Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Eve @ Kapit

The most memorable Christmas Eve that i had, travelling from one town to another town. In a day, we travelled from Kuching to Sibu and then to Kapit! Within 6 hours. It was a tiring trip indeed, but the feeling of going back to celebrate Christmas is worth everything.

Sibu ferry terminal

How far is Kapit???

Along the riverbank

We reached Kapit around 3.30pm. My parent in laws picked us up from jetty. Luckily the rain stopped that time, otherwise it would be rather uncomfortable to disembark from the express ferry. After paying the jetty boys fee for helping us carrying our 2 big luggage bags to our car, we headed straight to MIL's canteen, which is less than 3 minutes drive.

Arriving Kapit terminal

Greeted by Ah Ma

Little gal start toying around

Little gal was excited seeing her "kung kung" and "ah ma", and also having lots of goodies and toys to play with in the canteen. We had our dinner in the canteen. Looks at what my MIL had prepared for us! Steamed prawns with eggs in wine, wolfberries kampung chicken soup, and China kai lan stem. Me and hubby had fried noodle instead of white rice! We were pretty hungry as we didnt ate much after nasi lemak for breakfast.

Christmas Eve dinner

After dinner, we went back to PIL's house (about 5 - 7 minutes drive from canteen) and start unpacking and refreshing ourselves. After bath, darling hubby want to buy some toiletries as we opt not to bring much this trip. So off we went to the town area. Little gal was very tired as hardly slept whole day, she dozed off when we went out.

After the shopping, hubby brought me to this hawker stall (set up in front of their house) for some Malay rojak. It is more like Indian rojak to me. They used satay peanut sauce for the rojak. Very tasty, that is all I can say. We shared the rojak since we have hearty dinner more than 1 hour ago.

After the supper, we went back just in time to welcome the carolling group. Every year, my PIL invited their church choir group for some carolling and prayer session on Christmas Eve. After the 30 minutes session, we went to bed and off for the day!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On holiday

I am now in Kapit Library (my mum-in-law's work place), checking on personal mails and blogging away! Phew! At least I am not cut off from civilisation! Hahahah!
There has been a landslide early this morning, as heavy rain since last night. Heard that one person died and two missing. The landslide happened near Kapit town, with fire fighters still digging for the missing two!
I arrived at Kapit on Monday evening, around 330pm, after 3 hours express ferry ride. It was a tiring ride, with little gal hardly get any sleep in the express. The ride was pretty smooth with occasional rain and strong currents.
Most of the shops closed during Christmas day, and we mostly went to my mum-in-law's canteen (she operated hospital canteen and work as a Librarian full time). Little gal was excited seeing lots of toys, candies and stuff for her to play around in the canteen. She nearly turned the whole canteen upside down! LOL!
I took lots of photos on Kapit scenery and other interesting stuff, shall share with my fellow bloggers and friends once I download them once reach Kuching next week! So, please bear with me!
Till then, see you all and Happy New Year 2008!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A holiday and a New Year resolution

I would be going away for a long holiday from 24 to 31 December. We are not going to any place fancy, just going back to hubby’s hometown (Kapit) for the Christmas holiday. We will take a 40-minutes flight from Kuching to Sibu, then 3 hours express ferry ride to Kapit. I hear that it has been flooded in Sibu for last week, and hopefully the flood does not get worse with weather broadcasted heavy rain and king tide this weekend.

Anyway, I would like to share with you my New Year resolution. Before I go further into the resolution, first I would like to review on what I have accomplished this year? Er……Hmm, not much I have to admit. Nevertheless I have finally done something that I have meant to do long time ago! By becoming a blogger, have my own blog under my authorship and joining a community of millions of bloggers from all over the world! Isn’t I have accomplish enough? *smile*

How time flies, 2007 is coming to an end pretty soon. I am looking forward to 2008. A new year, a new beginning! That means a New Year resolution, right?! Yeah, every year I must have a resolution, so I can act and have some goals to look at by end of the year. It is more like a wish than resolution to me! You need a wish to make things happen, right? So, what is your resolution for Year 2008? Hmm, I haven’t really thought hard about it, but I guess like previous years, it would be “I resolve to make my family and myself happy and in good health”.

I must be happy in what ever I do and accountable for my doings! I guess my “Happy” to-do list would include finding new job and moving to new house next year!! Besides that, I want my family to be happy at all time. We shall continue to respect each other and always make up after each argument. Be happy that we can sit down together, have meals together and enjoy doing things together! I guess that is what happiness is all about! I would love to see myself and my family always in happy mood!

