Sunday, January 31, 2010

1 month has gone

One month has gone for 2010 and tomorrow is another new month. February! February is a very short month. I love February. Why?

Because days in February pass faster. We get paid faster. And I love this year's February because Chinese New Year fall on 14 February. It coincides with Valentine's Day. Yes, another reason why I love February. Have you start or finish shopping for CNY and Valentine Day?? For almost the whole week I followed my colleague around Kuching hunting from one outlet to another outlet. I did not buy much. Need to save for my vacation.

Both of my parents' birthdays fall in February, a day apart. Usually I treat them to a birthday dinner but this year I would not be around to celebrate with them.

I would be going for a week holiday during CNY. So overall, I only work 3 weeks in February. Oh yes, I am so looking forward to February. *wink*

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beautiful nails

When was the last time I colour my nails?? I can't really remember...... :p

So out of boredom, I took out my nail colours one night and paint my nails. And little gal's too. She could not resist the temptation of not having her nails painted.

Hmm, thinking of buying new colours for the CNY. I usually buy my nail colours at Beauty Paradise at Jalan Kempas because it is nearer to where I stay now. They have cosmetic and hair products as well. Check them out by searching "Beauty Paradise" in Facebook.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Let it be a day

I have a habit of reading through my comment boxes after few weeks and checking on who were my commenters so I can return their favour and visit their blogs. Sometimes, I will re-read my old posts.

So out of boredom this afternoon, I read this month's posts and I happen to read one comment made by Ms Cat. A sexy mama herself who has 2 lovely daughters. She was commented on my schedule as a working mother. Yes, I know it looks tight, working from Monday to Saturday, 48 hours per week. Sunday again, I am full time mother, "working" at home. What choice do I have? I choose such life, so I cannot complain much right?

Then a thought comes to my mind. Why don't I declare a one day off for myself? A self-declared holiday, just a day!! But would it work? You know, leaving everything behind, let hubby looks after the children, house chore can wait for another day....hmm, what a wonderful thought that would be. But I know myself too well. I could not stand a second, not doing anything. Now I am wondering is that what the fortune master has been telling me??? Remember I told you last year that I change my Chinese name as a soothsayer said I have a bad luck and will work hard (not smart??) for the rest of my life. Hmm, I am the type of person that loves to work, even at home, I could not stop doing something. May it be in front of pc, washing, cooking or cleaning, I have to do something! Gosh! I must take things easily from now onward....

But once a while, I will give myself a break. Visit spa or window shopping with friends, gone for a body massage or facial. It may be 2 or 3 hours, but those hours do count. I make me feel great again. Refresh my body. I need a break. It is not that as a working mum, you do not have life other than your work and family. It is not true. Family and work may be important, but "me time" is a must to protect your sanity and a good stress reliever.

I remember an ex-colleague made a remark about me once. "Why you have to work when you can have the leisure of sitting at home, been a siu lai lai??" Er, if my hubby is rich, I don't mind being one. *wink*

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My shopping

What I bought in KL....

What do you think? Do you like it? It is comfy and fit my feet well.

I like this sandal too. Bought both at Nose in KLCC.

My unpacked luggage, full of my children's new clothing. I only bought 2 pairs of sandal and a blouse (at The Pavillion) for myself. And my SIL was commenting on the size of my luggage. Only staying for a night and I need to bring big bag, but in the end, she was the one that get me to buy this and that for my 2 children. Lol!

A CNY bazaar in The Pavillion. I didn't manage to check out the individual counter, as I only have 1 hour to shop there......

Friday, January 22, 2010

My lucky car and tiring week

Hubby won first prize in Sport Toto last Sunday. And the money? He gave to me. Why? Because the number is my car's number. So it makes sense to pass the money to me for safe-keeping and a portion for me to buy new digital camera. *smile*

I only know that he won first prize when my mum told me this afternoon when I went back for lunch.

We haven't have time to hunt for new camera but it would be sometimes this weekend or next week. Too many things happen this week. I actually went to KL on Wednesday morning and came back late last night. I just finished unpack my luggage. I took an early flight (6am) with my SIL on Wednesday. Once we reached KL, we went to KLCC for shopping. Supposed to meet someone, but last minute cancel so we went shopping instead. Bought 2 sandals for myself and I spent almost RM600 for my 2 kids. So much for a day shopping.

Yesterday me and SIL went to do our thing. The purpose we went to KL. To meet up with the company and offer our services to operate shops in East Malaysia. So far everything is good but we have to wait for a week for a confirmation from the company. If everything goes well, I would be very busy after CNY!!

Fresh juices in the morning

When my father-in-law is here, without fail, he will make juices in the morning. Fruit & vegetable juices. Fresh juice of carrots, green apples and celery. Drink on empty stomach. Good detoxification. The left-over residue from the blender? We used them as fertiliser for our potted plants.

I tried to make juice at least once a week (i.e. Sunday) for the family. Little gal also enjoy drinking the juice. After she finishes her cup, she will show me her mouth (covered with red foam from carrot). Lol!! She does not eat much green, but loves carrot, so this juice is great for her.

