Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Heavy weight

School year end exam for primary schools started today. No early dismiss so classes are conducted as usual. My girl is having her BM and Chinese composition exams this morning. Those two are her weaker subjects so I hope she will be able to do them well. *Fingers cross*

Exams will be on till next Monday. As usual it is the mummy that worried more than the girl herself. She just takes thing as easy as possible. Or maybe I worry too much. Can't blame me because yesterday she complained of stomachaches and headaches in morning and her school teacher even help to massage her forehead. And in the evening she complained she was tired and upon checking, she had a mild fever.  After taking panadol and pasting a Koolfever gel on her forehead, she gone to sleep. Sigh. Maybe I worry too much.

From today onwards she would not need to bring so many books and stuff to school. As you can see this is her school bag. Damn heavy even for me. If I bring her to school I would help her to carry her heavy bag to 1st floor as her class is on 1st floor. Luckily she is able to push her bag instead of carrying on her back. The bag itself is already pretty heavy. Pity the kids nowaday.  Too many books. 

Woke up early today because Baby Jamie did not want to sleep after his feeding around 5am. So after sent him to nanny, I went for my breakfast in one of the coffee shops in Rejang Park. I like the meat kompia served by one of the stall here. Super delicious. The kompia was a bit tough today but I still enjoyed it. After my breakfast I went home to take my cat nap.  ;)

Monday, October 28, 2013

On a Sunday

Our Sunday was great.  We stayed at home waiting movies; catching up 3 movies in a day.  I enjoyed a good movie day with my family. 

In the morning, we went out for our breakfast in the city.  We decided to go to Cafe-Cafe since the kids requested for pancake breakfast.  I guess they still like the outside pancakes than my home-made pancakes.  Lol!

I ordered its avocado egg mayo sandwich in Cafe-Cafe.  No one wanted my sandwich so I walloped the whole sandwich and it lasted me till late afternoon. And I cannot finished my bowl of Mee Sua chicken soup.  I love the sandwich so much. If only they put more avocado slices.

In the evening, I cooked dinner as I were lazy to go out bringing a baby along.  Never like bringing baby out because all the packings and hassles. 

So for our dinner we had stir fried long bean with egg, fried luncheon meat and lotus pork rib soup.  Nowadays I whipped up simple meals over the weekend as with baby in the house, I just have to simplify my meals and shorten my time spending in kitchen.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Wok-baked salted chicken

Another home-cooked Hakka dish which I enjoyed very much as a young girl. Without fail, I would finished up my plate of rice when my mum cooked this salty dish. Its saltiness tastes great with white rice. The meat is tender and not dry at all.   

My mum would just cook this dish by cover the whole chicken in a heap of coarse salt in the wok. I seldom cook this way because it requires longer time (and more gas) and uses up a lot of coarse salt. After the cooking is done, you would not use the salt anymore and it will be thrown away. So I usually just brining and steaming this dish instead. It tastes as nice as the baked one.

My mum's version is very simple. Just throw the whole chicken into a heap of coarse salt in a deep wok and cover the wok.  Let it cook in low to medium heat and once a while turn the chicken upside down or scoop salt over the chicken, so that all the body will be proportionately covered with salt. Once cook, off the heat and it cool down before chopping the chicken into biteable pieces. 

Few days ago I cooked this chicken dish using this dry version.

I used chicken thigh.  I rubbed some shao xing wine all over the chicken before throw it into the salt. No oil needed.  Cook for about 20 minutes under low heat, turn every now and then. To check whether it is cook, just prick a chopstick into the thickest meat area and if clear juice comes out, the chicken is cooked.

Pardon my ugly chicken because I am not good at chopping meats.  But it still tasted great.  Everyone loves it! 

For a different variation of this dish, you may like this steamed salted chicken that is more moist and have gravy to go with your rice.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Keeping well

I am still adjusting to the new motherhood of 3 children. Pretty hard because each child have their own demands.

I am grateful that my baby is been taken care by hubby's aunt who is a baby sitter for many years. At least it gives me some breathing time in the morning when all kids are not around me. And I have a small confession to make here. I may be a mother of 3, but I still not good in bathing young babies. Lol. It takes a lot of courages from me to bathe one. Most of the times I will get hubby to help me hold while I bathe my baby. *wink*

Morning I start my day around 530am. Need to prepare breakfast and snack boxes for the 2 older kids. Some days I would start earlier when I could not sleep anymore after feeding Jamie at such wee hour. I know I have panda eyes now because lack of sleep. So I have been putting on this eye mask twice this week. Lol.

