Monday, March 30, 2009

Would I go back to work?

Few friends and relative asked me whether I would be going back to the work field after I deliver my baby in September. They thought I have enough of been a working mother and call it a quit. Sorry, I am not looking into "early retirement". I am definitely going to look for a job after my delivery. Two reasons: one is I have never stop working since I graduated back in 1999 and enjoying the thrill, self satisfaction and benefits that come with it (don't mention the bad aspects such as office politics, backstabbing etc that come with it); and secondly I want to help my family financially. So, I would definitely look for a job. Of course provided that I could find a 8 to 5 job that I like with salary sufficient enough to cover my and family expenses. If the job is good but could not promise me a sufficient pay, I wouldn’t take it. It doesn’t work that way and waste of time and effort.

Before I quit, our household income was around RM7000.00. It was just enough to cover everything and left some for our saving. With me quitting, we still can survive at hubby’s pay but of course, we couldn’t save much now. There are so many things to pay, i.e. house loan, car loan, credit cards, miscellaneous etc. I have cut down on my cosmetic and clothing since I don’t work anymore. Lol! Not that I do not look after my appearance and look, occasionally I do wear make up but my skin feels better without those make up.

Some more with a new baby down the road, it will be some additional expenses, i.e. vaccination, baby stuff, milks etc. Thank god I still can use some baby clothing and cloth diaper kept from little gal. They are still new and can be used. We bought mostly white baby clothing so it is unisex. *wink* With new baby, we have to put aside RM200-300 per month. I can said, first 2 years of baby’s life is all about vaccination, diapers, milk and medical fee!

It has been a month now that I am becoming a SAHM. But hey! SAHM is also a work when you think of it in other way. A mother is always a full time and further more a whole life job that you cannot quit of!! For time being, my life is relaxing but once a while it is rather boring; me being alone most of the time at home. However starting next motnh, I will be full time taking care of my gal, no longer sending her to baby sitter. Every day I have to think of what to do, what bills need to pay, planning my route, what vegetables and meats to buy, what for breakfast etc. It is not so if I work, as everything is planned for me, i.e. wake up, go to work, do the same tasks in office, go home, dinner and sleep! It may be boring routine, but at least I have social interaction with people when I worked. Alright, you can say that I am bored being SAHM, so I have to tell you that I would definitely go out to the work field after my delivery and confinement. Hopefully by then, the economy is better and more job opportunities around. Not thinking of doing sales or marketing as it proves stressful and of long hour’s commitment, but more administrative works. It may be something different from what I did, but with my experiences in property and retail management, I hope to gain more knowledge in other field that I have yet to discover.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet The Teachers (Part 2)

Report Book

Her works and books

It was actually the Parents-Teachers Day where parents are able to meet up with their children’s class teacher personally on progress of their children in class. I was the first parent to arrive to meet up with my little gal’s teacher, Ms PL. So, it took us about 15 minutes with our meeting.

I was shown my daughter’s works i.e. arts, homework, exercise books and briefed on her report book. And guess what Ms PL’s first comment to me?? Little gal loves to swim!! Lol!! Ms PL’s remark for little gal’s 1st term in the report book was “She is a fast learner. She is always alert and attentive during lessons. Socially, she is still learning to interact with her peers in class”.

Yes, I have to agree with her on little gal been a fast learner. She grabs things and words very fast. Her colouring and English pronounciation have also improved. Every evenings in the car, she will take her books out from her bag and read aloud while traveling in the car. She even scold me if I read with her. Lol!

Glad that Ms PL commented that she is not a nuisance in school, but to contrary she is very obedient in class and listen to teacher during lessons. On social aspect, little gal was not so comfortable with other children, reason being she is the only one in family and no other younger children in babysitter’s house. Furthermore when I told Ms PL that little gal is not so well-verse in Chinese, she gets a clearer understanding on why little gal has problem communicating with other children. When other children speak Chinese to her, little gal would just shy away and kept quiet. But overall, she is doing fine in school, play with other children and slowly interacting with other children, Ms PL assured me.

