Friday, July 27, 2012

Miracle surprise

I have a surprise from hubby on Tuesday evening.  Maybe I should re-phrase my sentence.  I got a surprise from hubby on Wednesday morning!  He came home late on Wednesday morning around 4am and he gave me a gift.

I was too sleepy to take note of what he bought for me but I remember I slip back to my sleep with him telling me he bought a new perfume for me.

So yesterday morning I opened up the gift.  Yes!  A new perfume from Lancome.  Nice floral scent although I do like floral smell much but Miracle scent is not too overwhelming,  I like its mild scent.  And I am happy that it comes with a mascara because I am also out of mascara.  Didn't I told you I have stopped buying cosmetic long time ago. *wink*  Could not bother to get one until the need comes. So it is good timing as we have a wedding dinner to attend to on tomorrow night, and I have new mascara to wear.

When asked whether this Miracle set is my early birthday present, hubby said it is not.  Either I were sensitive (because he has been busy and neglecting us for few days due to work) or he has been attentive to my needs.  He told me he bought the perfume set in airport since he was there sending a colleague off and since mine is nearly empty.  Either way, it is a nice surprise after a bad week that I had.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No time to tell

Out of sudden, I do not have any watches to check on time.  My watch of more than 3 years stopped working properly on Sunday morning.  I could not adjust the time and date as I could not turned the meter needle.  It looks like it was jammed. 

And when I resorted to using another watch (bought by my sister few years ago), it fell on Monday and its glass broken as shown below.  Sigh!  I never like to wear this watch because I encountered few times it came off because of the strap mechanism.   So, I finally (and really) have it broken. 

This few days I am not used on not wearing any watch on my left wrist.  Something is missing and I will automatically glance to my left wrist to check the times.  Normal instinct.  Now I have to check the times on my handphone or computer desktop.

So I hinted to hubby that it may be time to get me a new watch. My birthday is just a month away.  *wink*

Monday, July 23, 2012

Just dreamy

It has not been a good weekend.  The weekend has been nothing but chaos, erractic weather and interruption to our normal routine.  But we survived. 

I wish we could go to the beach and have some times to unwind ourselves.   Time to think for ourselves and have some times with family especially kids.  Missing the sunset I took about a week ago in Damai.....Sigh!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Be thankful

Last night, hubby came home late after visiting his dad's under-constructed semi-D.  He told me that a family consisting of a mother and 4 small children are taking shelter in one of the semi-D.  It breaks my heart when I heard of the family's pledge. 

The husband of the woman left the family few months ago and they were chased out from the house of relative few nights ago.  So with no one and no assistance they are resorted to staying in abandon houses and just yesterday came to my FIL's semi-D.  They were discovered by my BIL who went on site inspection yesterday.  They were seemed collecting food from garbages. 

When hubby and BIL went back last night, they were no around, but assumed in hiding as their shoes are still around.  I guess the family were in fear of been chased out of the premises.  But hubby and BIL were there to help them.   

So this morning hubby has been contacting the charity homes to assist the family.  And maybe we will donate some old clothings to them.  So got to arrange and pack the clothings later in the afternoon. 

Sigh!  So heart breaking thinking about them.  And I am thankful and feel blessed thinking of my live.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Joseph Kolo Mee

A friend of mine recommended this kolo mee stall in Jln Keretapi so we gave it a try on Sunday morning.  This Joseph Kolo Mee (apparently a Hakka) is in The Sisters Garden, the row of shop next to 100% Superstore.  It was a long wait just as the server told us.  We waited for nearly 30 minutes but the wait was worthwhile because we quite like the taste of the kolo mee.  No wonder the customers are so patient.  Lol!

It has chunks of pork crisps besides the char siew to our likings.  Slightly smaller portion for men so we ordered an extra plate for hubby.  They serves with plates not bowls.  And they do not have kiaw (dumplings) but they do serve the noodles with a bowl of seaweed and tomato soup.   

Meant to "tapau" for lunch but they have finished by then, which is around 10am only.  Business so good and the patrons so patient waiting for the orders.  Even my daughter was impatient, keep asking when her noodle comes.  *wink*

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Menu #33 : Steamed Salted Chicken

I am back to my cooking cap.  This round I am trying on how to cooked Hakka Salted Chicken.   

My first attempt.  Mum usually used the dry method into cooking salted chicken.  Just put the whole chicken into the deep wok and pour an amountful of course salt.  This method will guarantee a very tasty and salty chicken dish.  Cover the wok and cook in small fire and once a while, turn and stir the chicken with salt.  Once the chicken is cook, take it out from the wok and when it is cool, chop the chicken into smaller pieces.  As for the coarse salt, my mum would throw it away.

