Thursday, November 28, 2019

Another time

We did made few visits to this coffee shop this month. One time, I bought few packs of Chinese economy rice and another time, I bought its Hainanese chicken home to try. Both stalls served nice food, so no complaint from me. 

But on my recent visit last weekend with my family, we had a try at the kolo mee stall. 

RM8 noodle + soup set

I loved this soup fresh, hand-rolled fish balls, fish maw and seaweed. My kind of soup. 

The kolo mee hoon that I had was nice too. Flavourful and tasty. 

RM3.50 kolo mee hoon

3 kolo mee, 1 kolo mee hoon and a set of noodle and soup cost us RM22. 

We still have 2 more stalls that we haven't try such as the porridge/toast stall and char chu stall. Another time for that. 

Monday, November 25, 2019

Lazy Saturday

Don't you wish for a lazy Saturday to start off the long school holiday?? Not for my case. Thought I could sleep in late but no, the kids got up early, that was before 7am!!

Since everyone was up and early, we had a short walk at the nearby park. Not yet 8am but the morning sun was very warm. 

After that, we went here for kolo mee breakfast. 

Then a stop at the nearby hypermarket for grocery and buying some stuff for Jan. She is helping out in our Sunday School's holiday class and will be conducting a game session with younger kids this week. Some table tennis balls, plastic spoons, boxes and yarn. 

Then we basically spent the rest of our afternoon at home, catching on some movies and nap.

No cooking in the evening as hubby went out to buy some dishes for dinner. Yummy dinner. But why everytime I have sore throat or cough, I am tempted with fried chicken wings?? Lol. 

The super irresistible fried chicken wings from the Golden Arch cafe.

We also had pai gu wang (literally means pork rib king). Sweet sticky ribs.

We had 2 vegetable dishes, namely stir fried manicai, and sambal kangkung.

Happy tummy, happy Saturday!! 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Last day of school

Credit: Google

Yesterday was the last day of school. Now that school is out of the way, we can focus on one thing. Holiday!! 

It is time to pack for the holiday!! We would be going for our family holiday next week. So, so looking forward to it. Have been counting down since last year. Lol.

As for this year, it has been a whirlwind of activities; mostly involving schools.

Jamie had his graduation concert few weeks ago. He is officially out of kindergarden and going to primary school next year.

Jan has been enjoying her 1st year in secondary school, making new friends and learning new knowledge. She enrolled herself in culinary class as her extra-curriculum and she has been learning how to  bake and cook.

Jay was as usual busy with school and tuitions as well as other enrichment class. Not doing well academically this year but we didn't expect much from him. He isn't that acedemic inclined person. Attitude-wise, he has been more rebellious than before. I guess boy is always boy. The behaviour, the habit. Make me crazy sometime.

Other than schools, Jamie started swimming classes this month. He has been enjoying the lessons. Actually he has been so looking forward to them but due to his eczema and dry skin, I kept postponing his lesson. Jan and Jay can swim well now, so it is fair to let Jamie learn too.

Okay, enough about kids. All I need right now is my holiday!! I need it desperately. After many, many months of hard work. Lol. And what a better way to end the year with. A well-deserved, nice and enjoyable holiday.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Light Munching

It has been ages since my very first visit to Munch Cafe. Early this week, I was running an errand in the city centre with my girl. So I brought her here for breakfast before we proceed with our errand.

I saw that they have bubur cha cha on the menu, so I ordered that. Long time I did not taste bubur cha cha.

A bowl of warm bubur cha cha (RM5) for me and iced honey lemon (RM2.60) for Jan.

It wasn't long before our first order came to our table. 

Crispy fried egg roll with cheese (RM5.50) for me. First impression, it looked like roti telur with a twist of cheese. Really crispy and tasty with cheesy taste to it. I enjoyed it with my warm bubur cha cha. 

My girl had this kaya with cold butter toast for RM3.50.

Our breakfast costs RM17. 

Monday, November 18, 2019

Porridge for 2 days

I wasn't well over the week, down with sore throat and fever. 

So we did not do much other than went out for breakfast and stayed indoor over the gloomy weekend. 

Since I wasn't my 100%, my man took over the kitchen and in charge of the meals. He cooked porridge for us for 2 days. My kids weren't so fond of porridge but they had no choice but to oblige to their dad's cooking! 

My hubby made this lovely pork rib with cuttlefish porridge. He actually ordered a pack of pre-cooked cuttlefish with fermented black beans (tausi) from someone. So he added the pre-cooked ingredients into the simmered porridge with pork ribs when it was cooked.

This porridge reminded me of my mum's cuttlefish porridge. I ate a lot of that growing up. My dad loves it so mum would cooked it quite frequently for breakfast and supper. A comfort food for me back then.

As of the time if this post, I am still recovering from my sickness. Having a bad cough right now. Hope I get well soon as school holiday is right the corner. 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Lunch together

Tuesday was hubby's birthday. No special plan for the birthday man other than cooked chicken mee suah and 2 boiled egg for him. 

