Friday, September 30, 2011

Ticking away

So many things, so little time.

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OMG! It is already end of September???! 3 more months to go before we bid 2011 goodbye. There are so many things in hands, and I frantically trying to divide my time (and myself if can) between works and family. The last quarter of the year would be a very busy time, as festive season is around the corner and not forgetting our new house. Just could not help but to whip those contractors to do the works faster around the house so I can choose a good day and time to move in, and have my stuff really move in and unpack them.

Time is never enough!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Menu #15: Food to warm your soul

What a great dish to kick start my day non other than a nice bowl of mihun soup. I love my soup to be sour, so some kiam chai and tomato do the trick. Fresh fish meat is a good protein source. I can finish 2 bowls but I got to watch my weight at the same time.

Another great soup is chicken soup. Funny thing is that when I am not well, I always crave for either porridge or warm chicken soup. As hubby and I were not feeling well last week, we have some ginseng chicken soup. I can have many bowls of these soups and dip my chicken meat in light soy sauce. Yummy! What do you have when you are not feeling well?

This dish is mostly cooked during confinement. I ate a lot of these kacang ma during my 2 confinements. It is a Hakka heritage dish. To read more, go here. It is flavourish with lots of herbs, old ginger and wine. On normal days I will crave for it but of course with less white wine. I do not need too much of wine, but it does good to cleanse the body when you have your monthly menstrual.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sisterly meeting

I have few good friends from previous company. We are no longer working there and we ended up as ladies of leisure (more or less). Once a while we tried to find times to meet up. May it be breakfast or lunch, we try to get together once a week or at least twice a month. You can see we grew close since the old days when we were in same company that we feel like we are sisters. I find it is good get-away time as I hardly have time to meet up with old friends. Most of my days I am stuck in the shop or busy with family matters. And when we did meet up, we talk like no body business. Sometimes I feel other people from other tables are looking at us. Must be we talking or laughing too loud. You know girls. When we meet up, we love to gossip!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boh Eng

I do not know what I am busy about, but the works in my new house make me more excited. Why not? It means in two or three months time I will be moving to my new house. Before Christmas we must move into the house! *wink*

Update on the new house works. Now contractor is doing some touch up on the wet kitchen (windows & door fixed, painting, building the cabinet and stove top). At same time, the built in wardrobe for the bedrooms. Next would be the installation of air cons, lightings, heaters and ceiling fan(s). Follow by tiles on car porch and back of the house. Last but not least, before all the furniture and stuff moving in, the cleaning part!

More cleaning works to be done, but luckily hubby said he will get a cleaning company to do the cleaning. Debris and dust everywhere and no matter how much I sweep and mop, the floor will be covered in white dust in few minute. So I guess I leave the cleaning job to the professionals who has the right tools and equipment to do it.

I have already packed my room and I can see that it is pretty empty with all those stuff sealed in boxes. As I were doing the packing, I realised we have so many rubbish and unused items. So same time I took times to clear all those overdue bills, magazines and unnecessary things.

More boxes and packing needed, but I wonder where to keep those boxes for time being before we are moving in. Some more there will be a new member of the family arriving next month so need to clear one of the bedrooms for the confinement lady. Oh boy......really boh eng (busy)!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Go bare

My beautician advised me to minimise on make up and wash my face more thorough as I have a lot of white heads and make up residues. I have oily skin with big pores, so I have to take care of my skin well, otherwise pimples will "visit" me. So I decided to go "naked" on my face with no make up.

It has been a week since I went to my last facial wash. My complexion is better as less pinching and not so red. I always hate going for a facial, because they tend to pinch my face till it so red and take long time to heal. Unlike the previous one, my redness gone in after 2 days while this last trip, it gone in a day. Since then I have not put any make up on my face. At first I am not used to it. As you see, my usual morning routine would include make up in front of the mirror but since then, I have more time to spare with my kids. And I feel relax in the morning too. I spent about 5 - 10 minutes (depend on how extensive my make up is) but now that extra minutes are spent on chatting and playing with my 2 kids. *wink*

My skin feel great and smooth too. But still, I need to wash and blot my face often as I do not want to clog my pores with my already-oily-combination. I think I will spend less money on cosmetic especially those foundations and compact powders, but I still love to get myself a new eye shadow palette. You should try it out too. Go naked on your face.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cracked nails

Not exactly cracked nails, but nail colours. Tried out the new Cosway Crackle Nail Lacquer. Not so sure how much to put in first place but after trying on few nails, I decided that more is better. Bring out the colours in them. And with Gloss coating to finish them, it sure stands out.

Used my own gold and gloss coating, and used Purplish Brown Crackle Nail Lacquer.

