Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It is almost ready

I just finished packing some goodies bags for my shop opening. Before that hubby and I went for massages in Hide-A-Bean. I feel pains and aches all over body but I know I will feel great afterward. And a good night sleep too.

I went to check on my shop this evening. It is almost completed and today contractor came to install the cctv, LCD tv and computer system. So early tomorrow morning I would start to clean the shop. The stocks should be arriving in the morning around 9am so I need to wipe the dusts from my display shelves and mop my shop before it arrives. After that I have about a day to ready for the opening on Saturday. Oooh! I am going to be very busy from there onwards. So, good night everyone!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School of terror

Read upon this shocking news about one school in PM where its students are committing intimidating acts, as reported by The Star. When one read it, one would be wondering what is happening in schools nowadays. What is shocking is that the teachers and school authorities are powerless over such incidents. Hooliganism and gangsterism are common in that school and nothing has been done so far in addressing such issues until recent investigation by the Education Ministry. Before this, no one want to report to the relevant authorities. Are those students really fearless?

How those students can commit in such acts in first place? What influence or drive them to do them? It makes me wonder about choosing the right school for my little gal. She would be turning 5 next year and it is compulsory to register your children to your preferred primary school when they turning 5.

It makes me think back about my school days where gangs are not that common. I remember schools used to be fun. Popular girls and popular boys used to be the top talk in school, not "this gang, that gang". I think the most trouble students can give teachers would be vandalism especially the classroom furnitures and washroom facilities. Other than that, I never hear of hooligans or gangsters during my assembly. How about you?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kids vs grandkids

Don't you ever wonder the way your parents treated you when you were young and the way they treat your children now? Are they the same?

I used to strict parents when me and my siblings were younger then. Even the time we were to gone to bed were monitored closely. By 9pm, everyone must gone to bed if it is a weekday. This rule even followed suit till I were in my teens and adulthood. Old habits hard to kill, right?

Back to the treatment, I still feel that grandparents tend to treat their grandchildren differently. For instance, the caning is allowed when we were younger. However when we mentioned the word "caning" and its implementation to our children, both grandparents opposed to such treatment. So to say that they approved and implemented caning on their children, but a "no no" for their grandchildren. And sometimes the way we teach our children were to be judged.

Grandparents really treat grandchildren differently. With their own kids, they tend to be stricter but with grandchildren, grandchildren are like a whole world to them. In turn grandchildren knows when to please their grandparents. Like for instance my daughter. She knows her grandparents love her. So if me or hubby is to scold or does not allow her something, she will complained to her grandparents. And in turn, we get the scolding from the grandparents. That is how the circle started.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Much alive

Many agenda in my head now. Getting ready for the shop is my priority but my kids are not feeling well and hubby's aunt is visiting from Brunei.

My girl has been sick since Sunday and she still having fever now and then. She has been absent from school two days. Tonsilitis. Now my Baby Jay has started to cough too. Gosh! The virus is spreading again. I am tired thinking about both kids' health. Sigh!

Hubby's aunt who diagnosed with cancer was flown from Brunei for treatment and chemo in General Hospital. My concerned MIL flew over last Friday one hour earlier than my flight. She is back in hometown now but will be flying over again this Friday as hubby's aunt is going for her first chemo therapy that day. So my SIL is busy driving back and forth the hotel to visit her aunt and bought her food. Luckily the aunt has her two daughters to accompany her but one flew back to Brunei to attend to her business this afternoon.

Every year I always wish for good health. Stay healthy is one of my resolutions. Seeing or hearing so many relatives or friends diagnosed with cancers and few passed away from it are scary. Health is important. Without it, nothing would be meaningful. So again I nag hubby to be health conscious; stop smoking and go for exercises. His side of the family has cancer background so chance of him getting one is high. Coupled with unhealthy habits there is a reason for me to be very concern. Sigh!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blog Makeover

It is my first time. Never enter one before.

I was excited when I visited WAHMaholic blog today. She has the latest contest, a Blog Makeover Giveaway Contest. Anyone interested to join and have your blog been make-over? I would love to. Not that I am bored with my blog's layout, but a thought of giving it a fresh new look sound tempting. *wink*

WAHMaholic’s Blog Makeover Giveaway

So what do you think? If the answer is "Yes", then click to this link and simply check what WAHMaholic has to offer you.

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Hurry up, contest runs till 31 May only!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feel good

Don't you feel good when you wake up in the morning in an unfamiliar place and receive a encouraging message from your loved one! I did!

Woke up pretty early (the usual time at home) before 7am. Since cannot dozed back to sleep, might as well switch on my notebook and facebook-ing. I usually off my handphone at night before I go to bed, so this morning when I switched on my handphone I received a nice sms from my hubby. It said "I know how hard you work to take care of the two kids. I admire your strength. Let;s work hard for the children future." :) Doesn't it put a smile to your face?

It just keeps me going and I know that I am being appreciated and all my efforts and sweats would not go down the drain.

Last night I dreamt about my new shop! Gosh! All those anxieties. I remember I was fussing about the display and looking anxious and confused in my dream. Hope it would not be like that when I really open my shop end of this month! Lol!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some shopping and eating

I have fully recovered from all the tiredness and stiffness. Feel more refresh after a good night sleep last night. Today I do not feel tired during the training. Or probably the pyschology side of going to go home soon make me more awake throughout the day.