In afternoon I would be busy with my eldest's tuition, music and homeworks. Either I spend whole afternoon guiding her through her school works or driving her to tuition and music centre. Her exam is coming and school holiday is a month away. My Jay is also having his exam in kindergarden this week. So stress! 4yo pre-schoolers also have class exams. Last time my eldest has assessment tests in Q-dees Kuching which I think were tough enough. Sigh!

In afternoon I would have some short naps before get ready my dinner. After a month off, I have to dust my apron and cook for the family. Slightly rusty if you ask me. *wink* Now I have to prepare my dinners few hours earlier. Because I would be busy driving on the roads picking all the kids up. No times to cook.

Sounds hectic ya? I don't have much times to blog hopping around. At night I would be too tired and need get all kids to beds. Baby's sleeping patterns still not consistent, waking up every 2 hours and some nights almost every hours! Hardly sleep well at nights.

Me and the baby blues. Will take few months before it can be normal again...But for now I have to look after the fort. Hubby is away (again) for 3 nights, so I have to hold on and be strong for my kids till he is back on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Similar but...

Almost but not the same. But you bet, I made them out of love for my family. *wink*

My girl has been nagging me to make pancakes for her breakfast. So I decided to surprise her this morning with a simple egg pancake.

Not as fluffy as I want. More like crepe to me. But tastewise, they are light and it is great to eat in the morning. I used rice flour since I had it in the fridge.

1 cup rice flour
3 medium sized eggs
1/2 cup full cream milk
1 tbsp oil 
1tsp salt

1. Beat eggs in a mixing bowl. Add milk, flour, oil and salt. 
2. Whisk flour till no lumps are formed.
3. Cover the bowl with fling wrap and keep in fridge for at least an hour or overnight.
4. Heat up a lightly-oiled frying pan. Scoop the mixture with a big spoon and add into the pan.
5. Flip the pancake and fry till lightly brown.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not now

I went for a traditional Malay "urut" (massage) yesterday morning. Oh boy! I wonder I should go back there in 2 weeks time or not.

Recommended by my SIL, this was my first time went for urut after delivery. Heard it helps to expel wind and heal the womb, so I thought I give it a try. But when the urut guy (a man) started on my feet, I regretted my decision for a while. It was painful!! I almost jumped out from the bed.

The urut started from the feet and then legs and arms and hands. After that my back, face, head and lastly my tummy. The tummy part was the most painful when the urut was in progress. But after the 30-minutes massage, I felt good although some sores here and there.

It did not end there. In late afternoon, I felt some sores and pains on the tummy area. The wound area also in pain. So I was not in good mood last night because of discomfort and pain. Luckily I feel better after woke up this morning.

Supposed to join a friend for a dance exercise this morning but I did not go. Do not want to exert the pains more. Maybe I should not do anything vigoruos for now and let my body rests and wound really heal well.

Anyone went for any urut after delivery? Do you experience the same like I do? Maybe because I went for C-Section and it may not be good to do such activities at early stage?

Monday, October 21, 2013

My delish dessert

I love pancakes. I can have many pieces at one go. Just with maple syrup and creamy butter, and my pancake is complete. Sometimes I don't mind it goes with ice cream or chocolate syrup. I think my kids also inherited the love of eating pancakes from me. Each of them could finish one or two plain pancakes at one go!

My girl has been pestering me to make pancakes for breakfast many times. Maybe I can learn to make pancakes at home from scratches. It is simple actually, watched a friend made them before. One day when I find the necessary ingredients and I will surprise my kids with homemade pancakes.

For time being we have found a nice place that serves nice pancakes here. Cafe-cafe in Chew Geok Lin Road. Just could not have enough of its serving. *wink*

Delicious, fluffy pancakes at any time of the day!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Miscellaneous Picture #8: October

October is almost come to an end. Check out what I have for the month:

New touch-screen laptop

Octoberfest 2013 1.5L mug. Yay!

My munchkin who giving me some hard times but still, a pleasant baby and everyone is loving him.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The important station

A must have when you have babies or younger children that need night feeding.

Thermo pot and water tumbler. I also keep some crackers and Milo drink 3-in-1 in case I am hungry in middle of night.

