Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2 days at work and tomorrow is a holiday

It feels like back to 1st day yesterday at work after 3 weeks training. More like a 3 weeks hiatus for me. In training, they taught you so many theories and expected you to remember all, but on the job, it is experience and hand-on skill.

Today is a tough day! Malay colleagues have taken leave, so not many people in the office today. I am also getting more hands-on task to do and actually get chance to use the system and procedures as well. Towards the late afternoon, everyone started planning where and what time to meet for tomorrow Raya visiting. Hmm, I would not be joining some of my colleagues for house visiting this year, there is always next year. This year, I will follow hubby to visit his colleague’s house instead.

Thinking of Hari Raya, I started to drool over ketupat, satay, curry and cakes. Yum yum! But usually we only can visit 2 houses in a day, as we will be too full to eat or drink after that.

I am looking forward to the 2 days holiday, as I need some time off to polish up some theories that I learned over the past 3 weeks. Too many things cramped into a small space of my brain, but luckily I have a master at home to consult with should I have any doubt. Yeah, my master is my hubby (who else?). *wink* He is always the wiser between two of us where as I am the more calculative type. So when come to decision making, he will be the one, while I am the financial minister at home!! LOL!

Back to work today, I found out that the company will be organizing a team building sometime middle of October and the week later, a family day. Team building in Permai Camp (where I am expecting some tough jungle trekking and stamina indulgence training there) and Family Day, an overnight stay in Damai Beach Resort! Wow! Of course I signed up for both. One, to be able to get to know my new colleagues and secondly, it is compulsory especially the 1st event. The Family Day is just excuse for me to bring little gal for a swim on the beach and hubby to relax on Saturday afternoon. He needs a break as he mostly go to office on Saturday afternoon. You know women. Nag their hubby when they are not spending much time with them and go to office on a Saturday when it is not a working day! LOL!

I would like to wish my Malay friends, “Selamat Hari Raya” and everyone else, “Happy Holiday”. See you guys around!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I feel okay!

Hi there! I am back to the blogging world and I am very happy to be back to my hometown too! Reached Kuching around 6.35pm yesterday. And what a surprise I have when I reached home! Darling hubby made some changes to our bedroom. Some furniture arrangement. I have to keep asking him where is that and this. And not only that, the room was a mess. Clothes not folded and books and stuff were everywhere. *Faint* He has been living like a caveman for the past weeks, he said. LOL!
Nevertheless after cleaning and clearing and a good night sleep last night, I am feeling fine this morning. We have hearty breakfast with my family. After 3 weeks, I feel my little gal is taller and babbling than before! Oh boy! She can sing more songs and learn many new words too. LOL! What a surprise when she said "gila" (BM for crazy) when I praised her singing this morning. Also not forgetting emjei for passing me a wonderful tag. Thank you emjei for visiting and passing me the Feel Okay tag last week. Why shouldnt I feel okay? :) It is good to be home and been with my family.......
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

From the hotel room

Hi to all my blogging friends. What's up on a Saturday evening? I am missing you all and really off hooked from the blogging world for the past 2 weeks. And I really want to thank you all for visiting and leaving comments in my blog, I appreciated them.

Every morning I with few course mates would walk from our hotel to the course centre, which is about 15 minutes walk. Every day we would have our meals (lunch and dinner) in The Pavillion. You can say, that I am putting on weight, although the weighing machine is stating the same kg. I can feel the fat, as my pants are getting tighter!! Oh dear, really got to do something with my weight when I going back to Kuching next Saturday. And yes, I miss my family too. Sigh!

Here I am in a course mate's room, tagging to her internet access. It has been fun for the past 2 weeks. Everyone is friendly and helpful. My course mates are from around the country, and I am the only East Malaysian this round. It is great to meet other friends from the other states. As for the course, it is full of interesting facts and boring slides, and not forgetting the examinations too! Thank god we all passed the examinations without the needs to stay back and resit! :p But that is not the ending of learning as we still need to sit for some more examinations in the near future. As for the time being, we will just enjoy the remaining 1 week in KL before heading back to our respective offices. That's all from me for the time being. I shall update more when I go back next weekend. And thank to some of you that awarded me interesting award and tag. I will claim them when I settle down in Kuching, okay? Good night everyone.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

M.I.A. for 3 weeks

Dear friends, I would be away from tomorrow for 3 weeks. Where? And why?

I am heading to KL for 3 weeks training. So I would not have the advantage and time to blog there as my whole 3 weeks would be packed with induction courses. Let just say that I am giving my blog a rest for the next 3 weeks. Meantime, feel free to drop by and leave your comments on my previous posts in this blog and my other blog.

I am going to miss visiting you guys, but no worries, I will do so once I am back or even if I have chance to do so there.

Till then, happy blogging. See you guys around! Wishing everyone "Selamat Berbuka Puasa", "Happy Working", "Happy Mid Autumn" and for a cousin whose wedding is on 13th Sept, "Happy Wedding" and "All the best to you and your wife". Oh yeah, guys? One more thing. Please leave some mooncakes for me, ok? *wink*

Tip from party planner

I love to watch Party Planner with David Tutera. When you watched him, you just cannot stop feeling amazed and awed by his ideas of using something simple or recycling them into something creative and interesting.