And not forgetting I want to be in good health. Without good health, I cannot be happy and have positive thinking, right? So, I resolve to exercise more, eat healthy food and have good rest! I am going to continue going to my aerobic classes (thrice a week, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings). I will nag my hubby to go exercises too, he is over-weight for his height and age! Sigh! He is in a very unhealthy stage (red alert!). So, I am going to get him to go jogging every morning since he always complained that he does not have time and tired after work. Yes!

I resolve to cook and eat healthy and less oily food! I resolve to cook more for my family, and try to cut down on having meals outside. I went for my blood test early this month, and turned out my Bad Cholesterol Level (HDL) is 118 (normal, if <100).

So this is my new year resolution. How many do I have? How about yours?

Lunch @ Hong Kong Noodle House, Jalan Padungan

A 5 minutes walk from my office, Hong Kong Noodle House is a nice place to have Chinese food. You can find noodle, rice to porridge dishes there.

Roasted duck rice (RM3.80)

I have to say that it serves the best roasted duck rice in Kuching! Not too dry, the meat is succulent and chunky! It is served with a sweet sauce which I dont quite like. I dip my duck meat with its spicy chili paste. Yummy! Juicy, spicy and salty at the same time! That is how I like my duck meat to be....

Side dish, stir fried Kailan (RM3.80)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Toddler Lost & Found

This is a story from my father and sister-in-law. This happened in a departmental store last Tuesday. True story. So, here it goes!
As usual, I gone to my aerobic class on Tuesday after work. While on my way there, I received a call from my sister-in-law (Ah Yea) saying they will pick my little girl on my behalf. So, with sigh of relief, I agree to this arrangement. However, due to the traffic jam in the evening, I couldnt reach my aerobic place in time, so I decided to detour back home without informing anyone. I reached home around 6pm. After shower and get ready little gal's bed, Ah Yea reached home with my little gal in her arm, saying she doing big business in her diaper again!!
While changing her diaper, my sister-in-law told me about my little gal wandering around and lost while shopping!! Gosh! Apparently my father-in-law was with her, and naturally been a curious and active toddler, she just run here and there, shouting around. My father-in-law was close behind! However, men always being men (anyone agree with me?), they always make lots assumption and take things for granted! He thought my daughter wouldnt be wandering so far away!
So, by the time realise she is not around, and after few rounds of calling out her name, still not sight of my little gal. So, Ah Yea (when buying her own stuff) came to rescue, and like panic couple, both searching around the departmental store looking for her! Hahahah! After searching for quite some time, a salesgirl approached Ah Yea and asked whether she is looking for a little girl! Relief!
Apparently my little gal was doing her business and hidden herself at a corner, keep quiet to herself! When she saw her aunty, she just said 2 words "ng ng!" So, with both sign of relief and laughter, Ah Yea just happily scoopped her and bring her back home! hahahah!
I dont know why little gal went to a corner when she has stomach ache, but what a fright she gave to both her grandfather and aunt! And of course, both got scolded by little gal's beloved grandmother for neligence.
So, thats my story telling! Next time, just dont take for granted because kids are kids! They tend to be curious and wander around without you knowing it. As for my little naughty gal, I am still hunting for those children leash so I can tie her with me when I go shopping. With lots of crime against little children around, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Relaxing Thursday

I have a wonderful day yesterday without little gal around! Hahahaha! Now I feel guilty enjoying myself and sending little gal away at babysister's house!

As next week we would be going away for holiday, I have requested aunty (babysister) to help me look after her yesterday, and since she doesnt mind having her around, so I was pretty happy to have some time off to myself! *wink*. After a hearty breakfast of nasi lemak at home (see previous post), we went to Crystal Bowling Centre at BDC Shopping Complex for a game of 2! I havent play bowling since I met my hubby (which is 5 years since) as he is not keen on bowling. However, since his bank is having some bowling competition soon and they need to form a bowling team, so he asked me to join him for a game! After absence of 5 years, my bowling skill has never improved! LOL~ Kept "washing the drain" on several attempts. Nevertheless we have some fun, plus the pain on hand and fingers!!

After the game, we went to Star Cineplex to catch a movie! As I am a big fan of Will Smith, we went for his latest movie "I Am Legend". This is worth recommended movie (for Will Smith's fans) as once again, he is giving his 100% best performance. A lot of chasing and monsters roaming around, you get both thriller and suspense in your bone! The sound effect is great too!

