Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Breakfast at Fu Rong

Finally, I dined at this pan mee shop, on the last weekend before Gawai. We were early so not many customers that day. 

Seremban pan mee as it claimed and family business. The taukey took our order; it turned out to be a Facebook friend of my man. 

Our order came pretty swiftly. Hubby ordered their special fried pan mee. It did looked good especially mixed with their dried chilli. 

I had this Hakka pan mee set which I rather liked. Cangkuk manis with meat ball soup to go with my dry pan mee.  Loved the crispy anchovies!!

As we were eating, more and more customers came in. The place soon was packed with patrons. Luckily we came early and didn't have to wait so long for our breakfast. 

Saturday, June 3, 2023

The new Kim Lai Heng

This coffee shop have been in Green road for quite a long time. Kim Lai Heng has closed and revamped end of last year and opened up after Chinese New Year to a new, modern, cleaner coffee shop look. 

Same stalls still operated at the shop such as the kolo mee, chicken rice, economy rice, salad chicken and Penang fried stall. 

My Jay in particular liked the kolo mee (RM6) served by the kolo mee stall. He tasted the kampua from the kampua stall but he didn't enjoyed it much. 

There was one stall that I always wanted to try, and that was Penang fried kway teow. I did managed to taste it for the first time last Wednesday morning. 

I opted for the normal fried kway teow (RM7) from the Penang fried stall. And yes, it was good!! I really enjoyed it very much!! Will definitely order again. Many dishes on their menu, another day to try them out. 

Before leaving, my mil bought tau fu fah from the stall next to Penang fried stall. Not sure how much as my mil paid but should be around RM3.00. Tau fu fah with black syrup. Nice to take on any warm day. Syrup wasn't too sweet and the tau fu fah (Soya pudding) was silky and soft. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Bos's Pork Burger

There was a pork and burger stall in front of this Sin Lian Shin kolo mee shop in Green road in the evening. 

Just before the school holiday, I went to check it out while waiting for Jay to finish his afternoon class. It happened that the operator just set up his stall not long so I was fortunate to be his first customer of the day!!!

Bos's Burger and satay stall. The satay wasn't ready yet so I ordered pork burgers instead. 5 pork burgers for RM27.50. 

A friendly Dayak man was mending the stall. He cooked and assemble the burgers with the help of his young assistant/son. 

I went back to my car, and since I was waiting, might as well take a bite of my pork burger. Anyway, I finished my share, and Jay hasn't finished his school yet!!

My verdict on the RM5.50 regular pork burger?? Pretty good. Not too peppery like what most Malay burger stalls did, which I enjoyed. The sauce was just nice. I don't fancy the overly peppery sauce, make my throat dry and uncomfortable. 

Jay finished 2 burgers by himself (one for dinner and one for supper), while Jan and Jamie took 1 each for their supper. My mil wasn't into burgers. 

As tomorrow is Gawai holiday, here I am wishing all, Selamat Hari Gawai and Happy Holidays!!

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Smoked duck claypot yee mee

My man went to KL last weekend to meet up with his buddy and attended Wu Bai 伍佰's concert in Genting. Yes, he sure enjoying his life at the moment. 

He flew on Friday morning and back on Sunday evening. So, I had to think of breakfast for me, my mil and kids for the weekend. For Saturday, I went to tapau kolo mee and have breakfast at home. Then Sunday, my mil was up early so together with her, we went to Premier Food Republic, Pines Square for breakfast. 

My mil had kolo mee and I bought 2 packs for the boys. As for yours truly, I decided to have this smoked duck claypot yee mee eventhough it was warm to have such warm meal. But who cares?? I just got to taste it. 

RM10 for my claypot. The attraction was the sliced smoked duck. Kind of missing the smoked duck that I tasted in the past. 3 slices in the claypot with few fish balls and crab stick beside the green. 

For Jan, I bought this RM8 champion breakfast which she usually have. She was already wake up that day but too lazy to follow us out for breakfast. So she requested this breakfast when I told her we were going to this food court.

My mil also bought 3 packs of salad chicken rice for the kids' lunch, so we didn't need to cook. But for Jamie, he disliked salad sauce so no mayo for him. 

RM7 each for the salad chicken rice. This salad chicken rice stall which was behind the kolo mee stall, serves other variety of chicken rice as well. 

