Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dining next to the river

I love to have dinner in Anchor House which is situated in TJ Delight, Jalan Bayor Bukit.  Not that it is just a walk from my shop but the dishes are pretty homey and cheaper. 

TJ Delight is located next to the Tabuan Jaya river.  Although the sight of the river is not appealing (due to rubbish and muddy water) but once a while you can still spot people rowing sampan along the river.  And on good evening, it would be very breezy and cooling to have dinner in the open air environment.

As for Anchor House, we love its fried chicken which is very tasty and juicy.  Its roasted piglet is famous but you need to pre-order because they do not serve it every day.

Almost every Sunday we would have our family dinner there.  Since the kids do not eat much, we do not order much dishes.  

Last Sunday we woke up late and after sending some boxes and stuff to new house and checking on the house work progress, we have late breakfast of kolok mee in Hong Garden Cafe.  After our breakfast which is almost 12noon, we went home and had our afternoon nap. By the times the kids and hubby woke up, it is already 5pm. We had our dinner in Anchor House around 6.15pm before proceed to the shop.

Fried chicken (half portion)

Steamed fish

Stir fried paku in belacan.  ( I still prefer its belacan kangkong)

Japanese tauhu with minced meat in oyster sauce

Monday, August 27, 2012

They are in

We went to check on our house work and what a relief to finally see our cabinets.  The contractor has fixed the cabinets last Friday and should be expecting to be done by this week or latest early next week.

A little sneak peek in my wet and dry kitchens as well as living room tv cabinet.

Could not wait to see them once they are completed.  *wink*

Friday, August 24, 2012

35 only

I have to say that I am a proud Gen X woman! Born in 1977, I am hitting the big 35 mark today!Wow! And soon, I would be having mid-life crisis and giving everyone troubles and no one can blame me for my menopausal symptoms. *wink*

I have a lady friend in her early 50s now. When her daughter was small and asked her how old she was, she replied her "35" that time. And for few years, she kept telling her daughter she was 35 on her birthdays. Now her daughter has grown up, she does no longer keep counts on the anniversary years of her 35th birthday. Lol! So this year she would celebrating her 17th anniversary of 35th birthday.

And if my girl asks me again on my age, I will tell her that I am forever 35 years old. So, next year, a year after and many more to come, so I would always celebrate my 35th birthday. Lol! Because I am feeling great at the age of 35.

Cooked myself 2 hard-boiled eggs this morning to symbolize a year older!

If you ask me what would be my birthday wish?  I haven't thought of it, but like a good friend mentioned to me this morning, with 2 kids and still looking great at 35, I think I have nothing much to wish for!  Hahah!  My friend is right!
My staff makes 2 cakes and brought for me this morning.  How wonderful of her!  One is sliced cheese cake and another is Sarawak Kek Kelasi Mabuk.  I love her Kek Kelasi Mabuk (the white and green stripe cake0 because it has some lemonand horlick taste in it!  

And how am I celebrating my big 35 tonight?? I don't think we will have any celebration but we are going to celebrate my birthday tomorrow night together with my son's birthday which fall tomorrow. My Chinese birthday fall on the 10th of 7th Chinese lunar month, which is Sunday.  So a dinner would be fine to be held tomorrow.  Double celebration.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Random pictures of food

It was a great week with the long holiday.  We went for a dinner on Saturday night in The Junk with hubby's friends who drove all the way from Sibu for family holiday.  The family (couple with 2 young girls) are staying in 360, Hock Lee centre.  So we met up in The Junk for dinner.  It has been a long time since I dined in The Junk.  And I think the food portion shrunk a bit but they still taste the same.  Super delicious.
We ordered its special wine duck cooked in special sauce

Pepperoni pizza for the kids

Roasted organic chicken

BBQ Lamb rack

On Sunday morning after church, we drove to Serian to visit a friend's house.  It was a hot day yesterday, so it was a blessing.  Like every open houses, we were treated to Malay food, like beef masak hitam, satay, chicken curry and lemang.  We were also treated to 5-spices braised duck by our friend.  I guess the local here blended well with the Chinese Hakka that they are slowly implementing Chinese cooking in their daily menu.  *wink*

We cannot wait to dip into those food!

As for today, it is a relaxing day as we did not do much.  But we brought a cooker hood to our new house.  A gift from my parents.  *wink* 

We went to our new house to check on the progress and to our disappointment, there is still no work done on the kitchen.  Sigh!  Must chase the contractor this week otherwise we shall ask for refund and find other contractor to do it.  Our moving date is more than a month.  So you can see I am very anxious whether everything will be on time if we get new people to do the fittings.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missing key

It has been more than 3 weeks and I still could not find that missing key.  The most important key some more.  Sigh! Some days were just not meant to be good days.  And it was bad luck. 

