Friday, September 30, 2016

Yearn for authentic

This old coffee shop has been in existence for as long as it is. I only knew it was called Highland Cafe because I followed my dad here for its chicken rice once many many years ago. However when I visited it few weeks ago, I realised what is its original Chinese name. Yeong Joo.

This coffee shop is next to a Sport Toto shop, which is in vicinity of 3rd Mile old market. I were not sure why it was named Highland Cafe as it was at the slope of the road.

Anyway we never thought of checking this place out till one Sunday morning. Our initial intention was to go to Sun Li Ting Cafe. However we found a parking spot nearby so instead of going to Sun Li Ting Cafe which was farther, we decided to try this Highland Cafe for a change.

My kids could not do without kolo mee so we ordered a bowl each for them to enjoy. RM3.00 per bowl. Most coffee shops no longer serve those bamboo chopsticks but they do so here. I would prefer if they give us a cup of hot water to rinse the chopsticks with.

Kolo mee

Yours truly was eyeing the laksa stall so got herself a bowl for RM5. 

Sarawak laksa

Hub on the other hand, had a special bowl of kueh chap (RM7 without the kueh).

Kueh chap special

If you asked us, we did enjoyed the food. Everything was pretty authentic (if you get what I am trying to convey). If you yearn for authentic Kuching's signature dishes, you can try this old coffee shop. Food was nice and what important is that you could find what the old time sake's taste like. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mee Jawa in old Satok

On Malaysia's Day, we headed to Permai for the beach. But before that, we stopped by Satok which was on the way for a breakfast.

It has been ages since we came to this old part of Kuching for breakfast. Satok. The name reminded you of the old weekly market, night hawker food and the busy trading durung the day. It is no longer that buzzing but still, you could expect to find good food in least expected place. The old timer and Kuchingites would tell you what is good here.

One of the busy old coffee shops around Satok would be Yong Hua Cafe. Located in Lorong Satok 5, it offers good choices of Malay food during the day time. 

As expected, it was crowded. Mostly Malay patrons but you could see few tables of other races waiting patiently to be served. This middle coffee shop was so cramped that you have to squeeze for a table. I believe food has its magnet and attraction no matter what.

I have been there once before for Sarawak laksa and I remember it was good. This time, I opted for Mee Jawa. 

Hubby ordered special plate for me (RM7.50) that have few sticks of chicken and beef satay.

Taste-wise it was good, thick, and rich of flavour. It was a very filling breakfast for me.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Last week

The start of the last semester of school; the thought of waking up early is never easy on the first few days. But I got it through and the kids got back to their normal daily routine with schools and other activities and afternoon enrichment classes.

And I got back to my reading too. Have not been catching up on any novels for many months now. Partly because lazy. You know reading takes time and perseverance. *wink*

Last Friday was the busiest of the week. Started with Jan went for her 1st school excursion and she needes to be in school by 630am. She was visiting two museums (Chinese and Islamic museums) and old folks' home.

My breakfast on Friday was light. Tasted Taka Bakery's newest bun which they named it First Love. Soft bun with creamy, buttery and slightly tard custard. Interesting bun but I enjoyed it.

Then in the evening after picked up Jay from tuition, one of Jay's classmates had a short visit to our house. Playing and fooling around before we cut short as we had a birthday party to attend to.

So the kids and I went and stayed at the party till almost 930pm that night. Luckily it was nearby but rain started again that evening.

The kids were tired so they went to bed after their bath. For me, I stayed till after midnight catching up on tv while waiting for hubby. He caught the last flight back from KK so I waited for him to come home.

Over the weekend, we did not go anywhere much. Stayed and recuperated at home. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Miscellaneous Picture # 59: Sunday in Kuching

Date : 11 September 2016

Along the Main Bazaar in the afternoon

Peculiar looking cats statue

Another angle of the statue

Few roadside stalls selling meats

Maybe because the next day was Aidil Adha

In Jalan Tun Jugah in the evening

1st ever food truck gathering in Kuching. Didn't buy anything as we had our dinner earlier and happened to pass by this road and spotted the food trucks there. So we stopped and checked them out.

The only food truck I've tried is this

Black charcoal bun burger

Not a big fan of this

Another time for their nasi lemak

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A day in Permai

Over the one-week school holiday, we brought the kids to explore new places and drive to countryside. One of the places was Annah Rais.

On Malaysia's Day, we went to Permai to enjoy the beautiful sunny day in the beach.

One thing we are grateful for is the beach is just less than an hour drive. We are blessed to live so near to the South China Sea!

We have been to Damai beach few times so this time we decided to go to Permai, which is just next to it. It was the kids' first visit to Permai.

After paying the entrance fee (RM5 for adult, RM3 for children above 7), we walked to the jungle pool for a cold dip. Took us about 5 minutes walk to reach there.

The water in the pool was cold as surrounded by trees. Not too deep but one has to be careful of the big rocks in the pool.

