Friday, January 28, 2011

Good friend

There are many nice customers I met in the shop and one of them is this 70-plus uncle. Probably he is a lonely man as he does not get well with his son and daughter-in-law, he will chat with me on almost everything from his family, beauty regime, health and current issues. Believe me, he has been one of my loyal customers and bought a lot of beauty and supplement items from me. Every time he dropped by, my staff will automatically gave him a glass of water and a seat. First time I met him, we chatted for more than 2 hours! So, you can said our friendship started from that 2 hours.

Just this week, he unexpectedly dropped by my shop and passed me a pack of dried bacon! Ooooh! My favourite. I have just finished the pack my cousin gave me last month, and another one just came in. There goes my diet! *wink*

It is very thoughtful of him. Thank you, Mr H!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A week away...

No more shopping. Everything is pretty expensive. Can see, cannot afford to buy. I am talking about the vegetables, CNY goodies and Mandarin Oranges.

Since I started my business I hardly have time for myself. So yesterday, I had my facial done. Tried out the new beauty centre and the result? I requested no redness and hard pinching, so my face turned out great after a thorough cleaning. Lol! My hair? Nah. I think I shall leave it as it is. Could not think of what to do with my hair. I done my straightening last May and it still look straight, so I shall leave it for time being.

One more week. Counting down to my holiday...could not wait to sleep late, wake up late, and most of all, lazy around with my 2 kids. After all, it has been a week since my Indonesian worker left to celebrate CNY with her family. Since then, I spent more times at shop as the other staff are newer. So did not have times with the kids, either than morning and late at night. Even my little gal is commenting on my late coming back home. Sigh!

She has packed some stuff in her favourite Barney bag last night, but it was not the stuff that you would pack for vacation. What else, other than her stationery case and colour pencil case. Lol! So got to start packing for the kids one of these nights. Myabe hubby can help out since he will start his long holiday this Saturday. Gosh! I hate packing, because I will end up with so many stuff, especially when you are bringing kids along. Could not afford to bring this and that while away from home. It will be Baby Jay's first trip away from home. I already started to dread about the 3 hours long express ride with my boy.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Over the weekend

Spending almost 2 hours in The Spring on Saturday afternoon. Result? Spent slightly over RM1000.00 on shopping. I got a pair of Lee jeans.

Our shopping bags. Talking about shopping bags and plastic bags, The Parkson has started the "No Shopping Bag" on every Saturday, so if you forget to bring your own bags, you can always buy at price of RM0.20 each and all the monies will go to charity. As you can see here, we forget to bring ours and spent RM0.40 for them.

After the shopping, we settled down at Sushi King. We ordered its Hotate promotion> Does not look that appetizing to me. Picture can be deceiving sometimes. Lol!

Why the empty plates picture? Just to show you that I finished my Unagi set and hubby just started to eat his tempura set. Slow services even not many customers. Lol!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

TIme to shop

It is time to shop. Hubby and I will go hunting for his clothing as well as Baby Jay's CNY clothing. We have not get down to shopping for the celebration as both of us are busy at work. Just few hours to spare this afternoon, hopefully we would have some great purchases.

I have bought 2 dresses in KL and my mum gave me one dress. Little gal also have her share of new wardrobe. It is always easier to buy clothing for girls compared to boys, don't you think? Girls have more varieties and patterns. So that is why most of Baby Jay's clothing are bought by hubby, not me. Lol!

Monday, January 10, 2011


I could not stop ranting to my hubby since yesterday but I have still did not get it out from my system yet. So I have to rant it over here to you. This is not the reason for my sleepless night last night. Could not have eye shut till very late in the morning plus the kids putting me much awake the whole night with one loves to kick her blanket off and another keeps rolling around the bed. Sigh!

I confirmed that I have met a crazy boy. He could not stop bugging me over the phone for past few days. Now I regret helping him out. Actually the story started a month ago.....

A boy around 19 years old approached me and hubby at the shop asking for any job vacancy. I do not employ a male worker so I told him directy no vacancy. But he sounds and looks so desperate and sincere so hubby and myself told him we will look out for him if any.

Since then he did called up couple of times to check on any vacancy until last month when my dad told me he is looking for a general worker for his shop. A worker that able to deliver stocks to customers and do some repairs and servicing.

So thinking of the boy, I recommended him to my dad. He did came last Saturday and after work for a day only, he smsed me yesterday that he could not work anymore. Reason? Because he has no job experience and no driving license. What reasons are those? No experience, I give you a chance to work and gain one. It is not like you can walk on the first day you were born. Experience is gained as you work. No license? Then go and get one. Gosh! I lost count of how many calls I received on Saturday night and Sunday. One SMS he told he cannot go so I told him off that if he thinks that the job does not suit him, then I will tell my dad accordingly. However the subsequent sms I received saying he has something to discuss with me. Geez. What is wrong with this guy???

My mum even commented to me this morning that he is not of sound and right mind luckily no sight of him today. Otherwise my mum will also ask him to leave with immediate effect. Lol! So that is it! Just hope he will not disturb us again otherwise .....So much for helping people out but never know that person till it is too late. *sigh*

Friday, January 7, 2011

First week

First week of January has been good. Today is the 7th, if you do not realise it yet. So far everything is in track.

Every morning, I woke up before 7am as we need to leave the house around 745am. If not, I will get complaint from my little gal on being late to school, bla bla bla. She is getting very naggy lately. First day of school was not so fun for both of us, as little gal did not want to go to school. But after dropping her off in her class and spending half day there, she is doing fine. Now without hesitation, she will call on everyone to get ready and off to school every morning. Lol!

CNY is less than a month away. We will be going back to hometown as usual. It would be Baby Jay's first trip; as he has never sit in plane or ride an express boat before. I start to have headache thinking about my naughty boy in the 3 hours plus express boat ride. Lol! But the feeling of going back hometown is just great. The reunion dinner, the fresher air and greener landscape of small town makes me counting down to the day.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good night

Just out from shower and having both kids fall asleep, I would have a little time for myself in front of pc before hubby ask my help to finish up his powerpoint. I could not remember when the last time I have to sit in front of pc at such hour doing office works. Lol! If I do not do it, I will not have a good night sleep tonight.

School starts tomorrow. So I have to get up early around 7am, getting myself and the kids ready before going out from the house. Since she is back from her holiday, my girl has been telling me that she did not want to go to school. Sigh! All sort of reasons given by her,i.e. teacher always scold her, school not good, not fun. I hope no big crying scene from her tomorrow morning. She always like that after a long long holiday. Sigh!