Friday, June 28, 2019

Another warm day

It is a very warm week over here. Really don't feel like going out in such burning weather but I can't do that. 

Still need to chaffeuring the kids around and run my errands. 

Like on Wednesday, I sent my car for a quick wash. RM16 to wash, clean and vacuum my car. 

While waiting, I had my lunch next door, Curry House. I felt like having its economy rice so here I went.  I had one spiced chicken wing, deep fried spiced bittergourd and curry sting ray. 

And I bought a pack of vegetarian dhal home. RM1 for this dhal. My man could eat a lot of rice with just this dhal. 

In the afternoon, I made some orange popsicles so the kids could enjoyed when they were back from schools. 

I used these juices for the popsicles. Bought from Everrise last weekend. 

Wednesday was the warmest in my opinion and it was evident when my youngest came home with a sunburn. He had an excursion to Borneo Happy Farm that day. It was really warm that particular day.

And the week went by with us hiding in our house, if possible, away from the heat. Expecting a hike in my electricity bill with us switching on the air-con to keep cool. 

We had rain last night so a much milder weather this morning but the sun is coming out bright and warm now.

Hope for a better and cooler weekend. Happy weekend, guys! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Late lunch

Hubby was the driver for the church last Sunday. He was assigned to pick and send the kids and adults to and fro Sunday school. 

By the time he finished sending all home and drove back the church van to the compound, it was after 1pm. 

And my man suggested to have lunch in this Chinese restaurant.

This was our 3rd visit to Boulevard Restaurant this month. My man loved to dine here. The ambieance. The food. Suits him well, I guess. 

Luckily it wasn't a long queue and we were ushered to our table after an approximately 10 minutes wait. 

Probably it was Sunday so most dishes and dim sum were sold out that afternoon. Not much choice for our late lunch. 

And I ended up with roasted duck rice (RM10. 37).  I wasn't used to eating my rice from the rice bowl so I scooped them up into a plate. 

The duck was alright but slightly dry and tough. I prefer the roasted duck from here and here. Both are still my favourite places for roasted duck rice. 

I may not fancy the duck rice over here but its prawns and chicken floss fried rice wowed me. They added some crunchy lard in the fried rice. We ordered a small plate for Jan but it turned out quite a portion. Fit to be shared among 2 to 3 persons. RM21. 69 for that small portion of fried rice. 

Plain noodle (RM2. 83) for the boys. They like the noodle here.

Other than the above, we also ordered few available dim sum such as deep fried prawn rolls, lo mai kai, and chicken feet with bbq sauce.

Total cost for our lunch was RM89.80. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Sweet temptation

Last Saturday we went to Green Heights Mall to check out the new supermarket that recently open for business. 

Everrise. Not totally new to us, this is the newest chain that open to cater to the local neighbourhood. 

We spent less than an hour in the new supermarket before we made our way to the flea market.  One of the stalls that attracted us was next to the flea market. 

Ice-cream!! How could we missed it with this big ice cream statue standing next to the  mall entrance?? 

Bee's Gelato. So many choices to choose from. After tasting few flavours we went for 2 cups of its fresh and sweet gelato. 

Oreo and strawberry flavours. RM16 for both. I loved the strawberry gelato. Very fresh and sourish and sweet at the same time. Like the fruit itself.

Luckily we don't take gelato that often since it is not cheap. Once in a while, it is alright to enjoy such rare treat. 

By the way you could only get them on weekends, as stated on their notice. 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

New menu

It was Thursday. Jay was not feeling well so I brought him to clinic that morning. After that we had breakfast at this coffee shop.

I usually went for its kolo mee or Sarawak laksa but that morning, its new menu attracted me. Now they are serving Kuching tomato crispy noodle!  Wow. Of course I couldn't resist my childhood favourite noodle so I ordered that to try.

Kind of reminiscing my childhood.