Actually it is my safebox key.  I lost it on one night.  And it happened on a bad night.  The key chain was found loosen and few keys lost along the way.  Searching high and low in my car where I usually throw the keys while I go out, in the living room and even in my handbag.  I managed to retrieve all the loosen keys except that particular key.  Sigh!  And I did not keep a spare key.  So now I am banging at my friend's door to help me extract the safe door and get a new key.  Hope he would find solution to the safe box.  And I promised myself (and hubby) that I will make all spare keys for any keys in the future.

I keep all the important documents in the safe box from my kid's MyKid, S&P, purchase invoices for the electrical items and bedding set and other important stuff.  So I need to open the safe box to retrieve my invoices as by this month we are getting the furniture and electrical companies to send over to our new house. 

As for the new house, the fitting contractor has been taking his sweet time in finishing our kitchen and living room cabinets.  He promised by this week, or I would not thinking my hubby has the patience anymore.  It has been delayed for over a month now, which initially promised to delivery by middle of July.  So by hook or by crook, we hope to see something there this week.  Then we can do a thorough cleaning and get all the electrical, sofa set and bedding sets in.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Early present

My early present from hubby!  The new Samsung Galaxy S III!  A surprise from hubby this afternoon when he gave this to me.  I was expecting a watch but since he wanted my Blackberry for his business purpose, so he exchange this Samsung for my Blackberry.  Well, how could I resist, right?? 

Friday, August 10, 2012


Pardon me, I am getting lazy in updating my blog lately.  I think it is collecting some dusts when I noticed that the last entry is on Monday.  But fear now, I am just too engrossed in my readings that I do not have time to update here. 

I bought some new novels yesterday.  10 books, all for less than RM70.00 from the book fair.  Did not finish browsing around as too much novels to check.  So end up with 10 novels, which should last me for a couple of weeks.  *wink*

So if I do not write much here or checking your blog, I sincerely apologise as I am keeping up with my reading.  So have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Less than RM100

We have been going to the book fair in Crowne Square for 3 times within a week and look what we bought!

Second-handed books from USA for less than RM100.00.  Books as low as RM0.50 to RM9.90 are available there.  And the book fair is till 12 August.

Some children books are bought by my parents and some are from me.  All in good condition although they are second-hand.  I even bought 4 romance novels for less than RM20.00. 

Our collections

One of the kids' favourite is this Blue's Clue books with flip flap.  They knew the characters from 2 DVDs I bought last year and when they saw this book, they must grab it.

I think I am going to go there again (alone) to "sapu" more fiction, cooking and romance books before they ends on 12 August.    *wink*  Hubby does not complain since I am spending the money on books and the kids enjoys some new books.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friends forever


Friendship Day is celebrated on 1st week of August every year and this year, it is celebrated on 5th (today). It is a day where you take a moment to think, and honour your good friends for who they are and what they did for you. The exchange of messages, gifts and greeting cards are some ways of showing your appreciation to your friends. So here I am, sending you an e-card! To all my blogger friends and readers, thank you for been great friends!

Friday, August 3, 2012

A good start indeed

Thanks to Angeline who really makes my day with a wonderful award and tag.  It has been ages since I received an award and a tag. So a wonderful start in August like what Angeline said.

Am I a versatile blogger?  I am not sure, but I do write what ever comes to my mind, may it be food, something happening around me, my two kids or any special occasions.  And as part of receiving this award, I need to state 7 facts about myself.  Well, here goes nothing.....

  1. I love purple and turquoise colours.  They are beautiful colours and most of my wardrobe is of those 2 colours.  I feel peace and young in them. *wink*
  2. I am a rice person.  I will never go without rice in a day.
  3. I love shopping for earrings.  And I have many pairs that I have no place to keep them.  My earrings ranging from simple diamond and pearls; party and tribe-themed to those exquisite and dangling type. 
  4. I am a perfectionist by nature, never like faults but most of the time, I have to fine-tune to fit other people's demand.
  5. I hate pork liver and what ever goes inside a pig! 
  6. I am a homey person, loves to stay at home, reading and cooking.  So you know that I am counting down to the day I move into my new house and be that person.
  7. I wish I could juggle my time well between my business and family. 
So I am passing this award and tag to the following versatile bloggers who never stop in amaze me:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I love August because

It is a month where many things have happened and going to happen.

For instance, August is the month where I met my husband back in 2002 in my office's discussion room.  It goes back to 10 years ago.  I met him for the first time then and it was only end of November that year that he asked me out.  He "disappeared" for few months and I totally forgotten him after our first meeting.

And this month we are going to have 2 birthdays celebration.  My boy is going to be 3 and yours truly Rose is hitting the 35 mark this month. 

And there are school holiday and public holidays too, so we are going to spend some times together. 

After August, comes September and interesting last quarter of the year, which is packed with excitement and holidays. 

So, you know why I love August now.  *wink*