Saturday, April 29, 2017

Finding thrills

When daddy isn't around, we will go out and find something interesting. Not going to be stuck at home and doing nothing. 

This was what happened last Saturday. Just me and my kids while hubby was busy with a function. I thought of a short morning drive with the kids so they would not be too bored staying at home.

We went for our usual kolo mee breakfast before I took the kids for a short car ride. Actually it was supposed to be a short ride to the petrol station but on our way there, we spotted the new mini mart (occupied the old Maybank lots) in MJC, Batu Kawa has opened. So after filled up the car petrol, I decided to check the new mart out.

And who gained the most from the new place? The kids, of course. The new mart is called CS Mini Market.

Initially I meant to check the place out but surprised to find some stuff is reasonably priced and cheaper compared to other places. And the stuff is neatly displayed, so tempted to buy them.

We had fun finding thrills in the snacks section. My kids each has their own preferences and everyone ended up with some goodies home. 

As for me, I find this canned luncheon meat is the cheapest so far in Kuching. My favourite brand for only RM7! Other places sell for RM7.50 or even over RM8!!

I would definitely make this place a frequent-to-visit place for now as it is near to my place and some stuff is well priced. Hope it is something permanent, not just an opening promotion or something. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Celebrating birthday in The Farm

Jan's birthday falls on 28 April so she would be officially 11 by then, which is a Friday.  It is a working day and hubby would not be able to join in the celebration as he is travelling.  So, we had an early birthday dinner last Sunday evening in The Farm Bistro, E-Mart Batu Kawa.

We were the few early birds that evening, so I were able to take some shots in relaxing mood. Love the setting.  Bright, white and clean, with some parts with brick walls. I super loved the Edison bulbs, gave the place a barn-like environment.

The seating place

The Edison light bulbs

Wall of Shovels

The Menu

We decided to have a small size of Sharing Platter (RM129.90) which hold smoked pork ribs, smoked bacons, roasted chicken leg, pork knuckle, roasted pork, Kassler ham, homemade sausage and soft buns. We also requested for mashed potatoes instead of wedges to go with the platter.

Sharing Platter (small size)

So, so much in the platter.  This is definitely for 3 to 4 persons to share. I wonder how humongous would the big size (RM249.90) for 6 be??

close look at the sinful meats!

Loaded with proteins!  I need some time to shed all those calories and fat I put it. But I did enjoyed the platter, especially the crispy pork knuckles, roasted pork belly and their homemade soft buns.

And on top of that, they gave us few dipping sauces so we can tasted and experimented with the meats. There was black pepper sauce, spicy and sweet chilli sauce, mustard, sweet apple sauce and ranch dressing. I liked the ranch dressing the most.

It was an enjoyable first dining experience for us. We loved what we had that night. Hope to come back to try other food on the menu or maybe we could just stick to The Farm Special - Sharing Platter.

And Happy Birthday to you, Jan! Hope you had a great birthday dinner in The Farm Bistro. We love you. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Once on weekdays

Every week, I would find my mum for breakfast and marketing. I may stay in Batu Kawa while my parents are in Chawan road (which takes about 25 to 30 minutes depends on traffic), but I make it a routine to find my mum once on weekdays for our usual morning chore.

Jamie used to follow us but since he has started school this year, it is just me and my mum.  A rare mum and daughter time.

We usually do our marketing in Kenyalang market. Growing up there and somehow, I am used to the place and people so I hardly go any place else to buy my fresh ingredients and meats. 

As for breakfast, we could have it in one of the surrounding coffee shops or hawker stalls above the wet market. If we feel like it, we would venture far to find food sometime.

But last week, we decided to have breakfast at the hawker stall above the wet market. It has been a while since we went there. As usual, the place was packed with morning goers especially elderlies.

Mum and I went to this fried noodle stall.

I had fried mee hoon while mum went for the big noodle. We asked for small portion which cost RM3 per plate. Enough to fill up our tummies.

And everytime I eat there, I must order a glass of fresh soya milk(RM1). Now that is what I call a simple but good breakfast to start the day with.

Forgot the name of this fried noodle stall but it is number 42. Next to a chicken rice stall.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Miscellaneous Picture #65: In the garden

It is Friday again!  Doesn't everyone looking forward to the weekend?? I know I do.

Today I would be focusing on my garden.  Yes, have been doing some new gardening lately.

This week, I spotted some flower buds on my lime plant. Yes!!

Our new pots of parsleys. Grew from seeds that we bought from Kubah Ria market and that how tall they are after more than a month since they sprouted after a week of seeding.

Got this plant from my mum and they have been growing well under the shed.

I hope to get some new babies from my mum's garden soon.  Maybe this lovely purple flower plant...

...or this...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Meet me there

The new row of shops in Stapok that completed last year and in few months time, few coffee shops have opened. And soon, everyone followed suit and the whole row of shops are filled up with coffee shops.

I pass by the place every day as Jamie's kindergarden is along the way. However I had never been to any of the coffee shops till last Thursday.

It was late in the morning so basically a very late breakfast or early lunch with my girlfriend. I whatsapp-ed my friend to meet me there the day before and we both agreed on the venue, Borneo One Street Corner (where BBQ King Seafood is located).

I were early so I ordered a warm honey lemon (RM2) for myself while waiting for my girlfriend who is staying nearby. Somehow 5 minutes have passed by and I called my friend asking about her whereabout. She was still at home! Waiting for me! She thought I were to pick her up. Turned out she misunderstood my message; I told her to meet me there. In the end, she did turned up in less than 4 minutes later. Lol.

