Friday, November 26, 2021


It was one of the weekdays when hubby was around. He woke up later than 7am, so I cooked breakfast for the kids before he asked me to join him for breakfast at Old Bank Cafe

Initially we wanted to eat the kolo mee from this kolo mee stall but it wasn't open. Maybe it was their off day. So we went for the handmade noodle instead.

Hubby took his plain handmade noodle while I requested for the red version.  We also took its comforting and tasty dumpling soup.

RM12 for our breakfast. There wasn't many people around as it was a working day and most of the customers have gone to work after having their breakfast there. 


suituapui said...

So you two go romancing lah, children asleep, not following. LOL!!! NO customers or very few customers, I would not mind going!

Angie's Recipes said...

Dumpling soup looks really good!

Nux V said...

shioknyer ber-dating again at coffeeshop! i don't mind having a breakfast dine-out daily when not many customer in the shop.

Nancy Chan said...

Your breakfast looks good. I too prefer a place with less crowd.

mun said...

Is your booster vaccination due yet?

mun said...

Food looks good especially the dumplings. I still have not dined in yet.

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