My next movie would be Nicholas Cage's National Treasure!

Hearty Breakfast

After dropping my little gal to her babysister's house yesterday morning, I went to Bread & Pastry at Green Heights to buy its nasi lemak for breakfast! I like its nasi lemak because of its fragrant coconut milk rice and sambal. The sambal is not that spicy (although I prefer it more spicy), but what I like about its sambal is its sour taste of tamarind in it! Very appetizing to me!

It is extremely big portion for breakfast. RM1.80 per pack. It wrapped in a cone-shaped brown paper. The breakfast last me till dinner time and I skipped lunch. Hahaha!

Hubby never tried the nasi lemak before, so thought I gave him a treat buying him one pack. His only comment is the egg! Quarter only, so little! So he cooked 2 more boiled eggs for his nasi lemak! I dont want to know his cholesterol level after taking those eggs! *wink*

Bread & Pastry opens from 730am every day, so for those who dont know what to have in the morning either at home or bring to office, you can have choices of bread, local kuih, pies, tarts and croissants for your breakfast there!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Welcome to my humble office

View from the door

My work station (yeah, pretty messy)

Our little pantry

This is where I would be from 8.30am to 5.00something pm everyday. My table is a bit disorganized, but I like it that way. I know where I put what.

8.30am Punching in and have breakfast at the pantry (breakfast varies from nasi lemak, bread with butter, cheese sticks, kolo mee to chang (Chinese glutinous rice dumpling)

8.45am Start works

12.00noon Lunch break (once a while we “tangkap ular” till 1.30pm)

1.00pm Continue with works

5.00pm Ready to go

I am dealing with marketing aspect of the company. Dealing with clients and tenants, answering phone calls, and writing and replying letters are daily routine! Although most of the times we are sticking ourselves in front of our pc, once a while someone will come from their “cubicle” and start a conversation ranging from fashion, superstars, food, music to women issues!

Hmm, other than those gossips and chats we always have, it is not an interesting job! Hahaha! That's why I have times to blog and gossip around, lol!


I kept this postcard from an associate (the very first postcard sent by a shopper from Johor to me, greeting me Happy New Year in Year 2002!). I kept the postcard out of gratitude, remind me of a total stranger sending me a card after a brief meeting. I was helping and telling him around the shopping centre and surrounding places as his first visit to Kuching that time. The postcard was of Seafood Palace Restaurants in Singapore.

I have developed a new passion of collecting postcards and bookmarks in recent months. When I were young, I love to collect stamps together with my other younger siblings. We even exchange stamps with pen pals too! I think we have 2 stamp albums, but I am not so sure of their whereabouts now, maybe lost when we moved to another house.
I collect postcards and bookmarks out of hobbies now, unlike few years back, I would just have a look at the postcard and either throw it away or simply displace it somewhere. Not a lot of them for the time being as I have just started my collection. I find the designs of postcards and bookmarks rather expressive, modern and creative, unlike many years back where we don’t have many choices and design pretty boring! (lol – u get what I mean?). For me, they are easier to collect as you can find them almost in every retails and magazines as free gifts. They are also easy to be stored away, just keep them in a box. They may not be priceless like stamps or old coins, but believe me, postcards and bookmarks wouldn’t go obsolete! They are nice items to be considered collection too.

Hubby's mashed potatoes recipe

First of all, thanks to my blogger friends for their comments on my "picky young eater" post. It is a relief to hear that my little gal is not the "odd" one that having such habit! Hahahha! She is 20 months old now, and hopefully by 2 years old next April, she will start to show a normal eating habit!

Yeah, we try to give her what ever food that we think she may be interested in, especially fruits and vegetables. She loves apple and grapes, but only bit few mouthful, and then start to play with them by displaying the bit pieces on her foot (if in the car) or on table (in the house)! Faint! She loves yoghurt, only those plain one without any fruit cubes in it!

I remember hubby make some mashed potatoes few months back, and we tried feeding her with it! To our surprise, she likes it! Hahahah!

Here is hubby's homemade mashed potatoes recipe for those that interested to try:

Prep time: appros. 5 minutes

2/3 c. water
2/3 c. heavy cream
1/4 tsp. salt
2 tbsp. butter
2/3 c. mashed potato
3 tbsp. sour cream (can omit if feeding your toddler)

1. Combine water, heavy cream, salt, and butter in a microwave-proof bowl.
2. Microwave on high setting for approximately 2 minutes. (I am not sure whether all microwaves heating times are the same?)
3. Remove from microwave.
4. Stir in potato to moisten.
5. Add sour cream and mix well. Serve either cold or warm.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Picky Young Eater

I am not so sure how should I describe my little gal’s eating habit, but she is a very difficult-to-please eater! She simply doesn’t want any food in her mouth! It took lots of persuading to make her to eat and when it does, only few spoonfuls she will take! I am running out of ideas and tricks!

