Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Number 6

It was a Sunday, I was lazy to cook dinner so my man had to think of a place for dinner that evening.

After many rounds of driving in the old part of the city, we drove to Jalan Song to scout for food. Jalan Song is famous for many food courts and eateries so one wouldn't go hungry there. So many places that you wouldn't know where and what to eat. There is a Vietnamese now, Western outlets, bars and bistros.

We finally ended up in Number 6 Kopitiam for our dinner. It has been ages since we went there for its claypot dishes. Used to patronize this place when we stayed nearby.

Hubby ordered five dishes from the claypot stall. And in few minutes time, we had our first claypot dish on the table.

First was this tasty and comforting fish maw soup. Never go wrong ordering this with the kids around. They attacked the fish maw and meatballs in no time.

Second was this super appetizing salted fish pork belly. So good to go with white rice.

Next was the dish that both hubby and I loved. Curry lamb. However it wasn't the same as we remembered it to be. Used to be very spicy and full with flavour. Now they changed the recipe slightly, not like normal curry lamb. They added lemongrass to it, but it was nice. Something like Thai curry but it was not bad.

I ordered this stuffed bitter gourd soup to cool down all those 'heat'. I love bitter gourd soup.

Last was this creamy lamb stew.  Tasted the same as before. Something like a lamb korma.

Five of us couldn't finish all the dishes. We packed home bitter gourd soup and lamb stew for the following day.

Total cost of our claypot dinner was RM48 plus 4 plates of white rice.


suituapui said...

So so so cheap!!! Now who says eating in Kuching is expensive?

Nancy Chan said...

Creamy lamb stew sounds interesting and yummy!

PH said...

I love lamb and I would enjoy those two lamb dishes.

Christine said...

The food looks so good!

Libby said...

I like the fish maw, lamb curry and salted fish pork belly.

Merryn said...

Did I read correctly? RM48 for all that? That is so cheap and the food looks so good too!

lina said...

Wah! Loads of food and so cheap to boot!

mun said...

Yes, I agree with all the comments above that the price is so affordable. I too like the two lamb dishes best especially if the lamb pieces are very tender.

Ezvina said...

Wahhh that is so cheap, a hidden treasure :D

Sharon D. said...

Whoa..cheap and delicious. Such yummy choices, Rose x