She recommended few food stalls like the China ramen, laksa, kolo mee. Actually this Borneo One Street is next to River Park Food Court with seating area in between them. And good news is you could order food from both sides of the shops.

We had this crispy and nice yam and sweet potato fritters (RM5) from the fritter stall (next to Dim sum stall) in Borneo One Street. Of course I tried not to eat too many of them as my throat was still delicate.

My friend had Sarawak laksa too from Borneo One Street but I did not take photo of her food. I were lamenting to her that I were unable to taste it but it would be for another day when I would be fully recovered. So, what I had instead??

Another recommendation from my friend. The fish meat mihun soup from River Park Food Court! RM7.50 for this big bowl. Trust me when I said the bowl was huge! Option of milk broth or clear broth, and I went for the latter one. Love the sweet, tangy and slightly spicy broth.

More stalls open at night.  Must bring my family here to try some of the stalls. Quite a lof of choice here.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Must try

It was one of the weekdays when I brought my mum for our usual weekly breakfast and marketing.

We decided to go to Siang-Siang Corner in Tabuan Jaya for breakfast. Been there twice before with my mum. I like the place as it was refurbished few years ago and the place looked cleaner and tidier. More food stalls to scout around as well. 

In this recent visit, my mum suggested I must try the Penang food stall which was at the back of the shop. Well, the stall has fried kway teow and prawn mee so I decided to go for the latter one. I were still recovering from my cough so I decided to go for something milder.

RM6 Penang prawn mee

I went for the normal bowl of har mee, not the special portion of RM8. I opted for the big yellow noodle which I personally think goes well with the sweet prawn broth.

3 big, fresh prawns as well as few thick slices of lean pork in addition to a half portion of hard-boiled egg. And did I enjoy it? I have to admit that I did liked what I had that morning. Probably the best har mee in Kuching I ever had!

If my throat was better, I would have tried the dipping sauce but I decided not to. The sauce was left untouched.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A plate for me

It was the week before we went back to Kapit. The school has begun after a week of holiday.

Since only me at home in the morning, I prepared my own breakfast. Something special for myself. *wink*

There was some leftover rice and enough for a plate of fried rice for me. With further digging, I had a small slice of char siew. Ok, immediately char siew fried rice came into my mind.

Nothing hard in preparing and frying. I don't like to trouble myself too much just to cook for one.

Overnight white rice
Sliced char siew
A stalk of siaw pak chay, sliced
Chopped garlic
Chopped shallot
1 egg, beaten
Light soy sauce to taste
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Add about 4 tbsp oil in a heated wok. Saute garlic and shallot when oil is hot.
2. Once fragrant, toss in the beaten egg. Stir to scramble it. Then add char siew. Cook for a minute or so.
3. Add in the vegetable. Saute till soft before add in the rice. Continue to stir to break the rice and mix the ingredients well.
4. Add light soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Mix well before dish out.

Monday, April 10, 2017


The last time we were back in Kapit was in 2015 during the school holiday. Last week, we spent 3 days there for the Ching Ming. Did not go anywhere as it was a short stay and hubby and I both fell sick. 

Most of the time, we were in my in-laws' hospital canteen for meals.  No complaint since everything was on them!  The drinks, the food.  The kids get to take whatever they want.  Lol!

On the day of our departure, we had a chance to try out the nasi lemak. Never try the nasi lemak before, so sick or no sick, I would not want to miss the chance to taste it. My MIL sells it for RM5.00 but I am not sure what is the normal portion. Definitely not a whole hard-boiled egg and fried chicken!

We helped ourselves to the rice and ingredients and this was how my plate of nasi lemak turned out. Love the fragrant coconut rice as well as the salted fishes. The sambal was nice too; sweet and spicy at the same time.

Of course whenever you come to Kapit, one must try its local food such as kampua, pian sip, chicken feet soup, my MIL's Mee Brunei and most distinctive dish would be the deep-fried roti telur in the hawker market.

*recycled photo*

And the little sight-seeing around the busy town especially the interesting Market Teresang and historical Fort Sylvia. 

We kind of missing the slow paced and quietness of Kapit town when we left that day. Not sure when we would be back or would we ever be back again. Maybe the next time we come back here, it would be by road. Waiting for the new road to be complete then. Till then, goodbye Kapit.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Remember when

We went back to Kapit for Ching Ming this year. Our 1st time gone back to hubby's hometown for the festival.

So last Sunday morning we took the earliest flight into Sibu. Since we had the whole morning in Sibu before our express departing time (1230pm), we were free on our own.

As neither of us had breakfast, we decided to get the taxi to drop us in Good Happiness Restaurant for its morning dim sum. We remember when we used to stay in Sibu few years ago that how much we enjoyed the sumptious dim sum here, we decided firsthand to come back here last weekend.

Our delicious and BIG dim sum. We forgot how big the dim sum was though. We had hard time finishing them all. Lol.

Hubby had this pork intestine which I did not touch at all.

But I enjoyed the tender and flavourful pork ribs very much.

The egg tart was good as well.

The boys had this kampua.

And a bowl of wanton soup.

Our breakfast receipt.

By the time we were done, it was around 930am and the place was packed with morning patrons.

Satisfyingly delicious breakfast that last us till we reached Kapit around 4pm.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Do it right

The last time I made this grilled pork belly was a couple of years ago. I tried with oven on 1st attempt and then tasted with flip pan. 

This time I tried with my electric oven. Last week, I finally did it. And I were pleased with the end product.

The skin was chewy while the meat was tender with the fat in between.

Instead of leaving it like this, I heated up and poured the remaining marinade onto them. More flavourful and moist.

I am going to do it right from now onward. This recipe with my electric oven.

For recipe, click this link.