I tried feeding her tofu before, and she simply spit it out! Ggggrrrr! She doesn’t like soft stuff like cakes, but enjoy eating those hard and crispy food like crackers, cookies, and toast. I wonder how her babysister feed her in the day. Her babysister cooked her porridge, sometimes mixed with fish chunks, minced pork or with vegetables. She does take her milk 3 times per day, but that is only at night because she simply refused to take any milk at babysister’s house. Funny? Yeah, she still wakes up once or twice at night for her feeding. I don’t mind those late night feeding since I am getting used to it by now.

So during the weekend when she is with me, I seldom cook porridge for her as I knew she would fed up eating porridge 7 days a week. I try to think out-of-the-box for her menu and make her food more interesting. I will either cook some spaghetti (without sauce) for her, or simply buy a take-away kolo mee / mee goreng or some bread for her! She is a very choosy eater in the sense she doesn’t like either too sweet or sourish food too! Sigh. Wonder why she cannot be like other normal kids who love to experiment and put anything edible in her mouth? We were pretty concern about her weight and appetite. We did consult her doctor, but she said it is fine, just get her to take multi-vitamins. I don’t see much improvement though. Is it because she is simply not interested in food, but enjoys doing other things such as playing. Anyone got any tips for my kid? Very much appreciate it!

Puffy Bow: How to make

A nice finish touch to your presents wrapping.

1. Wrap ribbon around your fingers to give a more uniform loops. Make 5 loops.

2. Then, fold the ribbon into half, cut the folded corner into V shape but make sure you don’t cut all the way to centre!

3. Tie the ribbon with a narrow ribbon, string or soft wire in the centre.

4. From one side, pull out each layer one by one to the right and left from the inside out, and twist toward you. Continue with the other side.

5. You can add a pointed ribbon to the bow too, by pasting the bow’s bottom to the ribbon. (optional)

Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

Hubby and I were talking about Christmas cards few night ago. We were commenting on varieties of cards to choose from over the greeting cards section, and we cant decide on which one to buy for his cousin staying in UK. Then he told me that we could make our own personalised Christmas card! I went "huh". What to make? What design? So sudden, I cannot think of a design for the card!

To cut the story short, in the end, we just get one nice card and mail over to UK! Hahaha! I dont wanna crack my head think of nice design for a personalised card! Should have told me few weeks ago!! LOL~

Anyway, I just browsing through some websites on nice Christmas cards design and I found this website So, having "itchy" hand, I tried myself on making one! Hahaha! It is very easy! Do give it a try! You can decorate your house with those cards or place under your Christmas tree!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend's Menu #2

A totally no cooking weekend for me! Yeah, I were lazy, and didn’t want to think of what to cook and eat! Anyway, here were the menu of what I had over the weekend. I will only mention those food I feel they are good to be recommended or commented on my blog:


Rain, rain and more rain. Darling hubby felt like having some dim sum and porridge in the morning. So we went to The Banquet at Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli. The dim sum selection is available from 8am to 2pm daily.

Main entrance to The Banquet and in the dining area.

Darling hubby ordered garoupa fillet porridge (RM6.50). Look at the chunky fish fillets.

We ordered cheong fun with prawn filling (RM5.50), deep fried yam with scallop (R6.50), deep fried dumpling with salad sauce (RM6.50), and steamed Shanghainese dumpling (RM5.50). The breakfast is served with a hot Chinese tea (RM6.00 per pot).

We spent RM38.33 for the breakfast. For those that never been there, please be warned that you may feel insulted by the waiters and waitresses there. They either deaf or don’t understand what you are saying! You ask for this, they give you that! Mind you, most of their waiters and waitresses are non-Chinese, so there is some communication breakdown each time we gone there! Their services were slow too! It said open at 8am but nothing is ready by then, and we need to wait 15 minutes before been ushered into the dining area. Usually there will be an usher at the entrance to guide you in. As for the dim sum, nothing spectacular I have to admit. I just simply don’t understand why hubby love to go there, this was our 4th time! I guess he like the cooling ambience and can peacefully enjoy his hot tea while reading the paper?? As for the dim sum, not much choice, unlike those interesting dim sum in KL! Now I miss those authentic Cantonese dim sum, where been displayed and pushed around in carts by loud-voiced ladies! Hahahah!

