Sunday, February 18, 2024

Touch your heart

Dim sum, literally means "touch your heart" is a Cantonese dish that usually eaten for breakfast and brunch. 

Dim sum served with tea eventually evolved into the modern "yam cha".  This delectable morsel is served in bamboo steamers, making it a distinctive Cantonese culture.

Since last month, Jia Hao Cafe started provide more choice for patrons by serving dim sum. For time being, we have 10 types of dim sum for customers to enjoy. 

When think of dim sum, what is the first thing comes to mind?? Char siew bao?? Har Kau (prawn dumplings)? We have that cover for you.

Har kau

The China-originated soup dumplings aka xiao long bao is also on the menu, so for those who love the piping hot pork soup dumpling, you can give this a taste. 

Xiao long bao

Slowly gaining popularity is this bacon roll, which was loved by younger customers. Savoury bite with that bacony flavour. 
Bacon roll

Chicken feet and braised pork with yam are also quite a hit among the customers.
Chicken feet

Lo mai kai and lotus glutinous rice are both rice based dim sum that we offer.  

Glutinous rice in lotus leaf

The best seller is the custard bun. Liu sha bao is an irresistible snack that is soft and fluffy outside while oozing with egg yolk custard inside. 

Custard bun

So when you need a quick bite or a side dish, don't forget to order one or more basket of dim sum. 

Stall: dim sum

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Opened in Pines Square

For Sushi King's loyal fans, now it has opened in Pines Square, Batu Kawa. Good news for my kids who love Japanese cuisine. 

The outlet opened up not too long ago, sometimes end of last year. We only get to visit it last month, a little celebration for the girl who was officially graduated from her secondary school.  

We seated next to the conveyor belt so we could grab whatever sushi we liked. Interesting for the younger one who commented he never had macaron before, he grab one macaron to try. Sweet was his response!!

Salmon sashimi


Sunday, February 11, 2024

Lunch on the eve

Shop is taking a 3-days break for CNY. Our first CNY at the shop, so we had a proper cleaning and fire crackers playing on Thursday. Our CNY holiday is from 9 to 11th, so we are re-opening our business tomorrow. 

Our reunion lunch on the eve of Chinese New Year at home started around 2 pm.

Our reunion meal this year was more protein based with meats served on our reunion table. 

My mil cooked this lovely braised wild boar meat with lemongrass. Super tasty, super nice. The meat was given by a relative who arrived from Kapit last weekend. 

A friend gave us this big white pomfret so we simply having it steamed. 

Just add some fish sauce, garlic and ginger, the fish was ready for steaming. It turned out to be lovely and delicious. 

Another seafood was this lobster that hubby bought not long ago. Just simple boil was good to preserve its freshness and sweetness. 

Not all was cooked at home, for example a pack of RM40 roasted pork from Old Bank Cafe in the morning. 

And roasted duck that was sold in  Bao Xiang BBQ shop in MJC. Supposed to be RM65 for one whole duck but it was sold for RM70 on the eve. 

I did the chopping since they don't chop on the eve for you. I chopped half of the duck for our lunch while the remaining half I kept in freezer. 

The kids love ngoh hiang (spring roll) so we bought a pack of frozen mini ngoh hiang and deep fried ourselves. Never could go wrong with Jakar mini ngoh hiang.

To balance up our intake, my mil cooked stir fried mixed vegetables. She served green peas, red pepper, baby corns and leeks in one dish. 

So what was on your reunion lunch or dinner?? It is still not late to wish everyone "Happy and Blessed Lunar New Year"! Gong xi fa cai!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

New wok fried

The previous wok fried stall operated for 5 months before they called it a day last November. And now, we have new guy taking over the Wok Fried stall. 

Started end of last month, JQi Fusion Food has extensive selection of noodles, rice to dishes for  breakfast goers and lunch goers. 

The mee basah (wet noodle) got my mil's approval, almost similar to what she had in Sibu.

For kuchingites who love its tomato noodle, their tomato crispy noodle was good and flavourful. 

Fried yellow noodle was alright when my girl tasted it the other day. She was more of a mihun person but their mihun wasn't ready that morning so she went for yellow noodle instead. 

Like my girl, I wasn't too fond of yellow noodle either, so I decided to go for Cantonese fried kway teow. Can tasted the wok hei of the fried kway teow. I quite like the taste.

My man went up a knot, requested for extra egg gravy (RM8.50).  It was nice and moreish too with that extra egg gravy. 

All noodles priced at RM7 per plate (normal). 

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Back to 38

When we are too busy or tired to cook in the evening, then dine out is a better solution. Each has their own preference so we would opt for food court to settle our meal.

Like this particular rainy evening, we went to this 38 food street for dinner since every one was around. Jay didn't have his afternoon class that day as the school was having class rotation due to SPM examination. 

My mil was craving for kampua that evening so she ordered a big plate of Kampua with wonton.  RM8 for this plate. 

Jay and I ordered from the same stall, Penang char kway teow. Jay had fried mihun, which he rarely ordered. He is more of a char kway teow or fried yellow noodle type of person. He finished up the plate so I guess it was to his liking.

I went for the stir fried kway tiaw (RM7.50) which was equally good and tasty. Prawns and cockles were my choice of ingredients. 

Jamie and Jan went for the Western cuisine from Small Coconut.  The girl was having this aglio olio with fried fish fillet.  The youngest one grew fond of this deep fried chicken that he kept on ordering whenever we came here.

It took quite sometimes for their food to come. By the time they came, I had finish my noodle. Since we weren't in the rush that evening, we took our sweet time waiting for everyone to finish their dinner. The rain still persisted when we drove home.