The teacher would not teach Chinese language this year (will have one subject next year), only give children some exposure of Chinese through singing. They are taught to sing some Chinese songs. There will be a singing competition next month and every children in my daughter’s class are encouraged to sing. Sing on the stage!! Ms PL said little gal was very eager to go onto the stage every time they passed the hall! *laugh* Wonder whether she will chicken out or not on the actual singing competition day?? What song they are required to sing?? The Chinese children song of “Two Tigers”. I guess every Chinese child know this song very well. *wink*

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet the teachers

Little gal’s school is calling for a parents and teachers meeting tomorrow afternoon from 130pm to 600pm. This would be my first time attending such meeting. I wonder what they would be talking about??? Children’s development, school’s activities, new committee? And it is stretching for 4 ½ hours. I don’t think I would linger there too long, probably escape around 5pm and pick up little gal from baby sitter’s house at the same time since it is on the way.

I have been planning to meet up with little gal’s teacher, just checking on her progress in school. Probably this is a good chance to meet up with the concerned teacher! Alright, got to go. Time to get ready, need to pick little gal then hubby from work and after that we have our dinner somewhere in the city. How I missed dine-out. *laugh* I am a full time driver for both of them now. Hubby's dinner treat tonight.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cross stitching, anyone??

Early this month, I took back my long due cross stitch which I did not manage to finish up. This cross stitch design has been due for more than 5 years. I think it was before I met my hubby. Yeah, it is how long it has been in the shelf. Even its needle has turned rusty and cannot be used. Lol!

Cross stitching used to be my past time hobby besides reading and listening to radio. Honestly I am not good with drawing. Never been an A student in arts class, and I hated arts class. I am not an imaginative person although I do admire a good painting when I see one. So, cross stitching is my art.

I love sceneries so all my cross stitch designs are sceneries with waterfalls or streams and mountains.

I planned to complete this cross stitch design probably after I deliver and if by then, I have yet to secure a job. The old people said it is not good for preggies to touch needles and sewing during pregnancy, so I guess I will do it after that. Lol! It just left the bottom part. I stopped stitching as some threads are out and I never really get to buy the threads then. So I aim to have it done by end of this year and have it framed. I done 2 other designs and both are hung at my parents’ house. Those two are nicer and bigger than this one. Probably that was the reason I determined to complete those two than this design! *laugh*

Friday, March 20, 2009

My house is brighter again and everything is in the safe deposit

THURSDAY: Finally most things that have been delayed till now are done. I mentioned before in February that some items in our house need to be fixed. Yes! We get repairman to come over yesterday morning to fix the broken bathroom light bulb, change few blown bulbs, fixing the living room fan and repair the leaking toilet bowl. Phew! Never knew there was so many things need to be done. And that is the condition of the house. Old house, so need to do some maintenance here and there. Thinking of all the maintenance, make me think of my new house. At least if anything wrong or need repair, we can call the developer or management corporation since we would be under one. At least we know who we should be looking for if we need anything when we move into our new home.

Now the outstanding itinerary would be my bedroom door knob and leaking ceiling. Cannot be fixed till I deliver. Yeah, it is the “pantang” (superstition) thing, cannot do things to or in the bedroom which include the door knob. So, got to wait to change the new knob and re-do the ceiling and roof.

FRIDAY: This morning, I opened up a safe deposit. My dad also wanted to open one himself (or was it his excuse to accompany a pregnant lady to bank and worry about my safety?) , so we went together to the bank to open the safe deposit. I received a substantial amount of gold during my wedding back in 2005. Then, I passed all those gifts to my parents for safe-keeping till recently they asked me whether I would like to keep them myself. Guess what! All those 4 years they have been bringing the gold around with them when they open shops in the morning, and bringing them home at night. All those hassle although they have a safe box in the house. They are worry that anything would happen since no one at home during the day time and the neighboorhood is pretty quiet during the day. *blush* Make me feel guilty of making them worrying about my gold! Telling you the truth I really forgotten about them. Lol!

Be frank, I have a phobia of getting my gold lost in the safe deposit in the bank and no one hold responsibility if it is missing or stolen in there, but then on second thought, I also worry that anything could happen if I simply keep it in my safe box in the room. So after much weighing and consideration, I decided to open up a safe deposit in bank. At least I know my parents are feeling much better now!! *wink*

Is gold price on increasing rate now? Have not been updating myself on gold prices, but I am sure keeping some gold are better than saving money in the account. You know our money value. And with very low interest rate, it doesn’t look favourable to save and put money in the bank account. And I don’t have that much money to go into investment which may earn potential higher interest rate! *ha ha ha* Wait till I hit a jackpot if I ever buy it first......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ants are invading my home!

It is one of those days when I am craving for chicken rice. I never bored eating it. *wink* Those fragrant garlicky rice with yummy steamed chicken and superb chilli sauce that come with it! Yummy! Yeah, now I am drooling all over my pc thinking about it. But at the same time, I am steaming with anger because of my chicken rice!!