Just before he left for work, he suggested to me for a lunch together. So after picked up Jay from school, and together with Jan (who started her school holiday earlier this week), we went over to his office to pick the birthday man for lunch. 

Venue?? Aeon Mall. Very near to his workplace so we decided to go there for lunch and some shopping. 

First time we had lunch in Aeon non-halal section. Not much choices but we decided to settle for these delights. 

Jay went for gourmet ham burger with fries (RM12.90). I had a bite and the rest all settled by him. It was tasty and Jay licked the plate clean, so you bet he liked it very much.

A huge burger with thick slab of ham patty. He really enjoyed his burger. 

Hubby and Jan each had this sausage set with fries and coleslaw for RM26.50.

The sausage was slightly salty. Over seasoned I bet. 

As for yours truly, I ordered this carbonara with bacon for RM19.90. The taste was a little bland, the cook did not add much salt to it. But it was fine with me as the portion was big and many big strips of bacons to accompany the pasta. 

And I enjoyed my pasta with a can of Sarawak-owned canned drink, Sundrop lime flavour. First time tasting this flavour. Not too sweet and the lime juice was refreshing to take after a heavy, rich lunch. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


We were early one morning so we went to Kenyalang Park to hunt for food. 

Since we were there, I took some time in the wet market before we went upstairs to the hawker centre. 

This was one of my parents' favourite stall in the Kenyalang Park hawker centre. 

Luckily not many people so we didn't wait so long for our orders. 

Fried dumplings in tomato sauce were something we rarely take. A nice appetizer to our breakfast. 

Yours truly had tomato noodle but unfortunately the gravy was too little. I like more gravy for my crispy noodle to be soaked in.

Monday, November 11, 2019


Jamie had his graduation and year end concert yesterday afternoon at the Islamic Information Centre. Yes, he has finished his kindergarden education. My youngest child has grown up and no longer a toddler.

Few shots of the graduation ceremony.  A new milestone is waiting for him.

Thursday, November 7, 2019


During the Deepavali holiday, a friend and her family came over for holiday. A friend of hubby. He went to meet them on Sunday, brought them for breakfast and lunch. 

His friend gave us this gift. A pack of snack from wplace.  Pepper cashews as it was called but consist of few seeds and nuts. 

It was super good and wholesome. Hubby and I mostly snacking on it, and it was addictive! Thank you to hubby's friend for this lovely gift and introducing us to a new snack. 

One night, my man brought back this packet of frozen snail (tong fung lo). A gift from a friend, who visited Sabah. 

Washed and rinsed few times to wash away any sand from the snails. 


I simply boiled it in boiled water with ginger strips, salt, garlic and lemongrass for few minutes. 

For dipping, I simply added some minced garlic with light soy sauce and lime juice. 

How to eat?? Stand by toothpicks as it could be a hassle to pull the snails out from their shells. Some would be easy; just pull the sharp pointy black part of the snail slowly. And you will get a proper, fully intact flesh. 

Monday, November 4, 2019


Last Thursday, I went to Aeon Mall with Jan to buy some stuff. It was the Halloween night so their Halloween decoration was still there. 

No people around, so we took some time looking and taking photos at the area. 

After we done shopping in Aeon Mall, we went to the nearby shop for a quick lunch. Little Hainan, a stone throw away from the mall. 

It wasn't lunch hour yet, so not many patrons around. It was cold and still some downpour, so both of us opted to sit outside the shop. 

Soon after placed our order, we were served with a bowl of soup and chilli dipping. 

Jan had a normal plate of Hainanese chicken rice for RM8. 3 balls of chicken rice with some cucumber pickles. 

For extra RM2, I went for the braised pork belly and chicken rice.

I loved the braised pork. So tasty and it melt in my mouth. 

Our lunch cost RM30.50 plus one glass of iced honey lemon and a pack of chicken rice for Jay. 

Friday, November 1, 2019

Called it a day

I was back to this coffee shop end of the month after my first visit earlier last month. 

Thought of going back to try the Malay mee kari (curry noodle) but it wasn't opened. When I inquired on its status from the waitress, it turned out that the stall operator had called it a day due to health issue. 

It was Sunday morning. Hubby wasn't around as he went to meet his friends from KL. So, that morning, along with my kids, I decided to settle our breakfast in this coffee shop before headed to the church. My boys wanted kolo mee so I ordered the red version for them.

RM3.50 kolo mee

The kolo mee stall also sold some bak chang that day and my Jamie kept pestering me to buy them. So I ended up buying 3 of them to try at home later that day. 

RM2 bak chang

I tasted the pork porridge on my first visit here and this round, I went for the same stall but I had its claypot noodle. 

RM6.50 claypot mee

It has been ages since I had claypot noodle. I requested for egg to go with my noodle but the egg was overcooked. I prefer runny yolk with my noodle but I did not get it. 

Overall, the claypot noodle was fragrant with slight hint of cooking wine. The handmade meatballs were lovely. 

RM9.50 breakfast set

My girl saw the stall selling Western styled breakfast sets so she ordered this set to satisfy her craving.

After filling up our tummies, we went to our church service.