermarket. Not many crowds; rather quiet so we felt comfortable shopping and browsing through the aisles. 

Before we leave, we made a stop at this shop on the 2nd floor for a moment. To get my dose of bubble milk tea!! 

RM7.90 for this regular bubble milk tea from Ding Tea. I like milk tea but I try not to take it often. Otherwise gastric will come attacking me!! 

Temptation was too much that day so I just get a cup of its milk tea and enjoyed it at home. Jan wasn't interested in milk tea so she gave it a pass. I am not a frequent drinker myself, but I guess once in a while indulgence is alright. 

Do you like to drink bubble milk tea??