Friday, October 30, 2009

Fighting over the computer

Weekend is here again. When everyone is at home, it means that everyone would be fighting over the pc in the room. Usually I try to avoid farming and harvesting my crops in Farmville and Farmtown in Facebook, so I do not need to be part of the competition. However, my little gal will always want to play with the pc when her dad plays computer games. So you know the rest of the story......

Hubby always scold little gal for touching the mouse and playing with his games every time he turns away. Hubby's current addiction is "Medieval 2". Sometimes little gal clicks this and that requests and makes hubby's army lost, which much annoys hubby, who fights hard in the battle. Lol! What to do? She is getting very good with clicking this and that, and ignoring my instructions.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Enjoy my food there

When you have a young baby, you cannot expect to spend much outdoor, not to mention, having a peaceful and decent meal outside. I can count my fingers on how many times I went out for breakfast during the weekend with my family. Lol! Most of the times, I prefer hubby to "tapau" and I eat at home as I don't really like to bring Baby Jay out.

One Sunday hubby managed to persuade me to bring Baby Jay along for breakfast. So we went to nearby cafe, called Yeow Kee at 101 Premier. It is about 5 minutes drive from our house so I agreed to his suggestion. By the way, that day was Baby Jay's first time went out with us for breakfast. Luckily he was well-behaved that day, listened to his surrounding and dozed off in his stroller. *wink*

Back to Yeow Kee cafe, I enjoy going there for breakfast and lunch as it offers many choices, from chicken rice, toasts, Taiwan-styled rice rolls, beef noodles and so on. However, it is very difficult to find tables and seats on the weekends.

If you are duck meat lover, then you must drop by Yeow Kee cafe for its duck noodle. This dish is recommended by my BIL, and I fall in love with it since the first day I tasted it.

The second time I went to Yeow Kee I remember to take photo of the dish to share with you. RM5.00 per bowl. The duck meat is tender and wantons are great. I love its big tang hoon too. Some people may don't like the smell of duck, but this dish is simply delicious. The duck is not that smelly, so don't worry too much about it. You may don't like the duck meat, but you will enjoy its tangy wanton.

Monday, October 26, 2009

New stroke, new name

You wouldn't believe it!

I change my Chinese name. Not really change it, it still sounds the same. Just add few strokes in one character and totally new strokes in another character. I couldn't change my surname, so that remain the same. Lol!

I got my new name last week from the "master". This master is the same guy that we consulted for our Baby Jay's name. It all started from there, when my SIL went to get the auspicious date and time for Baby Jay's delivery. Btw, Baby Jay is 2 months old yesterday. How fast he is growing every day. While consulting for a name for new baby, my SIL been a believer in such stuff, asked about her name. So that is how everyone in the family ended having new names (as in new strokes; the sound of names remain more or less the same). For better luck, the master said.

As for my old name, the master said I would be working and working my whole life, and a very frank person (meaning, I talk what I want to and will easily offend others). So my new name eludes those bad characters. Now I have to carry my new name in a piece of paper in my purse and a key chain tied to my house key. It is good thing, as I have yet accustomed to new new name. Some more, I am Mandarin illiterate. In future if anyone ask or want to know how to write my name, I just show them in that paper or on the key chain. However, I think I need to learn how to write it out.

I don't really believe in those stuff, and it costs a fortune to change a name too but since my hubby believes in those stuff, I just follow suit. Is it coincident or what? My SIL recently in good money luck, winning few 4Ds since she changed her name in July. Or is it something else? Hmm, I wonder my luck would change for good soon??

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bills and letters that never stop stacking up

I started to sort out the bills and letters that have have been accummulated around the house yesterday. Most are hubby's; i.e. credit cards statements, insurance, loan statement etc. It took me almost whole day yesterday to file up those documents in few paper files. Still, the letters never stop coming in. Sigh!

I also create one file under our house loan. Currently we only paying the interest which is around RM900+ per month. Mind you, we have yet to pay for the principal. According to the developer, the house should be ready by next month, but we have yet to receive any notice on the handover. Up to date, the bank has paid the developer more than 90% and after I checked my S&P, it left the last portion of the payment. Which means my house is nearly complete. Everyday I am checking the mailbox for the letter from the developer, saying my house is ready and keys to be collected from them. *wink* And from there, it would be a busy time; planning for the furnishing and furniture.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"He" and "She"

I was explaining to my 3 years old girl the difference between boys and girls one day. I guess it was time for her to know the difference. I told her that a girl like her wears dresses and put on beautiful stuff. And boy wears pants and shorts. Girl usually has longer hair while boy wears short hair.