While having kolo mee breakfast with my SIL and little gal this morning, I am dreaming of chicken rice for my lunch. Yeap, that is how far my thought is! Haven’t finished my breakfast but I already think of what to eat for my lunch.

Fast forward: I bought my nice chicken rice from Kenyalang Park hawker market. The chicken rice has been my favourite since I was young. Some may complain of its garlicky rice (your mouth will smell of it the whole day!! Lol), but I simply love its appetizing rice.

The day supposed to be great, no one at home, I have the whole tv to my self. There was live tennis match this morning, showing my favourite tennis player, Federer playing in Indian Wells. Around 12 noon, my stomach was growling; meaning it was feeding time. So, eager to eat my chicken rice, I went to the dining room to retrieve it from the table! But oh gosh!! What a shock I had! An army of ants are eating my chicken rice!
I think most people especially women hates crawling inserts. Top of my list is ants. Those big black ants, red fire ants and small yellow ants are my enermies. Recently my house is invaded by army of big black ants. They are everywhere in the living room and kitchen, and even upstairs bathroom and sometimes can see some of them running around in my bedroom.

If you left your food unattended or even it was covered properly, in a minute it will be covered by ants… Those ants really know ways to get into your food. Why they cannot leave my food and home alone??!! Anyone can recommend remedies on how to get rid of those unwelcome pests?? Spraying with Ridsect would not kill them all and it is just a temporary measur. Should I find its nest, I will get the exterminator to get rid of them once and for good!

Well, I have to abandon my chicken rice for lunch. Hardly can eat it thinking ants swamping on my food. Guess what I had for my lunch instead? Instant noodle. So, you can imagine that I have a grudge against ants from today onward when they steal my favourite chicken rice from me. You may think it is crazy, but I will do anything to get them!! Just because of a pack of chicken rice....Boy! I miss my chicken rice.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hard to find suitable baby sitter

I was chatting with a friend this evening. She is also pregnant and been a first time mummy, she is very anxious and excited at the same time. She asked me a lot of questions on baby sitter and confinement lady etc. We chatted more than an hour. Phew! My ear is still hot from talking too long over the phone. Lol!

My friend mostly concern on finding a reliable baby sitter that is located near her place. It is difficult to find a baby sitter somewhere at Batu Kawah area. Or probably I don't know any baby sitters there. And I told her it would be good to find a baby sitter that only take care of your baby. 1 baby for her. It wouldn’t do much good to look after more than 1 baby as babies sure take up much attention and time. My current baby sitter is only looking after my little gal, and I have already booked her to look after my 2nd baby. I feel comfortable having her taking care after my baby. She has been taking care of my girl for 2 years now. She is sad when I told her that I would be fully taking care of my gal starting next month till I deliver, but same time happy that I am pregnant and would send my baby to her.

Anyone from Kuching know or can recommend good baby sitter? Someone staying at Batu Kawa or Stapok areas??

Back to my friend, she will probably due end of September where as mine would be early September. Since we both are pregnant as about the same time, we shared many tips. She asked for my advice once a while, SMS me on my progress and her problems.

It is great to see her progressing well as she really wanting to have babies. And another friend is due sometime in June too! Wow! Two new mummies!! By next CNY, there would be lots of babies around. *wink*

Sunday, March 15, 2009

An online games buff

New addiction or should I said old addiction surface again. I am addicted to online games. *wink* With so much times at home with no one around most of the day, besides television, my close companion would be my pc. And of course with internet connection, I could browse around on anything that I want. I cannot imagine what would it been without my internet connection!

Last two days the streamyx has been extremely slow and sometime I cannot log into internet. I was just trying my luck this morning and thank god, the internet line is back! Yahoo! Now able to blog hopping again and of course play my favourite online games.

Remember when I were pregnant with my little gal, I spent most of my time in front of pc browsing through the pregnancy and motherhood websites. 3 or more websites. Now probably I have been through it, I am not that diligent to browse through so many websites. Now I only go to to check on progress of my pregnancy.

