Friday, October 27, 2017

They said

I don't know why I missed and forgot to post this earlier. It happened in September or maybe in August. Either way, it happened after I came back from my Europe trip.

It was one weekend when we felt like not having any noodle for breakfast. Asked the kids what they wanted to eat and they said "roti canai".

There is this Indian coffee shop near our place that we have been to few times. Actually there are few Indian or mamak shops in our area but so far, we have only been to this shop. Probably because it is the nearest. Curry House (opposite Courtyard Santuary apartment, Batu Kawah), 2 shops behind Choo Choo Cafe.

Was it any good? Yes, we liked it. The roti was crispy and thin. Very airy. Vegetable dhal was good as well.

And just last weekend, we had our craving for roti telur (again). So, we tried out a new place because we planned to do our grocery shopping afterward. This round, a Malay coffee shop near Emart Batu Kawa. Four Nour Cafe, next to The Eye Optometrist.

We were very early, reached there before 8am so no customer around.

Only the roti canai stall was operating but the cafe do have fried stall at the back. Hubby ordered its fried mee which I did not take photo of. He loved it. He said, it had that kampung Malay taste. I tasted one spoon of the noodle; it was sweet and spicy.

Back to my roti telur, it was good. Very thick and you could see the whole dough topped witj egg. They served curry dipping with it, which was nice. Tasted like fish curry to me but had few potato chunks in it.

Of course when I take roti canai, I must have my dose of teh tarik. Roti canai and teh tarik go well together. ^^


  1. My kind of food! Yummy! Yummy!

  2. My 2 men are fans of parata! xoxo

  3. Rose, yummy nyaa ..I miss simple breakfasts like these. Gotta learn to make roti canai one day so I don't have to run out to satisfy my craving.

  4. You are right, roti prata and teh tarik go together, yum yum

  5. Curry House has a branch in Sibu and another one at Sibu Jaya. We love their thosai masala:
    Food is nice but can get somewhat expensive and I wish they would cover the food even though I never see any flies - I wonder why.

    There's roti canai in my post today too - very nice one.

  6. I love roti canai but can't take it too often!

  7. What is this, I read STP's blog he wrote about roti canai. Come here also talking about roti canai. Both yours and his look soooooo good and I am hungry and craving for roti canai at 1.25am >_<

  8. I think my favourite Malaysian dish is roti canai. I try not to eat too much of though - trying to stay healthy.

  9. I like roti canai but have not had it for some time. Can't eat too much or else will feel bloated.

  10. Nice but sinful breakfast. Hehe