Jamie was not keen on the pool so while both of us waited for the others to enjoy the water, we walked around the jungle path.

We could see some cabins and tree houses.

We even caught these big mushrooms on a tree trunk.

After spending almost an hour in the pool, we walked back to the beach and these breath-taking views greeted us!

Beautiful sky and sea. Looked at them! Everything was so blue! I could need a vacation right now!

It was noon so we did not spent so long on the beach. We decided to have our lunch in Rainforest Cafe but oh boy! We spent nearly 2 hours in the cafe.

Must have been the holiday and many tourists dining in the cafe. We waited nearly 2 hours for all our food to arrive. Oh well, luckily we would be able to enjoy the beautiful sea and breeze on the cafe. Took our minds away from food that moment.

The kids have their roti canai each. RM10 per plate. Both Jay and Jan finished and cleaned up their plates.  The roti was crispy that was why they loved it.

Hubby's Rainforest fried rice with salted fish (RM10) was good and fragrant. It came with nice crackers and sambal at the side. My hubby took a part of the crackers and broke it into smaller pieces and mixed into his fried rice. His style of eating fried rice with cracker. And the rest of the crackers? Divided among the kids. Lol.

My nasi lemak (RM15) was last to come. By then I were famished! Overall it was alright but the curry was too oily and sambal was on the sweet side.

After our long lunch, it was over 3pm in the afternoon. The sun was warm and tide has came further into the beach.  Amazing sea view greeted us.

Now basically you could jump into the water from the bridge!

Of course you need to watch out for the kayaks as people started to bring out the kayaks into the water at such hours when water is higher and nearer to shore.

I had my sun bath while the others enjoyed themselves in the water. After spent an hour there, we took our leave.

We were fortunate as just when we started our drive, the sky turned gloomy and heavy storm poured on us almost the entire journey back home.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sweet ice

This was my 2nd visit to Sweet Ice Cafe in MJC few weeks ago when kids had early holiday due to UPSR exam. Actually twice in a week with a bestie for its cold & sweet ice dessert.

My friend treated me so I were not too sure of its name and price.

I did not want to order the Same ice dessert on my first visit so I settled for another ice cold dessert. It was something like flavoured jellies with raisins on top of shaved sweet ice. I forgot what was the name.

Jelly shaved ice dessert

My friend and her kids each had a bowl of ABC special. 

ABC special

To go with our cooling ice dessert, we ordered a plate of fruit rojak (RM4) to share. More pineapple pieces as requested in our rojak.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Hot spring

Schools are here again! We had a great one-week school holidays. Hubby were around during the weekends and we did brought the kids to countryside for day trip.

First was a visit to a hot spring in Annah Rais, a Bidayuh village not so far from Borneo Highlands.

Who would have thought that a dip in the hot spring could be so rejuvenating? I should have gone to one sooner.

I have never visited a hot spring in my whole life till early last week when hubby suggested to visit Annah Rais hot spring. The kids were super excited to go on a road trip and then the thought of experiencing natural hot spring was overwhelming for them (and me too!).

We started off with an early morning drive after a quick breakfast. The drive to Annah Rais took us about 1.5hours and it was a challenging drive through the small hilly and village roads.

We remember the long winded roads as we had been to the same route to Borneo Highlands last year. And we couldn't believe it took us over a year to visit Annah Rais but we glad we made it this time round.

About 1km to Borneo Highlands, we spotted the road sign saying to turn left to Annah Rais. So few more minutes further in, and we saw a bridge to Annah Rais and its surrounding Bidayuh villages.

The new bridge is under construction....

and after obtaining information over here, we were told to use the old bridge (next to the under-constructed bridge) to the hot spring.

About 10 minutes drive and we reached the entrance to the hot spring.

Entrance fee is RM5 per adult and RM3 for children 7 to 17 years old. Operating time is 8.30am to 5.00pm.

After paying the fee, we walked along the path which took us about a minute to reach the stream and hot spring.

Along the path, there were many plants and trees mostly fruit plants like bananas, jack fruits and pineapples.

Getting nearer and we could hear noises. And we saw a rest place in front of us where they have changing rooms, toilets and shower place.

That was it!! Actually we were expecting a bigger pond of hot spring. However we were early so not many people sharing the hot spring then.

It was warm but not too hot to burn our skin. Of course no steam coming out from the water as my kids imagined.

After spending almost 30 minutes in the hot spring, we waited for our body temperature to be back to normal before jumping into the chilling stream. The kids could not wait to play in it. And the sands and rocks in certain parts of the stream were surprisingly warm but not the gushing water.

It was nice to spent some time in the hot spring but it was crowded during weekend and holidays. Heard that Panchor hot spring is better, bigger, and hotter. Furthermore it is nearer to Kuching as along Kuching-Serian road. That would be our next hot spring destination. And must remember to bring some eggs to be cooked then. ^^