Monday, July 10, 2023

Laksa by Ben's Kitchen

Ben's Kitchen is a well known Sarawak laksa restaurant but due to Covid-19, their business was affected and shop has to be closed down. Nevertheless they have their followers and Sarawak laksa fans in Kuching. 

Soon after we put up our advertising banner in front of the shop in March, we got a call from the entrepreneurs, voicing their interest to rent our stall. Initially they wanted to open a Sarawak laksa stall at our shop but last minute changed their mind on doing chicken rice first. So they are the same person renting our chicken rice stall. To cut the story short, Ben's Kitchen opened up their Sarawak Laksa stall on 1 July. 

Ben is in charge of the laksa stall, he did the cooking by himself. We actually had a taste of his Sarawak laksa a week prior to his official opening. 

His special Sarawak laksa with chicken thigh for RM10. The gravy was nice and creamy, slightly spicy, suitable for those that can't endure spicy laksa. This laksa was only available for 2 days on the last weekend of June as he got delivery order for such. So at the same time, he served the laksa at the shop. 

From 1 July, he started off with serving laksa normal to customers. Slowly adding more varieties like his laksa special and laksa super few days later.  

For instance on the 4th, he got order for laksa with big prawns (laksa special) from a walk-in customer. And wow, it sure looked enticing, wasn't it?? I would love to have a bowl of this special. 

On the same day, a regular of his from Sibu came all the way and requested for laksa super! Of course he obliged and proceeded to prepare ingredients in his big heavy porcelain bowl. 

RM58 per bowl, shared by 3.  And the real dish??

That was how it looked like. The customers were pretty happy and enjoyed the laksa very much. 

Stall: Ben's Kitchen

Location: Jia Hao Cafe, Papillon Street Mall (shop is below Level Up Fitness MJC)


  1. Looks like something I would really enjoy too!

  2. I would stick to the regular, none of those extras...but I can't eat laksa now, not with my skin affliction - the prawn broth for the soup, the prawns and the sambal laksa and the belacan. I would end up scratching all night long!

  3. Another crowd favorite - laksa! So have another tenant that is popular, good for you! Wah the laksa super is really super! Such a big bowl with loads of goodies. How I wish I could come to your coffee shop!

  4. Wow... super big bowl of laksa! Three people to share? I think it can feed more than that... LOL..

  5. Good to hear your shop is doing well.
    I will stop by sometime.

  6. Congrats for having Ben's Kitchen stall in your shop. I am sure his regulars would drop by for his delicious laksa.

  7. I would definitely order the chicken thigh laksa! yummmzz!