Friday, July 27, 2018

Next door

There was this old row of shops in Green Road (just after the Petronas) that has been there for many, many years.

The old building at the back of the Green Road bus stop where Goh Say Lak (grocery shop), Kim Lai Heng (coffee shop) and Lee Cafe are located.
My dad's shop was not far away but I seldom go there for breakfast. One, the parking is a pain unless one parks at the new shops and walk over. Secondly, I didn't know what good in those old shops and thirdly, they are indeed very old coffee shop so cleanliness is less desirable.

However one day I went to check out Kim Lai Heng as I heard from a friend that there was a stall selling nice nasi lemak that operated by Chinese. Chinese nasi lemak. That is not common here but I am always up to challenge to try new stalls.

So I had a takeaway of nasi lemak with fried chicken (RM5) one afternoon. For the kids, I ordered salad chicken rice (minus the salad sauce) from the same stall.
Nasi lemak

Chicken rice

The fried chicken was nice. I opted for thigh rather than chicken wing. The rice wasn't that "lemak" but soft and good enough with the crispy anchovies and sambal.

The following week, I went to the shop next door, Lee Cafe for lunch with my dad. The coffee shop looked better and cleaner than next door but choice of food is more or less the same.

Dad had kolo mee there and since I wasn't that hungry I had a takeaway. Chinese fried rice from the fried stall for me and my girl and kolo mee for my boy.

Fried rice RM5

Fried rice was alright; neither too salty or bland. Taste just fine to me.

Kolo mee RM3.50

Suffice to say, I would only drop by at this row of shops as it is near to my dad's shop and on the way to pack lunch before heading to school to pick the kids up. 


  1. I know Goh Say Lak only too well. My late aunt used to buy her groceries from there since a long time ago, maybe in the 70's.

  2. See the kolo mee makes me feel like eating it...

  3. Rice with french fries. How interesting.

  4. It will be convenient for you to pack the food on the way to fetch your kids from school.

  5. wah the chicken rice looks special with peanuts and french fries.

  6. The chicken looks really good, dear! Happy weekend! xoxo

  7. Yes, can see from the photo that the fried chicken was crispy and good

  8. The fried rice looks good. I like fried rice done like that.

  9. It is so cheap to enjoy a delicious meal for just RM3.50!

  10. the modified chicken rice looks interesting

  11. I haven't had nasi lemak in a long while - you are so tempting me, Rose!