Saturday, July 29, 2023

My blood

I did mentioned that I went to do my blood test in April and the result wasn't desirable as my hemoglobin count was very low. Other result such as liver and kidney function, cholesterol and hepatitis were alright. Doctor was concerned on my very low hemoglobin count which was 5.3 (normal is 11.5-16.5). So I was advised to take iron folic tablets which I bought from pharmacy. 

Recommended by pharmacist, I took this Maltofer Fol for a month plus. And then this month when the shop was closed for rest day, I went for my 2nd blood test. And again, the result came back undesirable. After much nagging from doctor, I had to increase my iron folic to twice a day, instead of one tablet. 

Not only that, I also take this drink consisting of red date, dried longan and wolfberries almost every day. 

This nourishing drink reminded me much of my confinement where I had to drink longan drink for a month!! Luckily I like longan, red dates and wolfberries, so I don't mind this drink. Other than drink it, I also consume the ingredients. Don't want to waste them. 

When my parents knew of my condition, they went to consult Chinese medicine hall and got this medicine for me. 

RM10 per sachet. My parents bought 7 sachets for me to take for a week. It is in fluid form so I just throw the fluid into my mouth and swallow. Tasted good, luckily no bitter Chinese herbs or medicine in it. I am taking one sachet every day with my iron folic. 

Now my mil will cook amaranth (bayam), pork and chicken soup more to replenish my blood. Of course the family also get to take them as well but I needed to increase my intake more than them. 

As during the weekend when my man is around, I will have to take few slices of liver and its soup as he would order liver soup with his noodle from the kolo mee stall in our shop. 

Hopefully after all those dietary plans, my result would turn out good if my doctor request for another blood test in few months time. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

One Saturday

Hi!! I have not been posting for a week! So here I am, on my shop's off day, writing this post. 

My coffee shop is more or less my second home now. Having my breakfast and lunch there, and whatever leftover, we will bring home and eat for dinner. My mil did most of the cooking at the shop, as we cook for ourselves and staff's lunch. 

So on rare occasion when we did not cook for dinner, we went out to buy our meal in the evening instead. For instead, on one Saturday, we went to Full House Cafe in MJC. 

Hubby and I went to buy the grilled sambal sting ray from the grill stall in the coffee shop. And since we needed to wait, hubby and I ate the Penang fried kway teow there while waiting for the takeaway fried kway teow and grilled fish. 

The ckt still tasted as good as ever. Enough wok hei but it was a very long wait. Most customers came for the noodle so it was understandable that it took time for the one-man show operator to prepare and cook. Even the lady that took our order indicated earlier that it will take times and asked whether we can wait. Luckily we weren't that hungry so we didn't mind the wait. 

Actually prior to us going out, hubby ordered some soy pudding (tofu fah) via Grab Food. Bui Go Tofufah (Big Cousin literally translated). So we ate that in the late afternoon. 3 big tubs,  and I ate one tub, all by myself. Lol. 

Lastly I wanted to share this night photo of the Batu Kawa Riverbank Sky Watch that my sis took on Sarawak Independence Day. Lovely, isn't it? 

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Saturday night @ The Junk

Hubby, Jan and I went for a rare Saturday night out last week. A treat for my girl who requested for fish n chips. She was the top scorer for both biology and English subjects in her last school examination so hubby decided to reward her with a good dinner.

And our choice of venue? The Junk in Wayang Street. Oh my, I checked my archive and noticed that the last visit was back in 2012 which was more than 10 years ago. 

The place is more or less the same as I remembered it. Its decoration and collectible are still intriguing and interesting. 

Back to our dinner, we started off with this soft shelled crabs salad. It was good and we really enjoyed it. 

Next my order of lamb shank came. The portion did looked smaller than it was in the past but it still tasted good, tender and flavourful with the tomato based sauce and side salad. 

The fish n chip my girl had been waiting for. Although not the classic British fish n chip, this breaded fish was okay for her but rather dry. 

Lastly we shared this mushroom soup with half a dozen garlic bread. 

Total bill for our dinner. After a good dinner, we went to The Spring mall to buy a gift for Jan. Meant to buy her a new phone after her SPM (next year) but we bought it in advance since her current one wasn't working well. 


Saturday, July 15, 2023

The fried wok

Our kitchen was rented out on 30 June to a couple who is doing fried noodle and rice. After few days of inquiry and negotiation, we managed to rent out to them and they started up their business on Sunday, 2 July. 

The Fried Wok menu. We were the first few customers to patronise their stall on the first day of their operation. 

