Thursday, February 14, 2019

No cendol from Penang!

This is one new outlet in Aeon Mall that I told myself that I got to try it when it opened and I did. Not when it was New (although it wasn't that old as it opened last year) but I only got the chance to try last weekend after all those months.

Anyway, after our church service we went to the mall to walk around, admire the CNY decoration, shopping and dining.

It is Valentine's Day today so wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

And this was the outlet that we went to. Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul.

True true Penang food. No need to fly all the way to Penang to taste its well known food, appetizers and desserts. Lol.

Anyway what I really wanted to try was its chendul (cendol) but lucky star wasn't on my side as they ran out of cendol!! Sigh! A bit disappointing but since we were there, might as well settled our lunch instead of wandering around hunting for food.

We had to order and pay at the counter and the food and drink would be sent over to our table.

As for me, no famous cendol from Penang, ais kacang also would do! Original ais kacang for me. The shaved ice almost melt so it didn't looked tall and good when it arrived on our table. Taste-wise, it wasn't too sweet and I liked it!! Except the green jelly balls, some wasn't cooked well.

For lunch, we ordered few dishes to try. Namely this Kway Teow soup which was mild for the children's palate.

For the adults, we shared this Penang prawn noodle. It was flavorful and slightly spicy, with mix of yellow noodle and vermicelli in the broth.

The nasi lemak was good, I would highly recommend its nasi lemak. 

We had 2 plates of nasi lemak; namely nasi lemak ayam kunyit and nasi lemak sambal spring. 

Overall it was a delightful first dining experience there. Hope to come back to try its cendol though.


Shirley Tay said...

Love the cute characters! Happy Valentine's Day, babe! xoxo

mun said...

I am shocked that they ran out of cendol. Business must be good for the cendol then. Good that you enjoyed the ABC and nasi lemak. I have eaten the nasi lemak a few times.

suituapui said...

I had the original in Penang, nice, very nice...but not that nice as to get me standing in a queue in the hot sun. There's one elsewhere that comes pretty close or is just as nice. Plus this one is a franchise - I like Swee Kang...but I hear the one at Satok is an imposter, not them anymore. Better go to Hj Taha.

Twilight Man said...

The Nasi Lemak must be new to their menu as they didn't serve this when they newly opened here in KL. Their chendol is always good and yummy.

Phong Hong said...

The cendol must be very popular to run out so fast. The dishes your ordered seem to receive good reviews from you. I have yet to try this outlet.

Libby said...

In SG, the prawn noodles do not have eggs like the ones in Penang

Merryn said...

We have this outlet here too in 1Utama and I was excited to try their cendol too. But guess what? It disappoint big time. Over rated. I don't know what the hype is all about but I much prefer the cendol tepi jalan than to the one here.