Portion is enough for me, just nice for breakfast. Not too filling. I need to wait for the fried crispy noodle to be soaked in the light seasoned tomato broth before it turned soft and edible. I like my noodle to be slightly crispy. Others may prefer it to be totally soften but that the way I like mine.

And for my lunch, I had this nasi lemak from this coffee shop with my girl before dropping her off in her school.

I usually have its nasi lemak with fried chicken but this round, I went for a different menu, the nasi lemak with chicken curry.  Tasted wise, it was decent and good. Curry was not that spicy, and I thought it was slightly oily. For RM6, I wasn't complaining. I am not a choosy eater, I eat anything as long as it is edible and well cooked.

And I like how my fried egg is made that day. Yummy. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

His moments

He had his moments. The Father's Day weekend.

On Saturday, he woke up early to follow a friend for a fishing trip. No, me and kids did not follow as we had stuff to do. And somehow fishing did not enticed me much. Lol.

So my man had a good time with his fishing buddy and by the time he reached home, it was very late in the evening. 

Our ice box came back with the catch of the day (or rather, catches!!).  I can save money from buying fishes in the market for quite sometime.

On Sunday, we went for a movie. MIB International, his choice of a Father's Day movie.

In the morning, he got a surprise from the girl. A sketch done by Jan. Look alike right?? 

The kids greeted their dad 'Happy Father's Day' with hugs and kisses. The way he loves to be waken up with!

In the evening, I cooked dinner and steamed these fishes that he caught.

Accompanied by some wild boar meat, precooked by my bro-in-law, it was a nice homey dinner at home.

That was how we spent our Father's Day this year. An awesome weekend filled with nice family moments. Maybe one day we will follow him to the sea for some sea adventure. His wish for us to go together.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Miss it

We loved it so much that we were back to this Boulevard Restaurant for more dim sum that week.

In our previous visit, they forgot one of our orders, har kaw (prawn dumplings) so we never get to taste that. This round, we would not want to miss it again and ordered it along with other new dishes.

We were the first few patrons that arrived early that Sunday morning. We queued up before it opened at 9am. Once the door was opened, everyone patiently queued up and walked into the restaurant. Our dim sum came in a faster time after we placed order! 

Our har kaw was the few that arrived first on our table. We loved it. The skin wasn't too thick and the prawns were fresh and sweet. 

We were hesitated at first to order the steamed chicken feet with bbq sauce but we were glad that we did. It was nice!! Slightly sweet and spicy, the feet was tender. 

The kids and I loved these plates. Egg tarts and yam puff. Jan finished all the tarts while I had most of the yam puff. 

Char siew filling in the crispy yam puff.  I enjoyed it very much. 

Another request from me. Salted egg custard bun (lau sar pau). At least the custard was oozing out when I dug in the bun. 

We loved these deep fried prawns rolls in our previous visit that we ordered 2 portions of them. 

And we had chrysanthemum tea to accompany our lovely dim sum breakfast. 

When we would be back here? Not sure. Dim sum isn't cheap so we can only enjoy it once in a while. 

Friday, June 14, 2019


It was last Thursday. 2nd day of Raya. We had an open house visiting that afternoon.

We did not go to any visiting during Gawai holiday this year. If this staff of hubby did not do Raya open house, I would not get to enjoy nice Malay dishes and cakes this year!!

Sarawak kek lapis

Loved her cooking. Last year she cooked briyani and Sarawak laksa. This year it was nasi lemak and bakso. 

dishes on the table

DIY style; we assembled and made our own food. Take all we want.


Nasi lemak

Dragon boat festival fell on 7 June; it was time to enjoy some Chinese dumplings (bak chang). Actually you get to eat bak chang any time of year but this Dragon boat festival called for a more meaningful eating of bak chang.

I bought few for the special occasion last Thursday. The kids like chang so that was for our afternoon tea. 

In the evening, we went to a birthday dinner of my brother's youngest daugher. She turned one on 6 June.

Buffet style in Hon Ang Restaurant in Simpang Tiga.

It was a day full of feast. Scrumptious food that we had the whole day!