Monday, April 29, 2019

Big Bad Wolf is back (and it is bigger)

Yes! All you Kuching bookworms and book lovers, the much anticipated book sale of the year is back and it is bigger than last year!!

The book sale is currently held in Mydin Hypermart Petra Jaya from 25 April to 5 May, from 10 am to 12 midnight.

In case you are wondering where is Mydin Hypermart Petra Jaya, you could use Google Maps for direction. We were not familiar with that area so thanks to Google, we were able to find this mall with ease. It took us around 30 minutes from our place to reach this new Mydin Mall. 

Excited?? Yes, I was. I was so looked forward to this book sale as I didn't get much last year. 

Last Saturday, we woke up early, had our breakfast and headed straight to Mydin Petra Jaya. Since it was our first visit to this new mall, we were a bit lost looking for the venue. Thankfully the BBW has stationed few ushers in the strategic spots in the mall to inform their customers on the location and direction.

The BBW venue was in lower ground, the basement car park. If not for the big BBW lighted sign, we wouldn't be able to find the place. The venue was packed (as expected) when we arrived around 11am, and we wasted no time but to browse and hunt for books that were interesting and captivating.

Big Bad Wolf Books Kuching sale offers 75-95% discounts on selected books. Advised to be there earlier or off peak hour to avoid massive crowds and long queues.

Soon our cart was filled up with books!! One full cart. We couldn't get going anymore as more crowds were coming in.  So, how long did we spent in BBW Kuching?? More than 2 hours.

And we spent RM676.00 on 37 books! Wow. Our loots, happily sitting in our car.

A peek on some of our books. Mostly heavy, hard cover books. Nice collection for our book shelf. And I can't wait to read my novels.

So guys, if you haven't been to BBW or plan to get some good titles at affordable price, do head over to Mydin Petra Jaya soon as BBW would be there till 5th May!!! Happy shopping!

For more information, do check out the BBW Facebook page.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

She is 13

Good Sunday, everyone!

I would like to wish my eldest a Happy Birthday! She is turning 13 today!

We are not going to do much but planning to buy her a cake for a little celebration at home this evening.

Last night, we went to Sushi King for a Japanese cuisine and she had her usual set, unagi set.

She is now at that age where she is not so eager in taking her photos. But most of the time, she would oblige to her mummy's request. ^^

I wish her nothing but the best in life. May God look after her, bless her with love, health and wealth in the future.

Thank you, Jan for being a wonderful daughter. We are so proud of you. We love you. Happy Birthday, Jan!! 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Passed on

It was recently that we found out that this claypot rice guy has passed on. We did went to have his claypot chicken rice last year when he and wife moved to this shop in Trinity Hub.

However a friend told us that the wife has moved back to their original place, Fu Xiang coffee shop in Rubber road. The husband used to do all the cooking and fanning while wife served the food. Now, the husband has passed on, she is to do all the cooking but luckily she has two helpers to help her washing and seeing.

After learning that she has moved back to Rubber road, hubby suggested to have her claypot rice on Good Friday evening. The weather was nice for a warm claypot rice. Luckily the coffee shop wasn't full and it didn't take long for our food to arrive.

The claypot chicken rice tasted the same. Flavorful with chicken and sausage slices and bits of salted fish with soy sauce mixture. The peanut soup was as good as before. Hubby always order few bowls of her peanut soups. The peanuts were cooked till tender and the soup was slightly peppery and heaty. Nice to take on a cold evening.

The coffee shop only has this lady operating the claypot rice. Other stalls are closed in the evening. The shop owner operates the drinks section and only open with the claypot rice stall. It has been like that in the past. When the claypot rice people moved away, the coffee shop closed in the evening.

Now that the claypot rice lady is back in operation, she has her regular customers and the coffee shop enjoys some decent business. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Small Coconut

One would not miss this big signboard at 38 Food Street, MJC

Small Coconut, another outlet opened by Big Coconut in Hui Sing. I have never been to Big Coconut outlet although heard good reviews of its Western delight. Even my sis enjoyed the food there and recommended me to try.

So when Small Coconut opened a stall in 38 Food Street, there isn't any reason not to try it anymore.

With my Western food lover (Jan, of course) we went on one fine day.

Nothing but fish & chips for my girl. She would never get bored of it. RM10 for her fish & chips with fries, coleslaw and dipping sauce. Not tartar sauce, it was more like thousand island dipping to me. I prefer tartar sauce to go for fish & chips.

My sis asked me to try its grilled chicken chop, so I really ended up with it. Also RM10, I got a nicely grilled chicken chop with fries, coleslaw and mushroom sauce.