One day while I was changing Baby Jay's diaper, my little gal asked me about penis. She was curious about Baby Jay's penis and wonder why her little brother has it, so I told her that is a penis (I used "little bird" term for penis). I also told her that only boys have penises. That another difference between boys and girls.

I am very open-minded when it comes to sexuality as there is nothing to be ashamed of. So she was pretty comfortable seeing me walking in the room naked. *wink* Sometimes she will compare her breasts with mine. So I told her that mummy is a big girl called "woman" and when she grows bigger like mummy, she will have bigger breasts and becomes a woman like mummy. Sometimes she will take my bra, putting it on her chest and parading around. Lol!!

When she quarrels with her dad, she will use "boy" more than "man" to her dad. Like "Daddy is a lazy boy, always play computer games". Now she is becoming to be a great nagger like me. Lol!! Like the saying that goes "Boys will always be boys!"

Monday, October 19, 2009

The shopping goes on

Don’t you think that time is flying by us faster and faster each day? Now it is almost end of October and November is around the corner. Oh dear! And it means that hubby’s birthday, Christmas and New Year are what ahead of me.

In other word, it is spending time. Birthday present for hubby in November, presents for everyone on Christmas Day and time to shop for Chinese New Year which fall in February (in 4 months time). Oh dear, how I wish money would fall down from the sky so I have enough to shop. Oh yes, I am day-dreaming (or shall I say "night-dreaming"?) and thinking of the impossible again!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Riding the bike

Darling hubby has been on diet programme for a month now and he has lost 4 kg since then. Every day he would proudly show off his waist line to me. He can fit into most of his pants now.

I have to remind him now and then that diet itself would not do good if he did not exercise too. Hubby has a bad ankle so jogging is not a good idea. Swimming would not be good either since it has been raining almost every afternoon and evening, and public swimming pool is not open till later in the morning. So I suggested to him riding a bicycle instead. I told him to take out his mountain bike that has been idle in the store for many months now. The mountain bike was actually a gift from my dad. My dad knew hubby loves bike so he gave him one mountain bike last year.

After many days of nagging, darling hubby has finally took out his bicycle from the store last night. Hubby is thinking of riding at the nearby park early in the morning since most of the evening, we have heavy shower here. It is a better option as I do not encourage him to ride in the neighbourhood area. One reason is that there are many cars and dogs around, and secondly there are no proper bike lanes for bikers. So to be safe on a bike, it is advisable for him to bring his bicycle in his car and ride at the nearby park.

However when we checked his bicycle last night, we discovered that its bicycle saddle has torn and both tires are flat. So hubby may needs to change the bicycle saddle and both tires. It is coincident that we chance upon this wonderful online bikes store last night. is a great site as we found many nice bicycle saddles there. It is so much fun to shop at because of its choices of bicycles and accessories and not only that. It offers free shipping and 30 days satisfaction guarantee as well.

Hubby is also considering to change the tires to SweetSkinz Tires. SweetSkinz tires are so stylish. There are so many saddles and tires to choose from Darling hubby could not decide which one to get. Some more they are having sales till this Sunday 18 October, so it is a good bargain. Hubby must decide which saddle and tires to buy fast.

Hmm, probably I will get one bike myself, but unfortunately I do not know how to ride one. What a shame! All my family members know how to ride bikes and my dad is into bikes business now. I guess if there is a will, there is a way. Since I am not working and I have some free times during the day, maybe I can practice how to ride a bike. Probably I need to get those training wheels installed as I do not want to get myself hurt.

It is weekend again

And it means that:

1) the scolding and reprimand are starting again over the weekend. Extra works around the house for me too. Little gal will take out her toys and games. Sometimes she tends to ignore our instructions to keep them away. So usually I keep her stuff away at the end of the day to save extra work. Otherwise if you keep them, she will take them out again. She does that just to annoy you, sometimes I feel.

2) hubby is having a "me" times the whole Saturday and Sunday by sticking himself in front of the computer. We seldom go out, either we cook at home or hubby "tapau" food from outside. It is troublesome to bring a baby out. In other word, I am lazy to pack for his stuff and Baby Jay sweats profusely.