As for me I did not use this method but steaming method.   It also save on coarse salt as I do not need to use so much.  However it was not so successful 1st attempt because I did not rubbed enough coarse salt on the chicken.  Or maybe I did not marinate it long enough.  So the chicken did not turn out salty but nevertheless we finished up the whole dish because we like the salty juices after the steaming process.    *wink*  The salt all evaporated into juices.

On my 2nd try,  I marinated my chicken with the following seasoning:

1/2tsp white pepper, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1/2 tsp sugar, and 1 tsp sea salt

Marinate the chicken and leave it for an hour.  After an hour, add some wolfberry (kei chi) and a  teaspoon of course salt and mix them well.  I transfered my marinated chicken into aluminium foil.  I used rice cooker steamer and steam the chicken for an hour. 

The result?  See it for yourself!

The chicken will produce juices, so no need to add any water.  Scoop the chicken and juice onto your rice and dip them!  

Successful attempt.  I will definitely make this dish again. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rainforest World Music Festival workshop

I took a day off yesterday and followed hubby to Sarawak Cultural Village for this year's Rainforest World Music Festival.  I did not stay overnight for the night performance, but instead when for the workshop in the afternoon. 

The entrance to the festival.  My ticket.

Everyone need to put on this hand band for identification.
The Brazilian band performing at the hall when we reach the venue.

The main hall where the workshop held.

This is the open auditorium where the night performance is held. 

UiTM band from Sarawak

We went to the Beach Seafood for lunch.  Of course when we went to the beach side, we definitely must ordered seafood.  We have sweet and spicy crabs and salted crabs.

Not forgetting hubby's favourite, the jellyfish.

It was an enjoyable day in Damai.  We departed around 7pm and by the time we reached home after picking the kids from baby sitter, we were too tired to have dinner and slept soundly till the next day.  Lol!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Those precious time

It is not an easy job to be a working mom. I am not only have to deal with problematic staff but also with naughty kids who do not listen to me.  Even after closing the shop, I still have to deal with the kids.  Their antics, their pranks, their stubbornness, their chattiness and so forth.

So once a while I would find things to re-wind myself.  Get those exhaustion and frustration out from my system.  Either have a walk in a shopping mall, have a DIY facial at the comfort of home or "yam cha" (hanging out) with girl friends are few things I do to put myself together.

I am glad that I bought some books from the car boot sales 2 weeks ago.  I finished up all the books.  My regret is that I did not have time to browse and buy more books.  So deeply in my heart, I hope they will have another round of car boot sales again.  *wink*  

I love to read.  I have always been a bookworm since the school day.  And I am glad that I instill the habit in my children since they were young. I can absorb in a book the whole day as long as no one disturb me.  Believe me that I can finish up a book within a day.  So during those nights, I would just tug myself in the bed and read my books, and kids would not bother much about me as long as they have their own share of books and toys to play with.  Reading is my past time hobby.  

In an hour time from now, I would be disconnected and no one can reach me.  Those precious 3 hours time will belong to me.  And of course my beautician.  *wink*

I am going for a facial today.  So I am going to enjoy (and suffer) those 3 hours under my beautician's hand.  *wink*  Some more I am paying for those suffering.  Lol!  So much for my "me-time". 

And tomorrow is the starting for the Rainforest World Music Festival and I am going!  Well, see if I would be able to squeeze myself in because I did not get the ticket yet.  Otherwise I would be sunbathing and swimming in the sea tomorrow.  Lol!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A confused feeling

Someone I know is very confused with her feeling! I really do not know what she wants.  I think she does not know what she wants too.

My friend is married (maybe not happily) and have a girl.  And she is still ponder over a lost love.  And just when everything is smoother, the lost love (first love) suddenly appeared in front of her.  Not asking for reconciliation but happen to work in same place with her.  Sigh!  Do you called it "fate"?  Or someone is playing a joke on you?

She has been behaving and talking nonsense when ever I see her and when I could not stand it anymore, I ask her what is her problem.  And she blames the ex for her nonsenses.  *weird*  But when think about it, her behaviour does change to 180degree when the ex appeared.  And everytime the ex is around, she will be moody and behave strangely.    She is also sensitive to words and one day I saw her with red and swollen eyes (crying over him?).  And when the ex was with another woman, she was not happy and look jealous. 

Sometimes I am thinking that she is still holding a grudge against the ex but other days I feel that she is jealous of him.  She said she is stressed with the sight of him around. 

So, girl, don't get me wrong, but what is in the past, is already in the past.  What is important is the present.  Live in present and present is what mold the future.  If one day you does get out from the marriage and look for him, he may not accept you and reconcile with you.  I believe your husband is not as bad as you are describing because if he is that bad, you would not choose to marry him in first place.  So what ever it is, accept and get on with your life.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I realised

That I have been on bad mood lately.  Either it was the hot weather, the womanly thinggy or certain people's silly remarks and doings that turned my mood swing.  But I rather forget them now.  And thanks to you for your concern and kind comments.  It feels good to know that you guys really care. 