Alright, I am going to be a games buff for time being. So if you didn’t see me around or any lack of posting, all I can say is “Sorry, I am having fun playing games online!” Lol!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wide awake

You must be wondering why I wake up at such odd hour! My little gal bed-wetting just now. Since go diaper-free for more than a month, she has been bed-wetting twice. Once on her aunty's bed and this round on her own bed! Sigh! Now I can't sleep while my good little gal went to her aunty's room to sleep. Leave me behind with a stench smell of her urine. Got to bring her mattress out to air and dry under the sun. Hope for a sunny Saturday morning because it has been raining heavily on Friday night.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why cannot zzzzz till the next morning?

Hardly have good sleep at night. Keep waking up for toilet break, I think I lost count of it. Probably 3 – 5 times a night. Sigh!

Now I don't feel comfortable sleeping on my back, feel slight soreness if stay in that position for long. So I am sleeping on my side, most of the time on my left. But sleep is easy to elude me, it takes lots of tossing and turning before I finally settling in.

So every morning I don’t feel like waking up that early, but little gal’s morning clock is pretty timely. If not 640am, it would be around 7.00am. May it be early or late, we still have time for breakfast and drop her off at her school.

Talking about being a lazy SAHM, I have yet to start the actual SAHM routine, i.e going to market, cooking, cleaning etc. Oh boy! So for time being, better enjoy myself while I can! *wink* Which remind me something, I need to ask pocket money from hubby. Better ask him when he is back from KL tomorrow night. He promises to give me pocket money once I stop working. :p

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It is fun to do window shopping as well

Hubby will be flying off to KL this evening. How I wish I could follow him. *wink* Nah, he is going for training and meeting. I wouldn’t want him to worry about me and little gal wondering around the shopping complexes during his absence. Not with me being preggie and having to tug along a 3 years old girl along.

I do love to shop around alone, as it feels better and I have more freedom than shopping with friends or even hubby. Not that I dont enjoy shopping with friends or hubby but it is different experience shopping alone. Lol! This make me remember last June and September when I was in KL doing shopping by myself. Not so much on the actual buying, but more on window shopping and getting to know new outlets and wonderful stuff when you walk around the malls. It was so much fun.

Never mind, I can still do some window shopping with little gal in Kuching, probably at bigger malls like The Spring and Boulevard. My gal loves The Spring more, probably due to their indoor pool and interior decoration. She enjoys her walk there more. Just last week, we have brought her there twice. Once with her maternal grandparents then again with her paternal granddad. Now she even know her way around the shopping mall, which outlet is located where! Lol!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All about fingernails and face mask

My finger nails are long and they are getting in the way as I type. Since I opted to be a SAHM, I am getting lazier in cutting my nails. Used to love to keep long finger nails, but since having little gal around, I am cutting them short from time to time to avoid “accidentally hurting” her. Hmm, probably cutting them later as it is tougher to type with longer finger nails. Not to mention brittle nails when they are getting way too long.

Well, at least I am not lazy to have my facial mask. I am actually typing this post with me wearing a pore-cleansing masque from Amway. Suppose to do it once a week but since my complexion is getting drier nowadays (I am suspecting my skin problem is from hormone changes due to my pregnancy) so I don’t do it oftenly. Now once or twice a month. My skin around my lips is not too compassionate on me either, they are drier and peeling off, causing that area to be slightly red and itchy. Been putting on some petroleum jelly at night, but it doesnt help much. Probably I will consult my gynae for some ointment when seeing her tomorrow morning. Alright, time to wash away my mask and do some nails trimming. :)

Packs of fruits

Hubby back from Sibu on Sunday night, and bought some fruits home. Now our house is packed with many fruits that I think we can set up a fruit stall. Lol!

Longan (Cat's eye or Mata Kucing in BM)

Over the weekend, I brought some longan from my parent’s place as they have abundant of the ripe fruits. Mum was complaining that the bats are eating her fruits and make a mess on the compound by throwing the skins everywhere. So, she is giving away some to us, but looks like no one dare to eat it. The fruits are “heaty” just like durian. I don’t really fancy the fruits because when I tasted some, I will start having sore throat. Little gal loves it though. The meat is really sweet I have to admit.

Jambu air (Bell fruit)

Back to hubby’s fruits from Sibu. He bought some langsat, jambu air (my favourite) and Sibu orange back.

A type of orange or lime??

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Give me back my sense of taste

I think I lose my taste buds. I do not taste the food that I used to enjoy the same as it was. Oh dear! The food no longer that nice and yummy! I understand that some preggie encounter the lost or change of taste when they are pregnant, but I never thought I would encounter it now that I am in my 2nd trimester. I still don’t have much appetite, although I do eat smaller meals every day. A bit of snack here and then when I am hungry.

