Monday, November 1, 2021

On the shelf

While we were at Choice Supermarket 2 weekends ago, we had a good browse at the non-halal section. They have quite a good selection there for canned pork and alcoholic drinks.

We were more interested in the pork produces. Meant to get some cans of our favourite luncheon meats there but we ended up with other stuff as well.

Porkies brand from Denmark, we still stay loyal to this luncheon meat. 

For China brand, we mostly bought Gulong stewed pork and minced pork but that day, we discovered its new product. Chicken mince with bean paste!! Have you try it yet?? We bought 1 that day, have yet to try it out.

We also noticed that this supermarket had this Singapore made luncheon hams from Kelly's. We grab some, of all varieties and hubby took few to Sri Aman. We only keep these 2 varieties in our pantry.

Last Saturday, I pan fried this Picante Pork luncheon ham for lunch. 

Lightly pan fried for about 2 minutes and serve!!


Nux V said...

we used to buy Tulip brand luncheon meat but these days we switched to Singapore brands coz Tulip is too salty for us.

suituapui said...

Yes, Porkies!!! My favourite too!!! I've a few cans in my pantry!!! Nice...and not as expensive as most of the rest. Gulong is nice as well, their stewed pork but I hardly ever buy that. Usually I would go for Narcissus if I want to buy a can for frying bihun - stewed pork chops, not so fat!

Choice! My cousin in Kuching was rater annoyed that day as unlike the other 0places she went to, nobody bothered to check if the customers were fully vaccinated. Frankly, I do not see why they should bother - everybody may get infected, never mind vaccinated or not - the only thing, they say, is if not vaccinated, the effects may be more severe. Ah well!!! Our VIP didn't survive either.

PH said...

Sometimes when I see canned food I can't resist trying. So far I have not see Porkies luncheon meat over here. Kelly's is available but I haven't tried. I recently tried Golden Bridge and I find that it is quite good.

Nancy Chan said...

We have started to eat luncheon meat when the pandemic started. I usually buy Tulip brand and recently tried the Korean brand. There are now many brands to choose from.

Angie's Recipes said...

Love Gulong stewed pork! Awesome for some congee :-)

mun said...

We always keep some cans of luncheon meat at home. I can't keep track of the brands we have tried but I don't think we have tried Porkies brand from Denmark and hams from Kelly's. Since they look good, maybe we can try to buy them from shopee as we are still not going to the supermarkets and malls.

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