3) I couldn't win the games of "tv remote control pressing" with my little gal. She always gets what channel she wants to watch. I have been missing a lot of my AXN channel series for many weeks!

4)laundry will be piling up in the basket with cloth diapers. I have been seriously thinking of investing in dryer for new house. During rainy season like year end, it is hard to dry your laundry under warm sun!!

5) I couldn't take my afternoon nap as I like. Depends on the little guy's schedule, he is pretty active almost during the day

6) hubby will show no sign of two-ways communication. I feel like I am talking to a wall. He is too engrossed with his computer games.

7)I will spend 30 minutes or so feeding my little gal with food. She just slow like a snail when come to eating. She will put the food in her mouth as long as she wants. She is too lazy to eat, chew and swallow her food. If I let her feeds herself, most of the food will fall on the floor.

8) I will have to bath my Baby Jay with help of hubby. On weekday I do not have to worry about that as he is going to babysitter. But when come to weekend, I will have to do it myself; and I have to admit, I am not good at bathing young babies. Sorry to say that although this is my 2nd child, I still did not master the bathing skill. When I have my little gal, most of the times my SIL or hubby helped me to bath her. One holding her and the other bathing her. Only when she was able to sit straight by herself that I started to bath her by myself without help. Yeap, I am a helpless mummy when comes to bathing babies.

9) We will stay in our air-conditioned room. Baby Jay cannot stand heat as he sweats a lot and since he is still using Ellgy and did not use any lotion or powder due to his sensitive skin, he does not have that nice baby scent! Lol! So, we stay in our air-conditioned room most of the time. And last month's electricity bill amounting to RM500.00!! Imagine that! 3 air-conditions switched on during the nights (including mine 24/7 last month when I was in my confinement).

10) with all those works, I will have sore back by the end of the day. I couldn't help but get hubby to massage my back.

Happy weekend, everyone and to those celebrating Deepavali tomorrow, Happy Deepavali.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What she eats

It is always hard to feed my 3 years old girl. She is choosy and tends not to be too adventurous when it comes to food. Some day she would like this dish, but other day, she will not touch it. So, it is pretty unpredictable to know what is her appetite.

Little gal loves to put her food in her mouth for as long as she likes. We say that she is lazy to chew and swallow her food. It takes ages to feed her one small bowl of rice. Most of the times, I have to remind her to chew and swallow her food.

So, to make life easier for her (and me), I usually cook porridge for her. She loves fishes especially those fried and crunchy types. I have to fry the fishes to perfect crunch, and break the fishes into smaller pieces for her.

To make her porridge more nutritious, usually I add some carrots and potatoes into it. That is what she eats most of the times. Funny appetite, right?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Online friends

I have few friends whom I keep in touch and chat via MSN almost everyday. But now that we are moving into Facebook, we communicate through it more often. I find it easy as my friends have Facebook accounts and they check their Facebook home every single day. So if one of them is not around, I would start wondering what is going on with him or her.

It is great to know what they have been up to, but I find one of them rather blunt in her postings. Every day she would boast about her appearance and love life. I find that rather absurd as she will keeps posting the same things all over again. She fine tuning her words in other way, but it all means the same. I know that everyone has the right to post what ever they want to on their homes, but please! Don’t they have other things better to do??

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crawling needs

The other day, hubby's cousin gave Baby Jay a present. She was shopping at Little Lamb, and stumble on an interesting stuff. Baby knee caps for crawling babies. It may take few more months before Baby Jay knows how to crawl.

Aren't they cute?? I couldn't wait to get Baby Jay to wear them.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My workout

Both children have just dozed off. Sigh! A little time for me to go online before I would call it a day. With little gal the chatterbox and Baby Jay the demanding baby, there is nothing much I could do, left alone going online. So, am I glad that I have some "me" times during the morning and at night.

Sometimes I wonder what I am so busy about in the morning after sending both children away (little gal to school and baby to babysitter). I make it a routine to clean and mop the room every day. All the windows and balcony door are closed most of the times, and yet my bedroom is very dusty. If I did not wipe the surface one day, the next day, it will be coated with dust! Gosh!

I also lost count of how many times I walk up and down the staircases every day. One round I would fill up my thermo pot and bring it up to the room, another round, I would sterilise my children feeding bottles and another round, bringing up the laundry to be hung on my bedroom balcony. So you see, I walk the staircases many times per day. I treat it as a workout. Now my weight is around 55.4kg! Yes, losing some more kilos there.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cruise inquiries

I asked my sister to help me check on the cruise itinerary as we planned to go for cruise during next year's CNY. My sister is in the travel agency, so she would have some access to information pertaining to the cruise. I did do some research yesterday but did not able to obtain information on the charges.