Nothing interesting this week, besides sitting in front of computers, learning how to operate POS. While I were in Mid-Valley last weekend, I took the opportunity to visit the Mum & Baby Expo there. Thought people over here would not wake up that early but by the time I reached the exhibition hall at around 1030am on Sunday, I had a shock. It was packed like sardine cans.

Either I like it or not, I have to squeeze myself through the crowds and look around for offer bins. The wedding expo was on the other hall which was not that pack. So the parents here, some with babies in strollers were busy digging through the offer bins, checking out the promotional items and attending a parenting talk. I did not take much time there since I only have few minutes to spare. Managed to get 4 sets of long sleeves shirts and long pants for RM40 and training toothbrush (forgot the price) for Baby Jay and a shirt for little girl for only RM8.

Last night after my training, I took monorail to Times Square. You can say I know the route of monorail and expert in taking trains by now. *wink* But it was a mistake. I forgot the time. By the time I reached the monorail it is almost 6pm and was packed with people! So again, I have the feeling of being one of the folks here, squeezing myself into the 2-decks monorail. Gosh!! I was surprised that KTM started its first (I understand the first in Malaysia?) commuter deck for ladies only. I have not have the opportunity to sit into one, but I applaud KTM for its effort but I wonder how effective the campaign is. It sounds like gender discrimination and would not solve the congestion during peak hour where men would need to go into the female-only decks.

Anyway, back to my Times Square adventure. I did not spend much time there. Stayed for an hour since today is another busy day. My intention of going to Times Square? Just want to explore the part that I did not do so many years ago. The theme park and eat my favourite food there. Maybe some day I will bring my kids to the indoor park. Hardly can see much from the entrance.

Next stop! Shihlin Taiwan Snack Street. Yes! Its xxl crispy chicken and oyster mee sua. It took me almost 30 minutes to find that little shop lot although I had floor directory with me. I know I were greedy. I have the mee sua there and take away the chicken to the hotel room. While enjoying my new story book (which I bought for RM5 at Carrefour), I had my crispy chicken on the bed. So you can say I am gaining some weight, but who cares. Let me go back to Kuching and start losing some fat there. Lol! But by then, I would be busy with my shop opening and do not have time for any exercises and indulge in good food.

Talking about food, I am having some Gardenia's ChocoRaisin bread for dinner. My favourite. I have finished almost half the loaf while blogging. *wink* And it was a surprise to read that the brothers, Dan and Jordan won the current Amazing Race. I did not have the privilege to watch the finale and was sad to know the cowboys lose. Oh well, least expect the brothers to win this season.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What I did past few days

What I did on this year's Mother's Day......Training in the centre the whole day. I just got back from the centre, took a shower and take some times to blog. As matter of fact, today is my last practical training. Tomorrow is another new day with new computerised training. Now I am counting down till next Friday before I take a flight back to my family.....*wink*

My training was in Mid Valley Mega Mall while I am staying in the KL city area. So every morning after breakfast in the hotel, I took monorail to KL Sentral then transit using KTM to Mid-Valley. In the evening after closing around 1030pm, I took a cab back to the hotel, which is about 20 minutes ride if no jam. So every night I reached the hotel after 11pm.

Tired legs, sored feet and stiffed neck are what I have now. Gosh! Just 4 days I already want to surrender. Hahaha! Thank god the trainer is a nice lady, full of patience and understanding. I have a long way to learn before operate my own shop.

So how is your Mother's Day celebration? Hubby just wished me a "Happy Mother's Day" which cause tears in my eyes. Me sitting in my bed with a laptop on my lap, thinking about them while typing this post......*Sob* Away from family on Mother's Day. I miss them.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flying off again

I would be flying to KL this evening and be away for 10 days. My final training before I pass and obtain my shop operation in Kuching. Final training is always the toughest one but hopefully I pass with flying colours. *wink*

Since I would be in KL for 10 days it means for the first time I would not be celebrating my Mother's Day with my family. Oh no! Instead I would be doing my training for 10 days non-stop.....Pity me.

Nevertheless, I would like to wish all mothers and mothers-to-be "Happy Mother's Day".

Monday, May 3, 2010

Too expensive to read

I went to Popular Book last week to buy some books for my little gal as her 4th birthday presents. I ended up spending more than RM30 on her books. They have sales so I got 20 to 50% discounts on children books. Thought of getting a novel since it has been a year I bought a book but after scouting from one book shelf to another, I could not find anything that interested me.

Or probably you can say the price did not fancy me much. The novels were expensive (from my point of view). Not much discount on novels. Wonder where I can find a good second hand book store in Kuching? There used to be one bookstore in Sarawak Plaza that sold second hand books at really cheap price (like RM5 per book) but they no longer have such offer. The books may be old but still in good condition. I used to patronise a book rental store when I was in my secondary school but that store has closed down many years. Sigh!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Amazing Race

Just finished watching the re-play of the current "The Amazing Race" on AXN. I am excited to know the cowboys and the dating models are still in the top 4, and the next leg would be the determination leg on top 3 to the final. The polices have been doing pretty well in the first few legs but fall short this time. They were the last to arrive in the Shanghai but since it was not the elimination round, they are still safely through the next leg.

Who are you betting to be in the final? For me, it would be the cowboys, the models and polices to be through the final. I don't quite like the brothers (Dan and Jordan), they are too sissy and sometimes in the legs, too emotional. Never know how they had survived this far.....