Sunday, September 30, 2018

While waiting

Taekwondo upgrading test for both Jan and Jay last Sunday. One for blue tip belt and another for red belt.

Their test was held in the Taekwondo centre in Stutong (above Fat Cat Cafe). So that morning, we had an early lunch in Fat Cat before they started their test at 1pm.

Fat Cat Cafe (now is renamed as F. C. Food and Drink Cafe) is known for its Sarawak laksa. A bowl of Sarawak laksa (RM6) for my man to start off his lunch.

He also had this lovely kueh chap cheng (RM8) to share with me. I loved it. The broth was nice. Plentiful of meats and goodies in the bowl.

I also shared this Chinese economy rice (RM6) with Jamie. Very home cooked. I liked it.

We didn't wait there for them to finish and neither did we went home. Usually it took around 1.5 to 2 hours, depends on your belt (level). Since Giant was not too far, we decided to go there for a walk while waiting for both to finish the test.

We walked around the supermarket. But our main reason was to visit the Baker's Talk. To buy its freshly baked donuts! Only available on Sundays, and they are selling like hot cakes!!

We love the donuts very much and since we don't go to that part of the area very often, we bought a lot whenever we visit. 

Friday, September 28, 2018

Weekend Menu #92 : ABC soup

Isn't it a sigh of relief that weekend is here? 

Finally, UPSR is over and my girl can have a breather. Everyone could relax better this weekend as last weekend was a busy one. Taekwondo upgrading test, revision, I was recovering from sickness and all the other things at home. 

My man and I took turn to fall sick. I recovered, and he was sick. Then I got the bugs from him again!

He wasn't well on Malaysia's Day, so he requested I cooked ABC soup for him. He was longing for it and since it has been a while we had it at home, I cooked it as our soup of the day that weekend.

My other dishes included fried white pomfrets and stir fried sweet potatoes leaves. Simple home-cooked meal.

I usually use chicken as the meat base for my ABC soup but again, my "patient" wanted pork as the meat base. Thankfully I had some pork ribs in the freezer so, ABC with pork rib it shall be.

Pork ribs, about 200 - 300g
4 medium sized potatoes
1 carrot
1 big onion
White pepper and salt to taste

1. Blanch the pork rib before add into a pot of boiling water.
2. Peel the potatoes, cut into half. Cut the carrot into big cubes. Slice the onion.
3. Add potatoes, carrot and onion into the soup.
4. Simmer under low fire till the meat is cooked and vegetables have soften. 
5. Add white pepper and salt to taste before turn off the fire and stir to mix well. Serve.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

To the mall again

On Malaysia's Day, we woke up late and missed our Sunday service. So in the end, we decided to hit the mall (the very same mall the second time in a week!) after breakfast.

There was a SCCS exhibition in one of the atrium and they decorated the place with balloons, which my kids screamed and thrilled looking at them, so we got to check the balloon maze.

As we went in the maze, we were treated to a story of a young boy's story (a cancer survivor). Good to expose the children with what the Sarawak Children Cancer Society's works and cancer impact on young children.

After a walk in the balloon maze and we bought some lanterns from a toy shop, we went to the lower ground for a tea break. Donuts for a little snacking. 

I don't remember when was the last time I had donuts from this chain. But it felt nice to taste its warm, freshly baked donuts that morning with a cup of earl grey tea.

We spent some time in the games arcade (again!) before we went to the cinema to catch a movie.

Yes, this time we did caught a movie, ate some popcorn and nachos in there. Lol.

Who was the happiest when we go to a shopping mall? Who else. The kids. There is fun, food, movie, shopping and cooling air.  What else could they ask for? ^^

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Mermaid mooncakes

Not an avid coffee drinker, I don't patronize those franchise coffee chains. If I ever visit one, I would order hot cocoa or one of its flavoured tea.

Not so long ago, my hubby bought home a big box of Starbucks; a gift from a customer. I never knew Starbucks has mooncakes. Do you know that? Or maybe I am the one that don't know as I don't visit the outlet.

The box was lovely. My man loved it so much that he kept it in his storeroom. He collects these stuff more than I do! 

In the box, there was a gift set of ceramic teapot and 2 cups. I loved them so much. And 4 mooncakes but my man ate one before he brought the gift home. Low sugar white lotus with yolk.

Mixed nuts

Okay, to be honest, the mooncakes looked good. Each imprinted with their signature twin-tailed mermaid, they are simply lovely to look at. But do they taste good than their looks?

My first taste of mooncake this year! Mixed nuts! Not overly sweet and very nutty. I had hard time cutting it because of the nuts.

Roselle blueberry was all pretty pink.

My Jamie ate most of this mooncake. He liked it maybe because he said it tasted like candy. It had that mild sweet fragrant.

Green tea keylime was my favourite among the three because of its milder flavour. Not sweet at all, I could detect the mild green tea with a bit of zest.

Happy Mid-Autumn celebration, guys!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Only RM2!

They said this shop offers the cheapest chicken rice in Kuching! Onn Cafe.

They have few outlets around Kuching and one of them is in MJC. So near, yet I have never been there before. So my curiosity got into me one Saturday that I decided to try the chicken rice. Only RM2, so no harm trying and at the same time, don't expect much out of it!