Some more, she loves to take supplements now. I bought chewy fruity vitamin tablets from Cosway, which has 6 types of fruit shapes and colours. Every day she will take and open the bottle herself. "Today I am taking green colour", or "Tomorrow I want red colour". This will go on twice a day. I don't mind because I know this will supplement her diet since she did not take much greens in her food.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can I do it?

Near yet far. It is just within my grab but if I am not careful, I will lose it forever. Sigh! I do not want to miss out the golden opportunity.

What ever happen in the end, I am taking it with open heart, open mind and open eyes (?). Don't be surprised. I am not trying to scare any of you. Just that I have putting so much effort on something for the past months and I do not want my effort to wash away like that. I just wish everything will be alright in the end......I am praying for a bright future. And I hope I am making the right choice too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

That blue monkey

End of last month, three of us (hubby, little gal and myself) went to MBO for the first time to watch Avatar. We heard so much of the movie, so we have to watch it and judge for ourselves. The verdict? Superb work by James Cameron.

Last night my sis-in-law treated little gal to Alvin & The Chipmunks and she could not stop talking about it this morning. Before she went to MBO with her aunt, I told her first that her aunt is treating her to a movie yesterday.

Me: Remember we went to The Spring to watch movie??? MBO cinema??
Little gal: Yes. But I don't like the movie. It is not nice.
Me: Mummy love it. It is nice.
Little gal: No. I don't like that blue monkey story.
Me: Huh? Blue monkey?

That is to show that what great memory our children have. I am impressed that she still remember how Avatar looks like. Alright, it is blue in colour. Er monkey? Maybe because it has tail. *laugh*

So this morning, I asked her about Alvin & The Chipmunks movie....

Me: How is Alvin & The Chipmunk?
Little gal: Good.
Me: You like it?
Little gal: Yes.
Me: They sing and dance.
Little gal: Yes.

So, there. She can be a movie critic now.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Looking into future home

Middle of the week I went to check on my new home with hubby. It is almost completed, with little touch-up along the way. I must chase the developer to speed up the work and handover the house to us.

A terrace house, with not much garden as the concept is practical and gardenless. As you can see the back of the house is small. Hubby planned to extend the back part and turned it into wet kitchen. So, no grass there. After all, I am not so good with maintaining grasses so might as well have everything cemented.

Hubby is complaining about the roads. More like a vehicle path, he said. Very narrow. Hubby is commenting on possibility of a fire truck to pass through the road in front of our house in case of emergency. Lol!! What to do? We bought our house out of a house model, so we cannot complain much right? But hubby has a plan of his own - form a community and everyday pounding at the developer/management corporation to do this and that! Oh dear, I can imagine the scenario is going to be.

Well, since we have seen the physical structure of our house, now it is time to take some measurements and come out with design.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

After many months

Finally I get to taste my first Sarawak laksa after many months of "kio chui" (refraining from taking certain food). Since I underwent C-section end of August, I was not allowed to take certain food that may make my skin allergy. This morning, I went to Lee Cafe in Stutong for breakfast. It was raining this morning, so I need something hot to warm my cold bone.

Laksa has always been my favourite. The laksa was good. It may be not great (cannot compared to some of the famous laksa in Kuching) but for me, it was fine after many months of not tasting it. Now I just hope that I do not develop any allergy to it......

Monday, January 11, 2010

Miss the breakfast

i know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the spark to start up your day with. But me being a lazy mum, did not properly prepare food for my little gal in the morning. Or you can say I am lazy to wake up early to ready breakfast for her every day. Alternative day, I would do it, but cannot do it every day.....

But I make sure my girl took her 5 oz milk every day before going off to school. I add a tsp of rice bran into her milk. At least I know she has some nutrients and the rice bran can be filling up to her snack time which is around 9am. As for her snack, I will pack her favourite snacks like croissant, white bread with cheese, chocolate muffins and chocolate chip cupcakes. Her snack menu has also increasing and more choices. I am glad that she has better appetite and dare to try new food now.

But her good appetite is a concern to me, especially at night. She can finish half of fried rice all by herself. Even hubby is scared looking at how she finished almost the whole bowl of fried rice! Lol! I know she is in the stage of growing and she has more appetite, but sometimes I tend to control her intake of food, especially oily food like fried rice and fried chicken. She can eat a lot of those, but I am concern about her health in long term. Either way, I am trying to balance her diet, make sure she eats more greens.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Raindrops keep falling on my head

That was what I felt for the past few evenings when I woke up in the middle of the night. Baby Jay cried for his night feeding. When I woke up to go to the rack to make his milk, I felt water on my head. Oh no! The roof is leaking again. Sigh!

We have not yet get people to check on the roof. Previous contractor could not solve the leaking problem and we have to find another guy to check it out. The ceiling in my bedroom has a hole seeping from it. The water from the hole is exactly at the side of my bed, so when I got up, the side of my bed was wet!