Many years ago I have inquired on the Virgo cruise, departing from Singapore. That time I was planning the trip with my sister but we did not go as I couldn't take leaves.

So I am eager to go for cruise this round with my family. We planned to depart from Port Klang, but my sister hasnt get back to me on the availability and charges. Which cruise should we travel in??

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Going for a cruise next year?

My PIL was thinking of going for a cruise during next year Chinese New Year. I overheard it from my SIL the other day, and she is checking on the package and travel itinerary on the internet. She is the organiser and is thinking of the Phuket package. I only get to know recentlt that this was confirmed plan for the Chinese New Year.

Meaning that we may be travelling to Singapore to board the cruise. And it also means that I have to renew my passport which long expired and make a new passport for my little gal.

Initial plan is to stay in Kuching next year since Baby Jay is small and we don't want to travel back to Kapit. Oh well, it is sudden change of plan from my PIL. I don't mind since I have always thought of going for a cruise some days. But the thought of excluding Baby Jay make me feel uneasy.

If we are to go, then Baby Jay may have to stay at babysitter's house. Don't you feel pity and guilty for the little guy, to be left behind and not to be with his family on his first Chinese New Year??

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy couple

My brother-in-law has registered his marriage with his girlfriend of 5 years on this date. Firstly they gone to Commissioner of Oath for "sumpah" ceremony then to Chinese Association for the marriage certification signing. It took them the whole morning. I did not follow them as I have to pick my little gal from her school, but my mother-in-law came yesterday from Kapit to accompany them. Both is 23 years old. So as from today, they are married couple! And my parents-in-law got themselves another Hakka daughter-in-law. Lol! As for the wedding reception, they may do it a year later.

It just make me think of my own marriage registration date, more 5 years ago. We had it on my sister-in-law (hubby's sister)'s birthday, i.e. 10 June, so it is easier for us to remember. We did it at the Registrar, which required 21 days before we did the signing. It was just coincident that it fell on 10 June. And we picked this date as our wedding anniversary, not the wedding reception. I think it makes sense as 10 June is the date we become husband and wife. I don't remember much on the date when I first met hubby, when we went steady etc. I only need to remember one date, as there are other dates to remember as well like birthdays.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Busy me

Today is the 40th day and it means that Baby Jay is 40 days old. Some people observe 40 days confinement and usually wash their hair and take bath on 40th day instead on 30th day. But I don't, since 30th day I have washed my hair 4 times!! *wink*

Busy is another word to describe me. Damn busy with my new baby. He is super active in the morning, and will only sleep around 12noon for couple of hours. Fortunately Baby Jay sleeps longer during the night and only wakes up for feeding 2 to 3 times. His timing is pretty consistent, one around 12midnight (alternatively 1am, another around 3am (alternatively 4am) and sometimes around 6am in the morning.

So busy that I only have time for myself when the baby and little gal are not at home in the morning, when one sent to babysitter's house and another is at pre-school. Those few hours in the morning feel heaven (peace and quiet). *wink* But when come to weekend, oh dear! Hardly have time to breath and sit down.

I am also busy looking through the vacancy sections in newspapers and, hopefully to be able to find a job soon. So far I have submitted one application. Meantime, I am "siu lai lai" staying at home, looking after my 2 children, and doing other errands.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My old girl

The "old girl" here is my car. More than 12 years old Toyota Corolla, that has been faithfully bringing me to where ever I want to go. On the day I went to hospital to deliver my Baby Jay, my "old girl" broke down that evening. Under the heavy rain. My SIL drove my car that day and it broke down just at the big roundabout to BDC. I even drove it the day before and nothing happened. We sent the car back to my dad and he "kaw tim" my car and it stayed idle throughout my confinement period.

It turned out that the tubes to the water tank broke and leaked; so thank god it did not affect the engine. And now I am back to drive my "old girl" to send my girl to pre-school and Baby Jay to nanny's house and back. And hubby also scolded me "Why you didn't check this and that?" and I simply replied him "I only know how to drive the car." So in the end hubby just told me to remind him in the future to check on my car's battery, water etc so such incident would not happen again. *wink* I am leaving this checking stuff to him; he should know cars better than me!