Any good?? No, the rice was not flavourful and the fried chicken didn't have any taste at all, other than the mayo sauce on it. Meat was dry so not that nice to take. Definitely not going to order again. 

After our breakfast, we went home, hid away from the heat!! 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Tapau from Fu Rong Pan Mee

I went to this coffee shop one Wednesday for early lunch by myself but it was closed. Alas, I have been planning to try it out but luck wasn't by my side that day. 

This shop has been around in MJC for quite long but I have never visit and taste its noodle. Fu Rong Pan Mee in MJC, next to Small Cat Cafe. Actually during my last visit to the latter shop, I did asked if they allowed to send food over, but they don't do it. So need to either tapau or dine at their shop only. 

They have quite a menu, many choices to choose from.  And it happened that last Saturday, my hubby's cousin was coming over for a visit. So she went to this Fu Rong Pan Mee shop and tapau lunch for us. 

Thank you to hubby's cousin for the lunch treat!! My first tasting of Fu Rong Pan Mee. But unfortunately, it wasn't pan mee as she worried that my kids doesn't take pan mee, so she ordered normal noodle for us. Fried sweet noodle (above) and normal fried noodle (below). Taste wise, I prefer the below noodle because of crispy anchovies. Lol. 

They did have spicy dried chili and garlic dipping but too spicy for us. 

Another day for me to try the real pan mee at the shop. 


Saturday, May 20, 2023

He ordered, I paid for Fun Hut

I got a surprise on Wednesday afternoon when a delivery man was in front of my house. No, I didn't ordered or expected anything. Upon closer inspection, it was Food Panda rider! 

He was talking on the phone for quite sometime in front of the gate while I was peeping from the living room. And much to my surprise (and confusion), he rang the bell. Soon, my handphone also rang. It was Hubby!!!

This must be a joke!! He was on a fishing trip that day and somehow his phone accidentally ordered the food through Food Panda app while in his pants pocket!! Yikes! And he called me, explaining to me while the delivery man told me that the food was on cash term. Geez, he accidentally ordered the food and I had to bear the cost of it. It was RM59.60 and I paid RM60  to the guy, asked him to keep the change. He was still laughing at the situation when I paid him. Lol. 

Let see what the damage that I paid for. 

Fun Hut!! I never had snacks from Fun Hut but my kids used to like its waffles. I used to buy its waffles for the kids when Jan and Jay used to go to a tuition centre (during their primary school times) which was near to one of its outlets in MJC. 

Wow, look at all the fried snacks!! Double wow! Chicken wings!!! That was a lot. And with that, I did not need to cook much for dinner that evening. Some leftover lunch dishes plus these chicken wings, I just need to stir fry a vegetable dishes and make it a meal

Signature spicy chicken wings (top) and mix and match with few non-spicy wings (bottom). Jamie took 2 non spicy and 2 spicy wings before dinner time; he quite enjoyed the wings!!!

And a pack of takoyaki with cheese sausage in it. Nice to take when it was warm. Never a fan of takoyaki though. 

Plus this boba chocolate classic drink. Jan, Jay and I shared this drink. Quite nice and chocolatey. Jay took most of it after he came back from his afternoon class. 

Thanks hubby for the 'accidental' order, at least we got to enjoy some fried chicken wings. But got to be careful and make sure your phone is screen locked so no such incident happens again. I still wonder how it happened though.  Luckily nothing expensive was ordered. Lol. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Colour for Double Happiness

Double Happiness Cafe in Green Heights is not a coffee shop we would patronise frequently as it is far from my place. Usually when we are in Green Heights, we would go to the Sin Chong Choon which is a stone throw away for its well known 3 layers teh c peng special and Sarawak laksa.

This Double Happiness Cafe is easily spotted for its bright, catchy pink colour. At least they didn't painted red for the colour of double happiness. Lol. 

Not fully packed on the morning the 4 of us were there. My mil and I had the same thing, that was Sarawak laksa. RM8 for normal bowl, which was rather good and appetizing. 

My kolo mee lover had the kolo mee RM5.50. He requested for red so you could see the red colour in the noodle. And oh, I spotted the crispy pork lard on top too!!

My hubby ordered kompia and sio bee for his breakfast. He was on diet in case you wondered why he ate so little. 

3 pieces of kompia and 5 Kuching sio bee for around RM11.00.