Judging from the rainy season, we would be expecting more rains till Chinese New Year. We have to move out from the room and get contractor to check the roof and re-do the whole ceiling. Hmm, could not wait for my new house to be ready, but that would not be in next to no time.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My chef in action

When hubby craves for something, he will satisfy his craving. And it goes all the way to cook and experiment in the kitchen. So, to my surprise, he masters this delicious beef stew on first trial.

Hubby actually ate it once and he falls in love with the dish, so he tried to cook it at home over the weekend. Hubby's own version of cheesy beef. Supposed to be dry, but I like its gravy.

He used cheddar cheese. Supposed to try out with mozerella cheese, but he was lazy to go out and buy it, so he used cheddar cheese. You can see that the cheese did not melt easily, so we got to scoop the cheese into bits to eat with the chunky beef.

Rice-less dinner!! Again, we are trying to cut down on our carbo, so try to eat less rice!!

One of our new year resolutions. Less Carbo. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where is the slim silhouette?

Alright, I am slightly annoyed when my mum commenting on my tummy. Yes, I know. I have not lose much weight since giving birth more than 4 months ago. But what can I do judging from my tight schedule? Sis even recommended me to join LevelUp gym but I could not find the time. I know, I don't give such excuse as I can make the time but I am totally exhausted.

This afternoon when I went back for lunch at my parents' house, my mum commented on my excess bulges on my mid-body. Why I am not slimming down since I started working a month ago. All I can do is smile. *wink*

I grow broader on my hip and waist and I cannot fit into my jeans. Aaaarrrggh! Very frustrating. All my jeans are still in my wardrobe; abundant since early last year. I hope I could fit into them before my vacation next month. But what is the chance?? What the quickest way to lose weight?? Don't tell me to exercise and eat less, because like I said, I do not have the time to exercise. As for eating less, I am cutting down on carbs and eating less.

Hubby is also aiming to lose some weight. He is gaining weight again. I told you that he took some slimming pills last August and he managed to shield few kgs and inches, but now he is back to his original weight! Lol! So, both of us is determined to slim down together. We tried to cut down on meats and instead take more vegetables and fruits. Hubby has also developed taste for Hakka "Lui Cha". We quite like this Lui Cha from Top 10, Jln Song. We supposed to mix those ingredients with soup, but hubby dislike bitter soup, so we just mix them and eat it like that. *wink* Good for detox!

So, one of my new year resolutions would be to lose some weight, ideally back to my pre-pregnancy weight which was 52kg. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Out from the closet

What we did over the long weekend?

Washing, what else! Mr Sun has been very good on 1st day of 2010, so SIL and I took out our laundry to dry under Mr Sun. SIL also took out her winter clothing and jackets from her closet. We are sorting out the clothes. I tried on some of her clothing; and luckily I can wear them. We are almost the same size, so no problem for me to fit into her clothing.

SIL will be going to Shanghai end of the month, so she has to take out her clothing to be worn there as it is freezing now in Shanghai. When she goes there, I will get her to buy some winter clothing for little gal. Cheaper and more choices there. Hope she able to get some for my gal.

Saturday was a working day for me, so nothing much to talk there. As for Sunday, usual. Family day. Again, washing for me. My laundry baskets have never been empty for a minute. There would be some clothing in the baskets. Sigh!! I really need a dryer for new home. If weather not good, I wonder how to hang my laundry and empty the baskets.....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Highlights of the year

January Our new home would be ready sometimes middle of this month. I have been chasing the developer on handing over the key since last month, so finally they able to give me an answer that it would be ready this month. We will be busy moving into new house, but first, need to plan for built-in furniture and extension works.

February We are going for a holiday during CNY. Overseas holiday with hubby's whole family. I am looking forward to my vacation; but first thing first! I need to save for the holiday. Air flight, tour and accommodation are paid by my PIL, but we need to save for our trip expenses; as I am planning to do some shopping there. So, not so much CNY shopping for me this year since we are going for a holiday during CNY.

February I must get myself a new digital camera once I collected my commission and salary end of January. Since I lost my digital camera (my very first! Sob) 2 years ago, I have yet to get a new one. So, I must get one before I go for my CNY holiday. I am still deciding between Sony Cybershot and Olympus. Which one shall I get? Anyone can recommend me which brand & model to get?? User-friendly, can take night shots and shock resistance.

April Little gal’s 4th birthday end of April. She is starting her P1 next Monday and will attend her first class of dancing classes next Friday. I hope she enjoys her P1 class. As for her 4th birthday, I am planning to invite her school mates to McD, but wonder whether I could handle the rowdy children or not. Lol.

August I would be 33!! Oh, I am getting older.....Baby Jay’s first birthday fall on the day after my birthday. We would be celebrating his birthday, inviting relatives and close friends to his birthday dinner.

December My little cousin is getting married end of the year. We would be flying to Singapore to attend her wedding reception and maybe celebrating Christmas in Singapore.

Phew! This year's plans look pretty expensive as all involved lot of $$. Sigh! Headache yet at the same time, excited. Lol.