I am still at 52kg, didn’t gain any weight since the last time I weighed myself back in middle of February. At least I do not have any morning sickness and so forth. Other than being a sleepy log, I do not have much problems with my pregnancy. Hopefully my appetite will be back and then I can gain some more weight in my 2nd trimester.

Baby is 14th week old now. The next check up would be next Wednesday. Probably need to consult my doctor on the weight as I do not gain any and do not want to affect my baby weight as well. Now I am starting to wear looser clothing as old clothing cannot fit in well. It is the weirdest time as you are neither this nor that, people would be mistaken you for being fat! I have people commenting that I am gaining weight, but I did not spill the beans on me being a preggie. Lol! I do have friend that when she was pregnant, she is not "popping" at all and no one know she was pregnant till she deliver. Lol! Now that is one case of "feel" pregnant, but do not "look" pregnant at all......

Friday, March 6, 2009

Put on my cleaning cap

It was a nice weather yesterday, so I decided to clean up the house. The cleaning lady that due to come this Saturday cannot make it. So before the house is covered with dust till the next cleaning round, I better take the initiative to clean it first.

Suppose to clean up the house in the morning, but last minute need to meet up with friends. So whole morning busy drive my friends around the city as they are looking for new house to move in. Yeah, I am a part time broker, trying my hand on real estate. *wink* Spotted a nice house which is around RM270K (terrace intermediate) which is inclusive of furniture and air con. I thought it is worth a bargain, but my friends were not so keen on the furniture etc.

Back to my cleaning, I am very pleased with myself after done with it. The floor is sparking clean, everything is in order and place, and the house is smell of nice detergent. *wink* Never thought I could do it. It was pretty tiring, but am I glad that I did it. As for today, I have some ironing to do. Hubby is going to Sibu tomorrow, so got to iron some clothes for him to bring over. He is very particular when come to clothing, need to iron properly before wearing them. Lol! You know that I hate ironing, but since it is part of me being a full time housewife, I guess I cannot complain much right now.

As a break, I will be meeting an ex-colleague for lunch later. Only 1 week, but I am starting to miss her. And not only that, I start to miss been a working lady. Lol!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tale of a slumdog

Have you watched “Slumdog Millionaire”? Hubby bought dvd of the movie and heard so much controversy and critics of it, we decided to watch and be judges of it yesterday.

Slumdog Millionaire” stunned the Oscar last week by winning 8 out of 10 nominations. Amid the tremendous critics it proved to be a worth watching movie. It is a story of Jamal Malik, an 18 year old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who is one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India’s “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” However before the final question, Jamal was been arrested on suspicion of cheating. Out of desperation, Jamal told his life story of how he grew up in the slums with his brother and through each chapter of his story, it reveals the key to the answer to each question in the show.

Some parts of the Jamals’ stories touched on racist issue and child beggars, so it was pretty heart-wrecking and touching to see those young children striving to survive the cruelty and poverty. After watching “Slumdog Millionaire” I feel that my children is very lucky to live on this part of the world and never know how poverty like and its affect on other children. Been pampered, my little gal can choose what food to eat and clothing to wear, where as some children aren’t that lucky. Sigh!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My new status for the year

If you've noticed, I have changed my profile to “A temporary stay-at-home mum, which my home will be my territory. Fully revolving my energy in the remaining time of this year to my family and other personal affairs.”

Yes, I have quit my job and decided to stay at home. My initial plan is to stay on till middle of the year, but circumstances happen and I have to quit early. Stress is part of it. Emotionally and physically stress.

Farewell presents from the colleagues. They are for my new house (which wouldnt be ready that fast). I havent open them up yet, but I guess I shall leave them like that.

A beautiful pendant from colleagues. I am so touched!! Although only for a short period (i.e 6 months) of employment, I have grown to know and like my colleagues. *sob sob* Going to miss them.

So till new baby is here, I will be resolving to look after the household. Don’t know if I will be used to it, but I better be for the next 6 months the most. Will only look for new job after delivery, so for time being, it will be family and nothing but family. A temporary not-working mum for the rest of 2009. My new daily routine would be: Sending and picking little gal from school, take care of her since we wouldn’t be sending her to baby sitter starting April, cooking and so forth. Another plan is to find side income, which I have yet to finalise, but hopefully to realise my plan. Shall update you guys if this plan goes according to what I want. *wink* Hmm, any tips from other mums for this new stay-at-home mum??