The cafe in MJC was clean and it was just 11 am, and the noodle stall has closed and done for the day. The chicken rice wasn't much either. They almost finished the roasted chicken so I asked the waiter to mix with steamed chicken.

5 packs of chicken rice for RM10. Right after my order, a guy ordered 20 packs of chicken rice. I guess after that, the shop should have done and closed for the day.

Looked good for RM2. They definitely generous with the rice. The rice wasn't fragrant, couldn't detect any chicken oil in it but it was fluffy and soft.

The chicken meat was nice. A whole piece. Not like some chicken rice shop that slice the meat into half and bang or smash the meat before chopping and serving.

The chili dipping was fine. Good to go with the meat.

Overall, it is an economical lunch. Would I be back for it? Maybe. Or maybe not. Too many other nice and tastier food around that attract me. Lol.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

In the mall

After breakfast with my parents, we went our separate way. Since we were very near to Vivacity Mall, my man suggested for a walk in the mall to kill time. Since it was almost 10am and we had nothing to do, so everyone agreed to the idea.

We walked, we shopped, we ate. And we almost caught a movie, but we didn't. Nothing interesting enough for us to waste money and time to catch, so we stuck with the walking and shopping.

I bought few shirts from a boutique, the kids had new footwear. The big man also got himself a new short. Everyone walked home with loots that day.

The kids especially the boys had so much fun in the games arcade. About an hour there, you wouldn't want to know how much we spent!

By noon, we were hungry so we had our lunch in Kuching Flavours food court. We had Ah Suan chicken rice. Used to be one of the famous one (row of shop next to Sarawak Plaza) but has since closed down. The only Ah Suan chicken rice stall left was in Kuching Flavours.

And that wasn't enough, we ordered rojak (RM6.90) as well. The rojak was good. We enjoyed that more than the chicken rice, I have to admit.

Spotted a new eatery that just opened not long ago. Another day for that when we feel like having Thai food.

After lunch, everyone was tired. Mostly from the walking. So we headed home and spent the rest of the day watching DVD.

That was how we mostly spent our weekend together. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Check it out

Photo taken from Vivacity

New development in Jln Wan Alwi dubbed Milan Square. We went to one of the food courts that opened last month, named as Food Destination. Across the road from Vivacity Mall, the food court was clean and neat. 

More than 10 food stalls to choose from. Like any other food courts in Kuching, the selection is more or less there. The only matter is good or not.

We invited my dad and mum for breakfast  together last Monday since it was a public holiday. Dad suggested this new place since he hasn't been there and would like to check it out. So were we. So we agreed to meet there and see what this new place has to offer.

The kids as usual, never mind on kolo mee for their breakfast, so a bowl each for them.

Hubby also placed a side order for its mixed pork soup, which according to him, it was nice. He liked it.

Yours truly went for something different. Tomato crispy noodle. Taste-wise, it was fine. Not the best I have eaten but it was just alright for RM6.50.

There is another bigger food court at the other end but that place was very packed. Must be something good there. Maybe another day to check it out.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Miscellaneous Picture #82 : The route

Some photos to share with you when we drove from Kuching to Sibu. The lovely views we witnessed along the route mostly from Asajaya to Batang Lupar ferry stop.

We loved the morning sun when the day started to brighten up.

Big bright sun

On Sadong bridge

Fog in front

Reached the jetty

Lovely morning view

Batang Lupar river

In the ferry

The highway, still long way to go

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Before we leave

We spent 2 nights in Sibu. On the day before we were leaving for Kuching, we dropped by this old corner coffee shop for breakfast.

Wan Cafe (across the road from Premier) where an old couple busy preparing and serving their regular customers and anyone  waiting patiently enough to be served.

It was Sunday but maybe we were early or lady luck really was on our side. Not only we were able find a decent parking in front of Niichi boutique, but we were able to find good table at the crowded coffee shop. Strategic spot to watch the twosome doing their cooking.

My sil did the ordering and she recommended its lovely, warming Foochow-styled fish ball soup. 

Definitely could detect the fragrant Foochow red wine in the soup and I loved the hand-made fish balls. Not round like what we have outside.

Everyone except me had their white kampua. Big serving of the noodle. And I love that they used the ceramic crockery to serve customers.

As for yours truly, this Foochow stir-fried noodle was nice but I did have trouble finishing the whole plate of it.

After our delicious breakfast, we drove to the town centre to buy some kompia and goodies home. Don't ask me where, I forgot the name but it was the one at backlane of the old shops in Tiong Hua road.

Freshly baked kompia with sesame seeds topping but not enough for us to order so we drove over to Rejang Park to get some more of the plain, sweet type and with butter on top.

With full tummies and after bought all these goodies, we brought my sil and her daughter home, collected our luggages and headed back to Kuching.

We used the Sadong route where we needed to take 2 ferries (Batang Saribas, Pusa and Batang Lupar). Actually we spent an hour waiting for the ferries but overall, the driving only took us slightly over 5 hours to reach our destination.

A long journey but everyone enjoyed the time we had in Sibu. Don't know when we would be coming back.