Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Time to fly

After 3 years, we are finally utilising our air tickets!!! 

The feeling of flying again after so long really surreal, one part was excitement while another part was anxiety. Rationally, we were determined to claim our air tickets after been frozen for more than 2 years before they expiring this month end. 

We meant to fly to Langkawi and make a trip to Koh Lipe, Thailand back in May/June 2020 but God had his plan that year. MCO, Covid-19  outbreak, travelling restriction and SOP caused our flight to be cancelled. No refund for our accommodation in Langkawi and Koh Lipe but luckily the ferry operator refunded our ferry fare for Langkawi-Koh Lipe trip. After liaising with our national airliner for months, they only offered us a rebooking option and evoucher claim till 31 December 2022. 

This round, we used the evoucher amounting to over RM4000, and we decided to realise our Langkawi vacation.  No Koh Li Pe island but we change the itenerary to a more light & easy mode. KL for 5 days and Langkawi for 5 days. 

We will be flying tomorrow afternoon so, no update in my blog for the remaining week and next week till we are back from the holiday. So, till then, see you guys and happy blogging!!


mun said...

Happy holidays! Have a safe and smooth holidays! Enjoy and stay safe! 🙏

Angie's Recipes said...

Enjoy your vacation, Rose!

suituapui said...

Safe travels, happy holidays!
Kids knocking off earlier from school? I hope the new MOE will change it all back to like before - the current arrangement of school days and holidays is such a nuisance!

Nux V said...

Happy holiday!

PH said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to reading about it!