For dinner, we went back to my parent’s house as I suddenly miss my mum’s cooking! *wink* Pretty home-cooked dishes, which were all my favourite!


We woke up around 7am, and little gal been our alarm clock, pushing and kicking us awake. Lately she been sleeping with us in our bed, as she wouldn’t want to sleep in her own bed! Guess she wants to tuck in the same bed with her dad and mum and enjoy smelling our body odor? Hahahah!

As we were pretty earlier, and darling hubby wanted to have a hair cut, we decided to go to Kenyalang Park for breakfast. Our favourite noodle stall, Ah Min Seafood Noddle at Lian Fung Garden coffee shop open pretty early, cater to those early birds and wet market goers. Its noodles finish before 12noon! Both of us ordered kolo mee and a big “cheng” soup. We like the soup, clear and tasty. Lots of “catches” in the soup too.

As for the evening, hubby cooked us an easy dinner, which I have to give my thumb up. I prepared the ingredients, he just cook them. We had stir-fried baby bok choy with anchovies, soy sauce pork belly and fried egg with onion. All hubby’s favourite dishes!

For soy sauce pork belly, I marinated them first with salt, soy sauce and cornstarch after slicing them in big cubes. When cooking them, just add some ginger slices into hot oil, and when you can smell the fragrant of ginger, add in the pork belly. Add a bit of water and let it simmer. Before dish them out, just drop few tablespoons of white wine!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fun exercise for shaping

It has been 5 months since I started my aerobic regime. I try to go there twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and sometimes if I am in the exercise mood or nothing to do at home, I will join the Saturday class as well. My aerobic class and its workout range:

Tuesday – Aerobic stretching and toning
Thursday – Hip Hop or Belly Dance Aerobic
Saturday – Body sculpting aerobic (optional, sometime the instructor will teach what ever the participants requested, e.g last Saturday we did the Salsa dancing)

So far I have received positive feedbacks from friends and colleagues, commenting I losing weights and fitter. I hope that were their sincere feedbacks! *wink* However I personally feel I am losing some weights as I can wear all my old pants and tops back! Thank god!!

I know that all my hard work and persistent effort of rushing from work like mad woman and fighting those traffic jam to reach those classes paying well for me! So I shall continue doing my aerobic exercise…….It is fun, although once a while I feel exhausted because of the repetitive and fast steps. I am never a dancer myself, but after going to those dances aerobic, I can master few simple Latino, Mambo and Salsa steps. Not bad huh? However I still cant join those bootcamp dance competition! *wink* Whose know, maybe I will join a real dancing class soon to polish my dancing steps!

Initially I started doing aerobic to get away from those normal boring routine that I have before. Everyday after work, I will pick up my little gal from her babysister’s house and went straight home. Pretty boring for me! I feel like I have no personal time for myself. So, by joining aerobic, I can relax for 1 hour after work, a break from those bored routines, and not forgetting, meeting new people there too. Besides I did get my waist line back! So it is a good reason for me to continue this fun exercise.

Noi’s Claypot Style @ Ban Hock Road

I love to take claypot dishes such as bak ku teh (pork rib tea), prawn noodles, and claypot salted rice. I guess I like my food hot and stay hot in claypot!

I love to go to this coffee shop for its claypot dishes as they have lots of choices to choose from. It is near my work place, about 5 minutes drive. Another reason I like to go there is that the seating area is in air-conditioned room. So you wouldn’t sweat a lot after eating those hot claypot dishes and can enjoy your food better!!

Initially the proprietor operated at another coffee shop a block down the current shop. They moved to this new location only this year. It is next to a hair salon called DOF. Their specialties ranging from kacang ma chicken, curry chicken, assam fish, braised pork leg, red wine chicken to lamb stew and a lot more! They are priced from RM5.00 to RM6.00 per claypot. A plate of white rice cost RM1.00.

I met up with my sister for lunch yesterday, and we ordered curry chicken, salted mustard duck soup and bitter gourd cooked with egg. We waited less than 5 minutes for our order as not many tables are occupied when we reached there around 12.20pm. Usually it was packed and customers need to wait for more than 10 minutes. We paid total of RM20.60 for our food and drinks and went back to our respective offices feeling full and sleepy. Thanks sis for the lunch treat!