Another important tool is a night light. I love this rechargeable night light because it can be unplugged and bring around.  Very useful when changing baby diapers at nights

A nice quote on the wall but there is something not right there. Spelling and grammar mistakes. Can you spot them? No prize for the correct answers though. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My verdicts: Do's and Don'ts of Confinement

I know. My confinement has just over last week but thought of sharing some of my experiences with you guys. 

Going through 3 confinements, I am more or less expect and know what is practical and logical to follow during those hard (but bearable) moments after deliveries.

Time has changed since our ancentors in China who went through hardship, and endure different climates than us in Malaysia. Nowadays most mommies opt for C-section which is different than natural birth. C-Section is a major operation where most mommies do not go through natural labor pain and changes of bones structure during deliveries.

A friend of mine told me she immediately bathed herself after back from hospital. She had C-Section. Doctor even advised her to do so.

Alright, here are some do's and don'ts that I think is always in debate in this modern era. 100% my opinion so there is no right or wrong.

1. Washing

A famous myth is that you cannot touch water. Cold water in particular because it is believed by im contact with cold water, it will sip into your open pores and wind can enter your body.

I went around asking mommies that had C-Section and mostly commented that their doctors give them "Yes" sign to take bath and wash hair. Again because C-Section is different than natural birth.

I would go for the bath because it is illogical not to take bath for days after all you had beenthrough on the hospital bed.  I believe in hygience. You need to be clean and hygienic to take care of your newborn. I took the black herb bath from the 10th day onward. During the no-bath period  I would sponged and wiped my body with warm water-soaked towel. 

I washed my hands everytime I touch food and after toilet. I use warm water to wash them. I brushed my teeth with warm water on 3rd day after back from the hospital. Got reprimanded by my Cl but what the heck!! If one month I did not brush my teeth I think all my teeth will rot and gone by then. Lol.

2. Don't go out

Hibernating in the bedroom for a month can make someone goes crazy and emotional. It was no fun thing to do.

Although I would prefer to stay indoor than putting on 2 layers of clothing and wearing a cap out, I had choice but went out on my 16th day to do some important banking and bills because hubby was away that time.  I did feel a bit giddy and had waist ache after that. Maybe the body has not adjusted to the outdoor condition??

The Chinese believe in covering yourself to prevent wind from entering your body but it was pretty hard for me because in this house we are staying, the upstair toilet and bathroom are located at the balcony. So I have to brace some degree of wind sometimes. Lol.

3. Do not read or cry

Cannot watch tv, reading and cry during confinement because those activities will stress your eyes. I think moderation is the key point here. 

With nothing much to do since cooking, housework and taking care of baby are in the hands of CL, it is basically insane to stay sane all the times. It is alright to keep up with some reafing, DVD and online but if I started to feel tired or eyes were sore then I would stop and rest. 

I was emotional on first and 2nd week. Cried at small things. Those hormonal change after delivery. And I also take lots of wolfberries in this confinement.  Good for the eyes well-being.

4. Do not drink plain water

This come from belief that taking plain water will cause water retention.  The truth is there is no harm in drinking plain water. Warm that is.

I drink plain water when I take my medication and supplements. We need to keep ourselves hydrated because we sweat a lot, no thanks to the hormonal change and food we take.

5. Keep warm

Unless you are in winter country then you can put on warm clothes. In this humid country, it is not so practical unless you want to get heat stroke!!

I am grateful that I have air con that is good enough although not cooling. I wore comfy lomg pants and short sleeves during the days and at nights I wore longer sleeves. I do not wear socks since my bedroom floor is wooden tiles.

6. Lie down

My friend who had C-section told me that her doctor advised her not to lie down too much.  Instead she should walk and sit more.  Doctor even prescribed her 5-days injection to prevent DVT.  Very contradicting right?  If traditional culture, we should be resting and lie down more. 

I did rest more especially on 1st and 2nd week because of the wound pain.  From 2nd week onwards, I felt better and up more, but if starting to have back or waist pain then I will rest. 

To me, I think as long as you feel comfortable, you should do what ever you like but moderation must be practised. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hakka Kacangma

A must confinement food for Hakka women. Even can be taken on normal day but you have to reduce the amount of kacangma leaves and wine content. This is my version of kacangma which is well liked by my Foochow hubby and family. Kacangma is well known for warming properties and health well being.