It was a rainy Sunday so I was craving for something warm. After looking through their menu, I went for the tomato crispy noodle (RM8). 

Then hubby came with Jan and both also had their breakfast from the Fried Wok stall. Hubby opted for Foochow mee while Jan stayed loyal to fried mee hoon. RM14 for both noodles, while my mil made both fried eggs to go with the noodles. 

Good to see that they slowly have customers coming in and ordering from them. As the kitchen is located at the back and may not be visible, we help to promote the stall on our side to customers. 

Stall: Fried Wok

Location : Jia Hao Cafe, Papillon Street Mall (below Level Up Fitness MJC)

Monday, July 10, 2023

Laksa by Ben's Kitchen

Ben's Kitchen is a well known Sarawak laksa restaurant but due to Covid-19, their business was affected and shop has to be closed down. Nevertheless they have their followers and Sarawak laksa fans in Kuching. 

Soon after we put up our advertising banner in front of the shop in March, we got a call from the entrepreneurs, voicing their interest to rent our stall. Initially they wanted to open a Sarawak laksa stall at our shop but last minute changed their mind on doing chicken rice first. So they are the same person renting our chicken rice stall. To cut the story short, Ben's Kitchen opened up their Sarawak Laksa stall on 1 July. 

Ben is in charge of the laksa stall, he did the cooking by himself. We actually had a taste of his Sarawak laksa a week prior to his official opening. 

His special Sarawak laksa with chicken thigh for RM10. The gravy was nice and creamy, slightly spicy, suitable for those that can't endure spicy laksa. This laksa was only available for 2 days on the last weekend of June as he got delivery order for such. So at the same time, he served the laksa at the shop. 

From 1 July, he started off with serving laksa normal to customers. Slowly adding more varieties like his laksa special and laksa super few days later.  

For instance on the 4th, he got order for laksa with big prawns (laksa special) from a walk-in customer. And wow, it sure looked enticing, wasn't it?? I would love to have a bowl of this special. 

On the same day, a regular of his from Sibu came all the way and requested for laksa super! Of course he obliged and proceeded to prepare ingredients in his big heavy porcelain bowl. 

RM58 per bowl, shared by 3.  And the real dish??

That was how it looked like. The customers were pretty happy and enjoyed the laksa very much. 

Stall: Ben's Kitchen

Location: Jia Hao Cafe, Papillon Street Mall (shop is below Level Up Fitness MJC)

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Chicken rice stall

My second tenant is this chicken rice stall. Steamed chicken, fried chicken, char siew, braised pork belly and curry chicken rice are on the menu. 

Chicken rice with char siew RM10 was my lunch one day. The rice was fragrant but maybe smaller portion for some big water. For me, it was just nice, as I no longer could eat a lot. 

Steamed chicken and char siew are home cooked and I like how thick sliced were the char siew. 

Alright, the stall maybe named as chicken rice but it does have other non-chicken dish on menu like Taiwan lu rou fan, which I haven't taste yet. But I did tasted this braised pork belly rice. Lo bak as locally called it. Flavourful thick biteable pork belly slices, this rice dish for RM10. 

Stall: Chicken Rice

Location: Jia Hao Cafe, Papillon Street Mall (below Level Up Fitness MJC)

Monday, July 3, 2023

First tenant

This kolo mee stall used to operate in this coffee shop back in 2019 and early this year, the coffee shop relocated to Pines Square. Kolo mee operator did not follow suit but move to other coffee shop in MJC.  

Business wasn't as good in this new place and when we offered our place, they took up the offer. We used to patronise their kolo mee, so we were pretty familiar with each other. And our first tenant was them. 

Thank God, their business has been good since we opened last month. They have been enjoying brisk business and their noodles sold out almost every day!

Their mackerel fish balls soup is the attraction but their other noodles are equally tasty. My boys love their kolo mee so much, and now that they are at our shop, my Jay could have kolo mee everyday. His own word "I can eat kolo mee every day!'

Does this bowl of kolo mee entice you to try?? RM5 per bowl, you would not be leaving in disappointment. 

Their regular customers could have their noodles every day and they never bored of them!! Now we recognise most of them as they become our regulars. 

I tasted their fish ball soup before; they made their own fish balls. 

Other than fish balls and noodles, I also enjoy their dumpling (wantan) as well. I prefer dry dumplings than soup version. How about you??

Blessed to have such good tenant that doing well. 

Stall: 新 星 mackerel fish ball mee and kolo mee

Location: Jia Hao Cafe, Papillon Street Mall (below Level Up Fitness MJC).