I liked that they served the mushroom sauce seperately instead of pouring on the chicken chop, making the fries all soggy and inedible.

I poured some of the sauce on my chop which I liked as it gave some taste to the grilled chop. The meat wasn't dry and tough. Overall, I was happy with it. RM10 only. I couldn't expect much but it was a nice lunch, I had to admit.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Miscellaneous Picture # 87: Feels like spring

We may not have 4 seasons here but it sure feels like spring in certain parts of Kuching, which are showered and decorated by beautiful white and pink blooms. 

Hubby also sent few photos while he was in Barcelona, so I wish to share a couple of spring photos from there with you. 

Beautiful blooms

Another lovely, pink flowering tree

Flower carpet

A vibrant Japanese rose showing off in my garden

Spring in Barcelona

Hubby in Barcelona

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Spring season

It is going to be a long weekend over here as tomorrow is Good Friday and then followed by schools are off next Monday to observe Easter Monday. 

Last Saturday, we went to Aeon Mall Kuching Central for a walk and shopping. They have their spring season decoration up and everything was so floral and vibrant.  

A short post today before the long weekend, so I am wishing everyone a Blessed and Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter! Wishing you peace, joy, love and happiness!! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Still the one

It is becoming a routine to dine in Topspot at least once a month for us. We did so for few months now. We did enjoyed our dinner there. 

The latest visit was 2 Sundays ago. A dinner treat for a couple, friends of hubby. No 25 Bukit Mata stall was our choice, it was still the one that stand out among the rest, in our opinion. 

We bought over a semah fish weighing over a kilo to treat our friends. It has been in our freezer since CNY. To enjoy such big delicacy, I guess it was more fun to enjoy and share with more people. I seldom cook big fish at home, worry we can't finish it and the kids don't eat much of it.

We requested for simple steaming for such exquisite freshwater fish, a cousin fish to the more famous and expensive empurau ('the unforgetable' or 'wang bu liao' in Chinese) . 

Our friends sang praises of the fish (their first taste of such fish), how smooth and sweet the flesh was. Glad that they enjoyed it.

We also had the big head prawns which were cooked with peppercorn, so it was a spicy and peppery dish. 

Long time I didn't have these molluscs. Local calls it tekoyong insap or siput sedut, it takes practice to be able to suck and eat the snails. 

I didn't take photos of all the dishes as I posted them before. Dishes such as oyster omelette (o'chien), claypot braised toufu and stur-fried midin with garlic. 

We also had sticks of lambs and beef satays from the satay stall. 

Our friends were good to pass these souvenir that they bought in their recent visit to New Zealand. Thank you and it was wonderful meeting you over dinner. 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Feed us lunch

We dropped by Ah Nien Seafood for lunch before heading back home. As the same as our previous visit, we left everything to him to cook and feed us lunch. After all the beach, we were pretty famished by then. 

So the owner immediately busied himself in the kitchen and in a short while, he came out with our first dish.

Fried fish was so tasty that we couldn't get enough of it.

And so was its fried squids. Very tasty, very nice.

We bought a kilo of crabs in Telok Melano prior to coming here so we asked the stall owner to cook for us. He served some with this stir fried vegetables. 

And the balance, he cooked with eggs, chillies and peppercorn. The crabs were sweet and fresh.

Our lunch was RM99 plus drink. After we were well fed with all the delicious seafood, we drove back home which took us almost 2 hours as the road was packed with heavy vehicles and work in progress along the way. 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

A stop for breakfast

We reached Sematan town around 830am. The morning sun was warm and nothing but clear blue sky greeted us. Sematan, a quiet town with not many people around. 

The view of the jetty with low tide. 

We decided to have our breakfast in the Malay hawker stall centre (opposite the jetty) before proceed with our journey to Telok Melano. 

Not many people at the hawker stall centre and after walking around, we took a table and ordered our breakfast. 

I spotted a stall selling the roti telur goyang (literally translated as shaking egg toast) and I felt like having that, so I ordered one to try.

Roti telur goyang RM3

Somehow it didn't turned out as I anticipated. Don't looked as enticing as in the picture. The egg yolks were overly cooked. Not runny. Goyang? I don't know which part should be "goyang" though. Maybe the egg white. Lol.

Other than sharing the toast with Jamie, we also had this plate of fried mee hoon. Luckily it wasn't big serving as I was already full from eating the toast. 

Hubby and the other kids had their share of beef fried noodle with egg on top. Theirs looked more delicious and hearty.