Curry Chicken (RM5.00)

Salted Mustard Duck Soup (RM6.00)

Bittergourd with egg (RM5.00)

Should you feel fed up eating all those meaty stuff, they do serve vegetables as side dishes too. They only open till late afternoon.

Actual Shopping Vs Online Shopping Experience

Hahaha! I found this comic strip very funny yet depicting the true fact in our life. With advance technology and accessibility to websites, more people tend to do online shopping. Websites such as and provide conveniences at a touch of your finger tips in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is browse around and when find the items you want, just click ‘add to cart’ and pay via credit etc. Isnt it a pure joy?!

However, don’t you miss those feeling of actually shopping around in a shopping centre and experience that “indescribable” atmosphere that actually can be found in shopping complex? Example, when the time where you need to queue up in long line to pay for your purchases, asking comment on how you look with that new dress, fighting with other customers on certain items on the shelf, trying out new digital camera and picking up those nice and aromatic cookies yourself? You are actually picking and feel your purchases with your hand. I don’t mind the long queue as I enjoy looking around and at people with all sort of funny and ridiculous expression and behaviour! With Christmas coming, it is also walking around and seeing those nice decorations around too. Like the comic character said “What! And miss the holiday experience?” Unlike online shopping, I am pretty sure I wouldnt have those holiday buying mood if I am to only see the products on the screen.

Furthermore with actual shopping, you can bring your family for a family outing or meet your old friends at some cafĂ© or bistro after shopping. You can actually shop, have fun, have a meal and even catch a movie with family and friends under a roof! Haven’t I marked my point clearly?

People just getting too “comfortable” and “lazy” to drive and shop around. Prefer to shop in their home instead. I am not against or criticize those people or the websites, mind you, just that I think we are missing something there! Human interaction! Hahaha! I will not give up the joy of going to shopping centre and enjoy myself trying all those clothing on the rack (at no cost, only at the expense of the sales persons’ precious time convincing you to buy!) I also enjoy spending time with my little gal, pushing her in the shopping cart while she busily picking up some stuff from shelves which is within her reach into the cart and I busy putting them back! I sure would miss that little moment if I do my online shopping, don’t you agree? *wink* I believe online shopping will and is to be a part of my life no matter how I ignore it! Just to what extent do I accustom to it in near future?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tailored Bow - How to make

Steps in making tailored bows:

1. First, fold the ribbon from top to bottom in increasing loop size on each layer.

2. Staple the layers together in the centre.

3. Add a length of ribbon (with pointed edges) underneath the ribbon and staple them together.
4. Wrap and glue a length of ribbon in the centre to cover the staples.

Happy trying.

Nice Boxes

I love to shop for shoes. Who doesn’t like to? Anyone who dont shop for shoes, please stand up!?
Anyway, continue with my story....I tend to keep the shoe boxes as well to keep all my shoes properly and ensure they are out of dust.

For some of the “unoccupied” shoe boxes, I will use them as storing boxes for my perfume bottles, and make up and skin care products! It would be rather dull just using the shoe boxes themselves, so I wrapped them with nice wrapping papers and add some ribbons and accessories on them! You can add anything that you fancy on the boxes as long as they stick on well!

Voila! A nice storing box! So, dont throw your shoe boxes, they come handy sometimes!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Online Food Ordering

Check this out site A new online lunch ordering business in Kuching, cater to office executive that are busy or lazy to go out for lunch! Now that save my petrol (oil is 100% guarantee to increase in price next year) and cracking my head thinking what and where to eat!
I just found out this interesting blog after reading Not much choice to pick from, but I believe with more people ordering and business booming, more menu will be added in! Food delivery, anyone?

Midin - Local Vegetable

Midin is a type of fern. It is quite similar to pucuk paku that is popular in Peninsular Malaysia. It is highly consumed by the locals and easily available throughout the year. It is commonly found in fresh water and swampy area in the Borneo.

The front tips, with or without open or expanded leaves are used traditionally as a vegetable. Fronts with very narrow modified leaves bearing the spores for dispersal are not usually eaten. The fern colour varies from light green to dark green or even different shades of red.

It is traditionally consumed by local native and they personally collected the ferns near fresh water areas and swamps. However, since it started to be eaten by other races, it has become a common commodity in restaurants and coffee shops' menu. Midin is much sought after for its crispy texture and great taste. Midin is usually served in 3 equally delicious ways - fried with either garlic, belacan, or cooked with red wine or white wine! Yummy!

Little gal enjoying her midin munching!