Crackle in seconds!!!

Beautiful or not? First experiment so I do not think it is that smooth. Will try other colours.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

House WIP #3

I have to sweep once and mop three times in the family hall and 3 bedrooms, and clean 2 bathrooms upstair yesterday. It took me more than 2 hours and by the time I finished, I was exhausted to go for a swim.

My proposed new kitchen.

No more side and front landscape since we are lazy to maintain grass and plants. All cemented in the car porch to give more spaces to our cars.

Hubby is done with the coat painting to the kitchen. Now waiting for people to install the windows and door, and building wooden cabinet to the kitchen.

The backyard also cemented; more space.

Friday, September 16, 2011


It is Friday and a holiday today. Not that it makes any difference to me. The kids are with baby sitter and my shop still have to operate as usual. Just that today I will do something extra.

Time to do some cleaning to my new house. Actually not a thorough cleaning, just only on the 3 bedrooms up stair. The workers will do the built in wardrobe to the bedrooms soon, so I would need to do some cleaning and mopping to the wooden floor before the wardrobe are in. Hubby is going to paint the wet kitchen today so maybe after the works, we will have a dip in the swimming pool. Long time did not go for a swim. We are paying the monthly service charge, so must fully use its facilities, right? Hopefully the weather is good later.

It has been raining almost this week and I even have to send my dirty clothing to laundry centre. My clean laundry is piling up and I have not have time to keep them. I have brought back some boxes for hubby since he wanted to pack his books and dvd. The room is going to be dusty again......

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mummy's children

I had my first child at the age of 28. I think it is an ideal age to have children but at that point of time, I were ready and settling down to have kids. Some think that I was rushing things because I got pregnant after a month of marriage. Some said I should enjoy marriage life, maybe a year before settling for kids.

What ever it is, I have no regrets. At that moment of time, I just feel like having kids. And boy! I am in my 30s and I have a pair of kids. How beautiful my 2 kids are. I am truly blessed and grateful to have wonderful children, although sometimes they giving me headaches and heartbreaks. Nevertheless I am proud of them.

I love the feeling of waking up in the morning to the sound of my children either greeting me with "Good Morning" or asking for their milk. I love the idea of sharing ice cream cone with my girl, playing blocks with my boy and having a nice bucket of fried chicken with my kids. I am contented with 2, but hubby keeps persuading me for Baby No 3. See how thing goes after we move into the new house. *Wink*

House WIP #2

The wet kitchen is in progress, first coating has been laid down, and next work would be installing the windows and door, and building of bricked cabinet in there. More painting to be done by hubby after all those works are done.

Next would be our built-in wardrobe for the master bedroom and the kids' 2 bedrooms. Me and hubby gone for colour selection yesterday. We are pleased with the sketches of the wardrobe, so the work will start this week after the down payment of 30%. It will take about a month. Phew! Money and more money is pouring out for the house but it is good thing, as slowly our dream house is in progress.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Breakfast of Kueh Chap

I rarely take kueh chap, partly because I do not take internal organs of pigs. So after so many years of not tasting kueh chap, I finally decided to give the new stall in Sing Garden a try this morning.

Turned out good! I requested for those lean meats, tauhu puff, egg and "kueh". RM5 per bowl. Love the soup as it is not too overwhelming yet flavourish and not to mention the chunky lean meats. Hubby was even surprised that I finished up the whole bowl. Lol!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My Streamyx is not behaving well since yesterday. Hardly can get connected; so frustrating especially when there were some urgent matters to be e-mailed and updated. This morning the Streamys also down although my computer has the connection icon. However luckily I am able to get down to work now. Hope everything is smooth without any more interruption.

I am also down. Must be the virus from my boy that caught me. I have been sneezing since Sunday evening. I did not take any medicine, just sleep it off and taking more Vitamin C to boost my immune system. Only until it is serious, then I "die die" go see doctor or get medication from pharmacist. Lol!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


September is here and I think I am even more busier than ever this month.

The extension work at the back of the new house is almost ready, left the painting part. That will be taken care by hubby himself as he volunteers to paint himself. Save money and same time, he needs the exercise. *wink*

It is that time of the year again where wedding bells are ringing. This month I will be attending 2 ex-colleagues' wedding receptions. Thank god they are not holding theirs at same time. One is on 11 and another on 13 September. So got to chip more for ang pows. Lol!

School is starting next week, so it means "rush hour" is back for us in the morning. My girl's school fee have been settled last month otherwise another big hole in our pocket other than the renovation work that we need to chip out.

Relax, relax~ Need to find time to breathe and relax. Because more is coming up this month and month to follow.....