Monday, August 31, 2015

The weekend walk in the park

In our comfortable sports shoes, we had our nature walk around VH Green Nature Park last Saturday. It was a scorching warm morning so a lot of sunblock, hats and water needed.

You need to pay for your entry fee and other fees; namely horse ride and animal feed. We did not do the fishing activities.

Feeding the animals

The park

Aviary & around

Veggie farm & Herbs garden

Treehouse fun

Most parts of the park are still under construction and the farm and garden have just planted so not much vegetables and plants to see.

Hopefully the next time we come here (maybe in a year time!), everything should be running and ready.

So, goodbye to you, for now.

That is it! The weekend walk in the park. A mix of fun, learning and exercise!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Horse riding in the morning

Everyone was up so early today! You know why?? Because it is Saturday and a start to a long weekend. And it means there is something waiting for the kids!!

It has been quite sometimes since we ventured into some new places so this morning, everyone was pretty excited and adventurous. Our destination?? VH Green Nature Park.

The first of its kind in the state, VH Green Nature Park is located in 4th Miles of Matang-Kuching road. This nature park cum educational playground opens early this year.

Its main attraction has got to be this horse ride where children can enjoy the feel of riding a horse for RM10.

Their very first horse ride and it was a thrilling experience for them. Jan was excited to ride on the horse while Jay had a last minute withdrawal symptom and could not wait to dismount. Nevertheless both had rode through the park one round.

For me, I get as close as to feed them and been bitten too but no damage done. Lol.

The route to this new nature park.

Next post - walk around the park and more!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Roasted cafe

The last time I were here was last September when we came back for my bro's wedding. It has been almost a year since I came to I.P.H Roasted Cafe for its delicious roasted duck.
Wonder why its "I" looked like "J"??

Few days ago I were in that area with my mum and we thought of dropping at this cafe for brunch.

It was a weekday and almost 9am but the cafe was quite packed with patrons. Some ordered and took away its roasted meats while mostly had their breakfast or brunches there.

I like its roasted pork belly and roasted duck. Some say its taste has dropped but I thought otherwise after brunch there the other day. I thought the meats were still good and well seasoned.

I had its noodles with roasted pork belly and duck for RM5.50. Very filling for me as quite a portion.

They were pretty generous with their chunky meats. I enjoyed my brunch with my mum. And each of us also tapau-ed some roasted chicken and pork belly back for dinner too. *wink*

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Breakfast, Shopping & Fun

Browsing through the aisles in cooling hypermarket near to our place is our weekend's favourite-thing-to-do. It has been hazy lately so staying in air-conditioned place is a blessing.

Last Saturday, we went to this food court for breakfast since we wanted to do some grocery shopping in the hypermarket across the food court afterwards.

I had something different this round. I ordered cheese paratha to try. And wow! Quite a portion but it was nice to take when it was warm with dhal and curry gravy.

This Sarawak laksa was a disappointment. Regret to order this lala laksa (RM12). Lala was not fresh and some were tough and not properly cooked.

We went to buy household goods and some stuff for my boy's birthday party.

Usually we would buy more than this but not this round. I always keep inventory of what we have at home so we would not overbuy and stock up unnecessarily.

And we bumped into this shop where the kids begged us to let them play. So we let them have some fun there.

The little one was well-behaved, did not disturb his siblings. He just observed them. 

After our breakfast, shopping and fun, we went home to hide from the warm sun and haze. Phew!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Poolside's birthday party

Jay is turning 6 today.

My grown-up boy

He has been so eager to celebrate his birthday and has been asking since April after his sis' birthday, "Is my birthday here yet?", "How long to my birthday?", "What day is my birthday?".

My son. He is big boy now and soon he would be graduating from his kindergarden and start primary school. A new milestone for him.

Last Sunday evening, we held an early birthday party for him. His 1st ever birthday party as in the past, we never hold a big one for him. 1st 2 years I were too busy with my shop and then when he was 3, we moved to Sibu. We had a simple dinner and celebration there.

This year, we organised a special birthday party for him which was held in our clubhouse poolside. It was fun, exciting and entertaining for him and other kids.

We invited my side of family as well as hubby's family, relatives and few close friends and kids. A gathering with our friends too since it has been a long time we meet up. Everyone had a great time chatting and catching up.

Theme of the party is "All wet and fun", so we incorporated one of his favourite cartoon characters from the Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob SquarePants.

A bunch of cheeky SpongeBob SquarePants

Aren't these Spongebob figurines cute?? We happened to spot them when browsing through a gifts shop in Kenyalang Park. Just nice to add into the goodie bags.
A customised gift tag from Your Dreamed Party

A chest full of goodie bags up for grab during the party.

Treasure chest

Birthday cake

I love this SpongeBob & friends cake that I ordered from Sweet Temptations, a home baker. She did a great fondant and figurines on this super delectable and smooth red velvet cheese cake. The cake was so irresistably creamy and soft with the cheese cream in the mid layer and frosted with cream cheese frosting.

This has got to be my favourite part!

Birthday song and cake cutting moment. Look how happy was the birthday boy!

Cakes, anyone?

To add more atmosphere into the party, we also have the specially-ordered balloons, party favors, party bunting and table decors from Your Dreamed Party, an online party supplier and planner. Thank you Joan for the time and effort in making this party an eventful and colourful one for my birthday boy.

When it comes to poolside party, water is very much involved. Kids cannot resist playing or swimming in the pool. They had a fabulous time spraying with water guns and balloon throwing in the pool.

Fun facts

While the kids were splashing away, the adults were busy filling up their tummies and drinking to their heart's content. Hubby insisted on bbq so I let him to do the bbq. We also engaged a caterer to prepare the dinner so hubby and I could relax and mingle with the guests.

The birthday star had a blastastic time and enjoyed the fun and centre stage during the party. Thank you to everyone for spending time in making this party a memorable affair!

And not forgetting Your Dreamed Party for the wonderful personalised decors and party favors.

Happy birthday, Jay!