On cheerful note,  what have I been up to lately?

Firstly, I got a new toy!  Hubby bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note last week.  So, I have new toy to keep me occupied.

Secondly, I found some photos in my old bookshelf in my parents' house!  Oh boy!  My idols when I was in my teens.  *wink*  Dont tell me you do not idolise anyone.  These photos were given to me by a Hong Kong pen pal.  I used to have few pen pals back then and we communicate through mails, not like Facebook or emails nowadays.  And we exchange our pictures too.  I still keep them in a photo album.  So how surprised I was when I found the album the other days.  Most are from overseas like Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.  I wonder how and where are they now. 

I always love those waiting and writing process and sending gifts through mail.  But I lost touch of all my pen pals after few months of writing.  I guess we get bored easily.  Lol!

So those pictures are my fond memories of my teens.
And I have been addicted to reading again.  Not only novels but magazines.  I started to stock up my magazines again after a long time.   Since we are going to have a book shelf soon, I need to start to plan my books well. *wink*

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Made up my mind

At this point of time, I have made up my mind to pursue the thing that I always wanted to be.  I know it is going to be hard and will take a lot of effort and times, but I know when I get down to it, everything will be alright. 

Hubby is supportive of my decision and I know that we are going to get through it together.  It has been my dream all this time and I know I can be a better person by pursuing my dream. 

Give me 6 months time. It will come true.  Just the matter of time only. Sooner or later.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

WHY? Oh why?

Why in the world do I need to work so hard???  It makes me wonder sometimes.

And foolish me will give myself an answer to my question.  The answers would be for the house, for the bills, for the children, for our self content etc.  And we just work so hard to get the ends meet every day.  While some people just lazy at home, doing nothing and still complaining about life.  Life is good on them, they have no worries but yet they just want to complain for the sake of complaining.  Or probably staying at home make their minds go "sot" (crazy)?

So, why do we really have to work so hard for everything, why they don't?    Life is not fair but if ask me to choose again, I think I would prefer to work and earn my living than depending on others.   To those born with silver spoons, be grateful and never take things or people for granted.  Things can decreases and people can grow old and die.

P/s sorry, this is a silly ranting from me again, but I feel better after ranting it out.  *wink*

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cooling cucumber

I don't know what is is called in English as it is a local vegetable.  Or it is a fruit?  What ever it is the local called it "Dayak Timun" (cucumber) because mostly the natives grow and eat it.   But now other races also consumed it as it is sold in the wet markets.   

My mum gave me this timun yesterday morning.  Usually I would go to market with her on Monday because on Monday there is hardly anything to eat at the shop.  The food court closes and the poutry section in the supermarket does not operate on every Monday. 

Most people would cook this timun in soup, make it into juice or mix it with anchovies, chilli and make it into sambal.   On a hot day, this timun is great for cooling effect.   It smells like cucumber when you slice open it.  Very refreshing scent.  So if you are making juices, just add a bit of sugar after blending the vegetable with water.

For my soup, I used chicken meat since no one sell porks on Monday.  Taste nice too.  Just dip out the seeds from the timun, and cut the timun into big slices.  Add some wolfberries and timun into the soup during half way cooking the chicken soup.  Add a bit of salt to taste and serve. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Menu #32: Fit for the emperor

(This is post-dated entry)

I always go to the supermarket in the shopping mall when I operate my shop.  When there is no customers in the afternoon, I would have a browse around.  Just out of boredom.  Recently I have been browsing through the shelves for some soup recipe and noticed this ready packet of Emperor Chicken Soup.  

I love chicken cooked in herbs and spices.  And I always enjoyed this Emperor Chicken when ever we have dinners in Chinese Restaurant.  Most wedding reception will serve this dish. 

Now it is even more convenient to prepare, just buy the packet and you can have it in few hours time. I make a slight modification.  Add some mushroom and ginger slices.  They turned out great.  And I loved the gravy. 

A packet of Emperor Chicken with Herbs and Spices (come with aluminium foil and wrapper);
Chicken parts, preferable chicken wings and drumsticks;
Ginger slices; wolfberries and Shiitake mushroom

1. I chopped my chicken parts first.  Then rub the chicken with the Emperor Chicken powder. 
2. Pour the chicken into the wrapper and aluminium foil.
3. Add in the sliced ginger and mushroom and some wolfberries on the top of the marinated chicken.
4.  Cover the chicken with wrapper and foil.  Steam for 1 - 2 hours depends on how big is the chicken.  Mine take about a hour since I am using drumsticks and chicken wings.

My boy enjoyed this dish very much, as he finished up his bowl of rice in few minutes.  *Happy mummy*  Where as my hubby irritated me by asking "Where did you buy this dish?" He did not believe that I cooked this chicken, and luckily I did not throw away the packet.  He was satisfied only after I shown him the empty pack!