In one of his series, he used toilet paper rolls for his project. You may think that toilet paper rolls are useless, but stop throwing them. Have you ever thought of using and turning it into a napkin ring?

So, next time when you have guests coming over for a Western dinner, why not have do-it-yourself table napkin rings to surprise your guests?

I modify my napkin ring a bit, but it turns out fine to me. Give it a try okay?

I use my napkin ring as a holder for this scented flower fold

1. Cut toilet paper roll into 2 or any desired size. Spray black colour (or any colour to your liking, David used silver spray) on it. Let it dry.
2. Put glue on one end of the roll. Roll thin silver ribbon. Again you can use any colour ribbon as most colours fit black well.
3. Use fresh red rose petal (I used fake petals as I cut them into small pieces in shape of heart), and place glue on centre of roll. Paste the petal one by one. Put a little glue in the centre of rose petal and place a diamond (or any shinning kind) on it.
4. Roll your napkin. Insert your napkin into the ring, both side of napkin must be balance. Place it on the table, and spread the top part of napkin.


Friday, September 5, 2008

I am surviving on the 1st week

It is my 4th day at work. I am proud to say that I am learning and adopting well into the new culture. Some colleagues are friendly than the first day. Reason I think is today is Friday and everyone are more relaxed. They were going around from one table to another and they mangling around too. I also started to enjoy some company from colleagues as I get to know them more. Most of the time, they are busy with own works and seldom buck out from their cubicles.

In my department, there are 4 of us including me. Other are support and back office staff. Although mostly are not in the same department, we do get along well as we are supporting each other and we need to communicate in one or the other way.

My manager assigned me to a senior staff today. As it is Friday, one of the staff will need to do a weekly report to be submitted to my manager. So it turned out that it is the senior staff’s turn to do. So, I stayed back with him, checking on figures and key into the system. Those weekly reports are needed for commission and performance analysis. We stayed till 7pm. Even hubby called me when I was out from the building, asking why I am late today. LOL! He always late at night, and now he is complaining that I am late for once??

It rained when I left the office and it is still raining now. It has been a rainy week so far. I am supposed to go to Ramadan stalls in Satok with an ex-colleague yesterday but it has been raining in the evening. No luck of a dry evening for a visit to the Berbuka Puasa bazaar. How I miss the ayam percik, ayam pangang, kebab, satay, kuih (Malay delicacies) and so much more. (saliva drooling now! LOL)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gifts from Australia

My SIL came back from her 10 days trip to Sydney, Australia. It took us almost 3 hours to finish looking through her photographs. LOL! She bought a nice sweater for little gal, don't you think it cute? Pink sweater. Hmm, remind me of an old actress that wore a pink coat in one of those old movie. LOL! I can't remember the name at the moment.

And some jelly beans too! Oh boy, how little gal loves those chewy candies. She keeps taking them till we have to hide the jelly beans from her. LOL!

I also got a gift, a lanolin cream for my face. She tried it herself and so far no comment from her. Hmm, maybe I could use some lanolin cream, but I have never heard of it before. Australia made product. It says it suitable for all skin types.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st day at work!

Like every other thing, 1st day at work is always full of excitement, curiosity, question marks and enthusiasm. It makes me think back of my 1st day at work 9 years ago when I joined my previous company. Fresh from college with degree in my hand, I was green and not well equipped with what to expect of the working world.

But that was 9 years ago, and I grow matured along those years (I do hope I am). LOL! This morning the weather couldn’t have been worse, as it rained almost the whole morning. What a day to start off with. After a breakfast with my hubby and little gal, I drove to the usual route I used as the new office is just across my previous company. Everything on the road and route is normal, except I turned left instead of right to the new company!

After reporting to my manager, I was introduced to my colleagues (I couldn’t remember even half of their names, I lost count of how many people I met in an hour!) and shown around the office. After a morning tele-conferencing, I was shown to my desk to clean up the desk and cabinet and re-programme the pc. For the whole day, I was mostly in front of my pc, updating some personal information and doing some tests. Phew! All those reading makes my eyes grow tired. Not to mention the new terms that I have never known but need to accustomed to soon.

Tomorrow will be another day and I will get to learn on-the-job experience when I get attached to the existing colleagues. What more can I say except that it is totally new for me. Thankful that my new colleagues are friendly and helpful in making sure that I fit into the environment. *wink*

Monday, September 1, 2008

Family Trip on National Day

Come and view more photos here!

Road to Sematan. Check the mountain on the background, surrounded by clouds. So majestic! Drive from Kuching to Sematan takes about 1 hour 15 minutes.

We stopped by Lundu before heading to Sematan. Photograph taken from Siar Beach Resort Lundu. From Lundu, it is about 30 minutes drive to Sematan.

Our room tag
A very basic chalet with 1 king size bed and 1 single bed. They come with kitchen with stove, cupboard, sink and dining table.
View from our chalet. Facing the swimming pool and on our left is the road to the beach!

Not Big Foot, mind you. Just our footprints embedded on the Sematan Beach as memory. From left is little gal, followed by hubby and mine.

Our foot prints on the beach. Guess which one is mine??