Buy the defined or processed leaves. Easier to be taken. This packet cost around RM3 or RM5. Can be divided and used 3 times

For recipe on this kacangma (or motherwort in English), click my weekend menu recipe

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fullmoon and our first night

I just finished feeding and putting baby Jamie to sleep. Now I have some free time to pen this post before it is outdated. Hubby and the other kids gone to airport to pick my parents and sis who are coming over for a day trip. *wink*

Baby Jamie's fullmoon on Friday and we did it at home. Just a simple family dinner. Food mostly prepared by the confinement lady before she was off on Friday afternoon. I am happy with her service and enjoyed her cooking. Btw, her kacangma has improved a lot, so she has no problem cooking this dish now. And I even gave her packet of the herbs. *wink*

Our dinner of kacangma (motherwort chicken), black vinegar trotter and chicken soup

11 October also happened to be my BIL's birthday so we also celebrated it at home. The kids spent another night with gu gu and gu zhang in their home.

Gu Zhang is born in the Dragon Year, so that is the design of this year's cake for him.

My first night taking care of Jamie that night. The older kids were away so it was easier to take care of baby at night. He woke up 3 times for night feeding. I formula feed him during those night feed and only let him breast-feed during the days. Not much milk so I have to alternate with milk formula. It took me a while to put Jamie to sleep that night. Probably he has got used to the CL's scent and voice because at first he was making noises. After a while he was fine and fall asleep in my arms. The craddle was downstair and I was lazy to go up and down so I have to rock him to sleep in my arms. *wink* 

Friday, October 11, 2013


Hi! It is a wonderful sunny morning. And I am estatic this morning. Why not? I am officially out from my 30-days confinement. Yay! Survived the long and tough but bearable moments. :)

But I will be busy this morning, helping my CL to cook some chicken soup and mee sua and lunch. After a month off, it is time to dust off my apron and get my cooking started again! 

That is all from me now. Till I am free to pen longer post. Have a great weekend, guys!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The big guy goes to market

Only during this time that my loving hubby would go to market to buy meats and vegetables. And I think he quite enjoy walking around the wet market. He would wake up earlier then go to buy the necessary food for my confinement meals. While waiting for meats to be chopped and packed, he will enjoy his breakfast and iced tea at nearby coffee shop.  And catch up on newspaper because once he goes to office he would not have any times to do anything other than office works!

In few days time he will pass back the market-going work to me. Alas! For many weeks I have been enjoying myself while he runs the errand. And he was telling me how much he spent on my food. Up to date my food costs almost reach RM1200. Because of kampung chickens and white pomfrets for almost every meals. lol.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Thought it is over...

The other day I was talking about my skin allergy right? Both hands are getting better. They are on TLC as every day I would put on medication. I tried 2 medications so I also do not know which one worked. I know eventually the rashes will go away but the itch is killing me. Need the cream to ease the itches a bit. Now left only the brown marks on both hands which will be gone soon.
I am using these 2 creams. 

Now the rashes have gone to my upper arms. Aaarrrgggh! Funny thing is when they are on the hands, my right hand is worse than the left one. Now my right arm looks like this. My left arm only has few small spots and no itch at all. Now my attention is tuning to my right arm.  

Ugly sight! :(

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Intoxicated effect

Last Sunday I thought I were going to have a heart failure (or seizure). Not a good experience for me.

My Foochow confinement lady been first time cooks kacangma was not so experienced and experimental in cooking this dish.  Usually I would use about 1-2 rice bowls of white wine and add water to my kacangma. But for confinement, kacangma must be purely wine. No water added.

So last Sunday she cooked a whole kampung chicken for kacangma and used up one bottle of wine. Her logic is not enough soup if use half or so. Alcohol evaporated when heated up so ended up less soup in kacangma. But my CL been adventurous, pour the whole bottle and the wine reduced to 1/3 after done.

I did not know she used up so much into my kacangma. After less than 20minutes after meal I felt funny. Heart beat fast, head pounding and I felt warm and light-headed. It lasted for about 30 minutes or longer. I do not remember how long I lied on the bed! I should take picture of myself then. All red. Red-faced  that is!

Been curious I asked her that night. And I almost fainted when she told me she used 1 bottle of white wine! Damn! Now I know how been drunk feel like. *wink*

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some more to go

I just finished my breakfast. As usual the red wine chicken mee suah. Guess what I desire for my breakfast? A simple American breakfast with juice and warm tea. Alas!!!

So you bet I will be heading for one when I am out from my confinement nect Friday. Yeap, 9 more days to go before I am free!! And literally speaking I would be on my own in 9 days time. No one to take care of baby at night. And my 2 older kids will be back and disturbing the peace. Lol. But I am looking forward to the challenge. Challenge of a mother to 3 kids.